Sunday, 12 April 2015

Tracked and tracking...

Where did March go?

After yet more travels I finally get 'home' and things start to calm down a bit.  As an aside, I recently switched from Android to iPhone (not convinced - is there a halfway model?), and observed the following;
  • the fuckbuddies in my phone now turn up in 'do you know' on my Facebook, but under their real names.
  • amusing until I realised I was probably showing up on theirs as well.
  • amazing how many of them appear to be married/partnered.
  • Scruff geolocate doesn't work properly.
  • Grindr will regularly delay message delivery - on occasion for up to two weeks.  I could never understand how I could get a message an hour back from someone 'last seen 3 days ago'.
On the upside, all of this works in reverse, and the Saudi tracks me down (after how long...?).  He's now a frequent visitor to my location and wants to re-connect.  More on that as it happens....

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