Sunday, 10 May 2015

Afternoon quickie

Home and bored, my phone pings.   The Syrian wants to know if I'm free as he 'craves me...'.  Lunch is done and I have a few hours before drinks, so after allowing for travel time, I figure I can do this.

Telling the family I'm out for 'coffee', I leap into the car and head down to his.

As usual, he is freshly bathed and shaved, and dressed in a t-shirt & briefs, his fat cock heavy already through the cloth.  We smile and embrace, then begin to kiss.  He breaks to offer tea, but I tell him 'after' and push him towards the bed, running one hand through his thick hair and using the other to pull his t-shirt up.  Falling onto the bed, I remove his shirt and then my own, then dive down to lick and suck his nipples, all the time working his hair and allowing stray fingers into his mouth so he can suck them.  We gradually get naked, and all he wants to do is kiss and lick my body, working my own nipples with an aggression that has me gasping and moaning, before sucking on my balls and suddenly swallowing my cock.  As he sucks, he reaches his hands up and begins to pinch & squeeze my nipples again, barely letting them out of his grasp before moving up to suck and bite them again.

This goes on for a bit, and I find myself maybe 1/3 way down the bed when he climbs to his knees and shuffles forward, his balls dangling above my face.  I tilt up to lick them, but he draws away, angling his cock down and forcing it into my mouth - I eagerly suck and slurp until he gets too deep and I can't breathe, wrestling him off and down beside me to spoon with him in front.  He's wriggling against me, but I've got him pinned, so he relaxes as we take a breather.

Turning to face me, we kiss some more, and he resumes his journey down my body and after liberally coating my dick with his saliva, then he shuffles forward again and tries to lower himself onto me.  I feel the tip go in, but not a lot more, before he grimaces and lays back down beside me, stroking my own hair and murmuring sweet nothings at me.  I work my way across his other side, covering him with kisses and bites as I do so, then swing into a 69 so he can suck my dick as I eat his hole.

Breaking free, I get him back into a spoon, and with my newly wet dick and his now worked hole, I have a little more success getting inside him, but he's too tense and after a few inches I give up.  Beside, he wants his turn.

Rolling me to my stomach, he straddles my hips and after a generous application of lube, he smoothly enters me in one long stroke, wriggling his hips against me as he kisses the back of my neck.  He starts to pump, but I'm never a fan of this position, so I roll away and face him.

Smiling down at me, he squirts more lube on us, then enters me from above, one hand on the bed for balance, and the other wrapped around my shaft.   Sure enough, I start to buck and squirm as my orgasm builds, but this sets him off too, and he withdraws and sprays his load on me as I do the same.

We sprawl about in our mess for a while, then shower.  For the second time in a week I am washed as if I were a prince, The Syrian gently soaping and sponging my body, then he dries me off.

Wrapped in our towels, we finally get to tea, chocolate & cigarettes, before I regretfully dress and take my leave.  I got home just before our guests arrived, but hey, I'd already bathed!

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