Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hands free...!

I've been feeling especially evil of late, and keen to amp it up a bit.  Whether it was Andre and his 'thing', or what I don't know....

What I do know is that the Syrian & the Cat Guy have been hassling me almost daily for a hook-up, but for various reasons I can't.  I'm keen, and I don't want to lose either of them as fuckbuddies, but it's just not working out.  Then I hatch my plan...

Fast lives but 5 minutes from the Cat Guy, and I've not seen him in ever.  I decide to hit him up for a quickie, and let him & his relatively normal sized cock stretch me out for Cat Guy (who's tool I can barely get my hand around), as bout #2 for the day.

Fast, btw, is sensational - on reviewing earlier posts about him, I've not revealed one minor fact - he's Cantonese.  He also has a fucking awesome (and totally natural) body - great shoulders, nicely formed and defined arms, a rock hard butt to die for, slim waist with broad and solid pecs.  The guy's never set foot in a gym, and he's incredible.

I check, and he's free, so I head over.  It's been a while & we're hesitant, but only at first.  He's not very hairy anyway, but as we strip I see that he's now totally hairless (pits, groin, everything), until he leans down to kiss and bite my nipples, when I do feel a form of stubble scratching me.  We go for the full make-out session, crawling and sliding over one another as the sweat builds on us, tongues pushing in and out of one anothers ears, mouths and holes.  He loves to rim me out, then work his tongue up to my balls, and I get to just to lie back and enjoy.  He's really got me going, and between breaths I ask if I can fuck him.  He smiles and shakes his head, then, resuming our kiss, be begins to buck and slide up and down me.  His face isn't the only part of him with a 5o'clock shadow, and the stubble around his pubes is scratching my stomach and my shaft as he moves and slides about, kissing and sucking my face, throat and armpits as I attempt to do the same to him.

As we are entangled in each others arms, his thrusting increases, and I feel a familiar tremble begin in my legs.  With my cock trapped between our bodies, and his own sliding against it, I shoot my load, spurting it between us as I shudder and shiver in his arms.  He uses this as a form of lube, and tries to enter me.  But after I've shot, I seem to have tightened up & he has no success, contenting himself after a few attempts to jerk off onto my stomach.

We go shower, and he's remarkably attentive - I feel like some sort of aristocrat, standing naked as he fusses over me, soaping and rinsing in turn with great care and attention, before washing my hair and slapping me on the butt to make way for him to attend his own needs.

I dress and make to message Cat Guy, but realise I've been with Fast for almost 3 hours and I'm out of time...


  1. Three hours! So much for fast!!
    And I love making a guy cum hands-free!

    1. I know right? Haven't shot hands free for ages. Damn it felt good just to let go!

    2. Sadly, I've never had that experience.