Friday, 29 May 2015

The sights (and touts) of Cairo

So I have travel unexpectedly to the land of the Pharaohs - and I'm not disappointed!  Despite what you might expect from recent press, the internet is remarkably unfiltered, and I even get to post a comment on a favourite blog that's recently been blocked in my hometown (how do I tag you Bruce Chang?).

I spend a few days with my colleagues on business, in a particularly lavish hotel near to the pyramids, then once that is complete I depart to a hotel in the city itself, which is also rather nice.

Some bloggers had commented on the 'interest' they received from touts in the bazaar, well beyond the usual offers of tourist fare.  My experience was no different - walking through, a skinny but handsome young man (mid 20's?), jumps into my path, offering the usual tea and 'best quality' souvenirs.  I've been here before, so shake my head after making eye contact and continue to walk.  Some banging behind me doesn't turn my head, but suddenly the guy is beside me, bouncing about like the ex-leper in ''Life of Brian''.  "Where I take you, where you like to go" is his mantra, until I ask about his shop - "I pulled the shutters down to join you" his reply.  That, I guess, would be the banging noise.  If you've never been to Khan Khalili, it's a maze, with few streets running in a straight line and even fewer leading where you would intuitively expect them to.  But that's the fun isn't it?  I do want to revisit a venerable coffee shop, and I figure I have little to lose (other than a few bucks for his time), so I tell him so.  He immediately steers me left, left, right and so on, and after just a few minutes we are there, and he is clearly known to the proprietor, which gives me some comfort.  In order to establish my own credentials as a not-so-naive tourist, I ask for a particular and specifically Egyptian beverage in Arabic, to their collective shock and delight.  We sit and talk for a while, where I'm from, where I'm staying, where he's from and so on.  What brings me to Cairo yada yada.  All the while people are passing by and greeting him.  He then sizes me up, and comments on my apparent social status.  I deny his assumption (who wants to be a target?), but he taps my (unbranded) shoe with his own and nominates the correct maker and price, then simultaneously taps my watch and says 'this is not fake', but I remain silent on the subject.  We spend an enjoyable hour or so together, then part company.

My hotel, it appears, is a magnet for gay men.  There is a broad terrace overlooking the pool and gardens, arabic pop music is being played somewhere and everywhere there are fit and handsome young arabic men and suspiciously few women.  It's a voyeurs heaven!  I'm sitting by myself on the crowded terrace, enjoying a quiet drink after a staff dinner (who since have left), and Grindr beeps.  It's not a friendly town for 'the gays', so everyone has deactivated their distance filter, but a guy on my 4th row tells me he's on the same terrace as me, so there's plenty of us about it seems.  I keep my head down, and he sends through a face pic and he's most definitely not my type, so I ignore him, and the various other offers I receive.  One is of interest - he claims to be in residence at a very nearby embassy, but the external security situation, stories of entrapment are common, etc etc and I decide not to play tonight.

Suddenly, however, I have company - my young man from this afternoon has ''passed by to see if I need anything''.  Hmmm.....  I ask the waiter to bring a glass for 'the young man from my office', and we sit for a while chatting and smoking, when the waiter tells us they are about to close.   My new friend orders 2 x beers each 'to go', which has me raising my eyebrow, but he shrugs and says "all the rooms here have balconies don't they?", and I quickly catalogue the contents of my room before agreeing.   Up we go, and as he kicks off his shoes I discreetly relocate certain items out of harms way before joining him on the balcony.

We sit for a while, talking and drinking, when he leans over - "you want massage?  Maybe more?" , and I know it's on and I'm going to have to pay.  We strike a price and go inside.

Shirtless, he's slim bordering on scrawny, and not that hairy.  Pantless, he's got a monster bouncing about in his briefs, and slim but clearly strong legs.  He pulls back the covers and instructs me to lie down naked, and I do.

Still in his briefs, he climbs atop me, and begins what could only be described as a desultory massage, and I'm not in the mood for this so I reach back and tug at his briefs.  He gets the message, and slides them off before resuming his position, sitting on my ass and rubbing my shoulders.  I can feel his cock against me, and as he works his way up and down my torso his balls are dragging on my flesh as well.   Very nice.

He taps me to turn, and I've got his cock bobbing about in my face briefly, when he leans forward and forces it into my mouth.  I'm eager to please him now, and swallow and suck what feels like a slim 9" as I run my hands over his chest.  He withdraws and climbs off me, and picks up his pants, and I think I've misread the situation, when he pulls out a condom and grabs the lotion bottle.  "Back" he instructs, indicating I should be on my stomach, then he climbs back on and gently but firmly slides his cock into me.  It's not really comfortable (the length), but he's young and eager and wants to keep going.  After a few minutes of being pounded, I tell him to get off, but he spreads my legs even further and says 'better' while still going at me like a rabbit.  It's not, so I buck him off and he lands on his feet beside the bed.  With me sitting on the bed, and him standing beside it, I take his cock into my mouth and suck him 'till he blows, then tell him to get out.  I give him the agreed amount + cab fare, then my sore and sorry ass and I fell asleep!

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Afternoon quickie

Home and bored, my phone pings.   The Syrian wants to know if I'm free as he 'craves me...'.  Lunch is done and I have a few hours before drinks, so after allowing for travel time, I figure I can do this.

Telling the family I'm out for 'coffee', I leap into the car and head down to his.

As usual, he is freshly bathed and shaved, and dressed in a t-shirt & briefs, his fat cock heavy already through the cloth.  We smile and embrace, then begin to kiss.  He breaks to offer tea, but I tell him 'after' and push him towards the bed, running one hand through his thick hair and using the other to pull his t-shirt up.  Falling onto the bed, I remove his shirt and then my own, then dive down to lick and suck his nipples, all the time working his hair and allowing stray fingers into his mouth so he can suck them.  We gradually get naked, and all he wants to do is kiss and lick my body, working my own nipples with an aggression that has me gasping and moaning, before sucking on my balls and suddenly swallowing my cock.  As he sucks, he reaches his hands up and begins to pinch & squeeze my nipples again, barely letting them out of his grasp before moving up to suck and bite them again.

This goes on for a bit, and I find myself maybe 1/3 way down the bed when he climbs to his knees and shuffles forward, his balls dangling above my face.  I tilt up to lick them, but he draws away, angling his cock down and forcing it into my mouth - I eagerly suck and slurp until he gets too deep and I can't breathe, wrestling him off and down beside me to spoon with him in front.  He's wriggling against me, but I've got him pinned, so he relaxes as we take a breather.

Turning to face me, we kiss some more, and he resumes his journey down my body and after liberally coating my dick with his saliva, then he shuffles forward again and tries to lower himself onto me.  I feel the tip go in, but not a lot more, before he grimaces and lays back down beside me, stroking my own hair and murmuring sweet nothings at me.  I work my way across his other side, covering him with kisses and bites as I do so, then swing into a 69 so he can suck my dick as I eat his hole.

Breaking free, I get him back into a spoon, and with my newly wet dick and his now worked hole, I have a little more success getting inside him, but he's too tense and after a few inches I give up.  Beside, he wants his turn.

Rolling me to my stomach, he straddles my hips and after a generous application of lube, he smoothly enters me in one long stroke, wriggling his hips against me as he kisses the back of my neck.  He starts to pump, but I'm never a fan of this position, so I roll away and face him.

Smiling down at me, he squirts more lube on us, then enters me from above, one hand on the bed for balance, and the other wrapped around my shaft.   Sure enough, I start to buck and squirm as my orgasm builds, but this sets him off too, and he withdraws and sprays his load on me as I do the same.

We sprawl about in our mess for a while, then shower.  For the second time in a week I am washed as if I were a prince, The Syrian gently soaping and sponging my body, then he dries me off.

Wrapped in our towels, we finally get to tea, chocolate & cigarettes, before I regretfully dress and take my leave.  I got home just before our guests arrived, but hey, I'd already bathed!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Hands free...!

I've been feeling especially evil of late, and keen to amp it up a bit.  Whether it was Andre and his 'thing', or what I don't know....

What I do know is that the Syrian & the Cat Guy have been hassling me almost daily for a hook-up, but for various reasons I can't.  I'm keen, and I don't want to lose either of them as fuckbuddies, but it's just not working out.  Then I hatch my plan...

Fast lives but 5 minutes from the Cat Guy, and I've not seen him in ever.  I decide to hit him up for a quickie, and let him & his relatively normal sized cock stretch me out for Cat Guy (who's tool I can barely get my hand around), as bout #2 for the day.

Fast, btw, is sensational - on reviewing earlier posts about him, I've not revealed one minor fact - he's Cantonese.  He also has a fucking awesome (and totally natural) body - great shoulders, nicely formed and defined arms, a rock hard butt to die for, slim waist with broad and solid pecs.  The guy's never set foot in a gym, and he's incredible.

I check, and he's free, so I head over.  It's been a while & we're hesitant, but only at first.  He's not very hairy anyway, but as we strip I see that he's now totally hairless (pits, groin, everything), until he leans down to kiss and bite my nipples, when I do feel a form of stubble scratching me.  We go for the full make-out session, crawling and sliding over one another as the sweat builds on us, tongues pushing in and out of one anothers ears, mouths and holes.  He loves to rim me out, then work his tongue up to my balls, and I get to just to lie back and enjoy.  He's really got me going, and between breaths I ask if I can fuck him.  He smiles and shakes his head, then, resuming our kiss, be begins to buck and slide up and down me.  His face isn't the only part of him with a 5o'clock shadow, and the stubble around his pubes is scratching my stomach and my shaft as he moves and slides about, kissing and sucking my face, throat and armpits as I attempt to do the same to him.

As we are entangled in each others arms, his thrusting increases, and I feel a familiar tremble begin in my legs.  With my cock trapped between our bodies, and his own sliding against it, I shoot my load, spurting it between us as I shudder and shiver in his arms.  He uses this as a form of lube, and tries to enter me.  But after I've shot, I seem to have tightened up & he has no success, contenting himself after a few attempts to jerk off onto my stomach.

We go shower, and he's remarkably attentive - I feel like some sort of aristocrat, standing naked as he fusses over me, soaping and rinsing in turn with great care and attention, before washing my hair and slapping me on the butt to make way for him to attend his own needs.

I dress and make to message Cat Guy, but realise I've been with Fast for almost 3 hours and I'm out of time...

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Birthday treat...

The Engineer pings me, reminding me it's his birthday, his wife is out for the evening and that he wants to 'make it memorable'.  I promise to join him at 8pm and to have dinner afterwards, then begin carefully planning my day so I can fully enjoy our time together.

As always, when you really want to do something, something else gets in the way.  8pm rolls around, and I'm still in the office, so I tell him I'm running late.  Not only do I have to go directly from the office, I stink of cigarettes and I haven't cleaned myself up.  I brush my teeth before I leave, and use the ass-blaster to clean myself 'outside', but 'inside' I can't manage.  Damn.  After negotiating roadworks, unlit streets and the major distance from the city to his place, I'm there by 8:45, and he greets me warmly.  Scuttling around as always to avoid the various other members of his household, we get to his room and he grabs me.  Tonight he doesn't seem to care about the smell of cigarettes, but I want to shower so I strip and walk to the bathroom.  He smiles as I disrobe, stroking his tented dish-dash, then stands and throws me a towel.

I wash and return, whereupon he is waiting for me, naked.  He takes the towel and dries me, kissing and fondling me as he does so, then draws me on to the floor where we begin to kiss, our mouths locked together as our tongues work in and out of one anothers mouths.  Heaven.

I work my way down his body, licking and nipping at his nipples as I do so, until he draws me around to suck my cock as I do his.  We're on our sides, mouths working dicks, until he breaks off and starts to moan.  Habibi, he says, you're getting me close...  I look back up his frame and smile at him, then resume my work, delicately scratching his balls as I suck and slurp on his shaft, and he throws his head back and grabs my dick, shoving it into his mouth as he begins to buck into me, effectively skull-fucking me as I do the same to him, his head trapped between my thighs.  He breaks off, and pushes the back of my head even further onto him, but I gag and withdraw.

He wants to fuck, but I tell him I haven't been able to rinse out, so he shrugs and pushes me back onto his cock.  Just a minute or so later, he pulls out of my mouth with a shuddering moan and blows his load all over my face, simultaneously laughing and apologizing, as he dives back onto my cock and swallows it, and very soon after, my load as well.  Wiping his mouth, he laughs again and tells me he's still hungry so we should head out for dinner.

We shower again, then jump in the car.  As we drive, he holds my hand and tells me how much he enjoys our time together, but that its too risky at his home.  I'm wondering if this is his way of winding back our relationship, but we'll see.   I go there at his insistence, not my own.

We have dinner together in a well-known Japanese restaurant, famous for it's food, its discretion and thus notoriety as a date place, but we know no-one there and all is good.  I ask him how old he is, and he gives me the number I thought he was when we met some years back, which kind of surprises me.  I'm not that old, and he's not that young, but there's still quite a gap in our ages - what I thought was 10 years is nearer 15!!!

After dinner, and knowing we will have no more physical contact tonight, he encourages me to 'relax and have a cigarette', in order to prolong our time together.  I do, then we leave, hands merely brushing as we walk back to the car.  I drop him at his home, then return to my own...

Nice and quick....

After an incredibly early start to the day (think 3am), we're all back home and hanging on the couch.  It comes to lunch time, and the family individually and collectively announce they're going back to bed, leaving me alone for the afternoon.

I drop a quick line to the Syrian, who tells me he's 'waiting for me', so I jump in the car & head down to his.  Arriving, he's got his usual tight shirt & trunk-style underwear on, his fat cock filling the pouch nicely.  A quick exchange of saliva as the kettle boils, and we take our tea into the living room, where he begins his usual series of comments about how much he's missed me and so on.  I really can't get his earlier remarks about my taste and my smell out of my head (I wasn't aware I had either...), and again I start to wonder about chemical attractions, but decide instead just to pat the seat on the divan next to me.  He's over in a flash, pushing me down and climbing atop me, and we begin to kiss and kiss as he gradually removes my clothes.  We're in our shorts, grinding and straining against one another, until we remove both and we lie in each others arms, our cocks pulsing against each other, his balls resting on mine.

We resume kissing for a time, rolling around with our lips locked together, until he decides he wants to suck my pole, but I drag him around so I can eat his ass as well, but he gets the shivers and won't let my tongue into him today.  He turns back to face me, grinding his hole against my cock, and slowly but surely nudging the tip inside him - I hold still so he can get comfortable, and he begins to work himself down my shaft, but after only an inch or two he straightens up and shakes his head ruefully.   Then he decides to try again, but with no more luck...  I was really looking forward to sliding into him, and holding him tight as I replayed some of his own moves on me, but not today.

He draws my legs up, and begins to nuzzle his cock against my own, hole, but I remind him of our 'scissor' position in the prior week, but he doesn't recall.  After a few half-assed attempts, we're back to standard fucking mode (me on my back, him between my legs), when he pulls away suddenly.  "I know what you mean!" he says, quickly repositioning to what I was asking for, then sliding his entire length into me with one smooth sure stroke.  He's got me gasping with pleasure, and feeling his shaft work in and out of me is intense and incredible, when he suddenly pauses and withdraws.  Suddenly his cock erupts all over me, the side table and the tea things, and his eyes literally roll back in his head.  He gasps for breath then smiles, smearing his load over my torso then reaching down with his slicked hand to jerk me off.  I don't have a massive load today, but he satisfyingly wipes it over my stomach then takes me by the hand to the shower.

He washes me gently, soaping my dick & ass as he kisses me, then working my legs and chest as well.  We return to the divan and find our tea is still warm, so we share a cigarette as we sit together in silence,. then I leave....