Saturday, 2 May 2015

Birthday treat...

The Engineer pings me, reminding me it's his birthday, his wife is out for the evening and that he wants to 'make it memorable'.  I promise to join him at 8pm and to have dinner afterwards, then begin carefully planning my day so I can fully enjoy our time together.

As always, when you really want to do something, something else gets in the way.  8pm rolls around, and I'm still in the office, so I tell him I'm running late.  Not only do I have to go directly from the office, I stink of cigarettes and I haven't cleaned myself up.  I brush my teeth before I leave, and use the ass-blaster to clean myself 'outside', but 'inside' I can't manage.  Damn.  After negotiating roadworks, unlit streets and the major distance from the city to his place, I'm there by 8:45, and he greets me warmly.  Scuttling around as always to avoid the various other members of his household, we get to his room and he grabs me.  Tonight he doesn't seem to care about the smell of cigarettes, but I want to shower so I strip and walk to the bathroom.  He smiles as I disrobe, stroking his tented dish-dash, then stands and throws me a towel.

I wash and return, whereupon he is waiting for me, naked.  He takes the towel and dries me, kissing and fondling me as he does so, then draws me on to the floor where we begin to kiss, our mouths locked together as our tongues work in and out of one anothers mouths.  Heaven.

I work my way down his body, licking and nipping at his nipples as I do so, until he draws me around to suck my cock as I do his.  We're on our sides, mouths working dicks, until he breaks off and starts to moan.  Habibi, he says, you're getting me close...  I look back up his frame and smile at him, then resume my work, delicately scratching his balls as I suck and slurp on his shaft, and he throws his head back and grabs my dick, shoving it into his mouth as he begins to buck into me, effectively skull-fucking me as I do the same to him, his head trapped between my thighs.  He breaks off, and pushes the back of my head even further onto him, but I gag and withdraw.

He wants to fuck, but I tell him I haven't been able to rinse out, so he shrugs and pushes me back onto his cock.  Just a minute or so later, he pulls out of my mouth with a shuddering moan and blows his load all over my face, simultaneously laughing and apologizing, as he dives back onto my cock and swallows it, and very soon after, my load as well.  Wiping his mouth, he laughs again and tells me he's still hungry so we should head out for dinner.

We shower again, then jump in the car.  As we drive, he holds my hand and tells me how much he enjoys our time together, but that its too risky at his home.  I'm wondering if this is his way of winding back our relationship, but we'll see.   I go there at his insistence, not my own.

We have dinner together in a well-known Japanese restaurant, famous for it's food, its discretion and thus notoriety as a date place, but we know no-one there and all is good.  I ask him how old he is, and he gives me the number I thought he was when we met some years back, which kind of surprises me.  I'm not that old, and he's not that young, but there's still quite a gap in our ages - what I thought was 10 years is nearer 15!!!

After dinner, and knowing we will have no more physical contact tonight, he encourages me to 'relax and have a cigarette', in order to prolong our time together.  I do, then we leave, hands merely brushing as we walk back to the car.  I drop him at his home, then return to my own...

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