Thursday, 23 April 2015

The yogic approach

So I finally get the visit the Syrian, and it's madness.  It's been weeks since our last encounter, neither of us have seen too much action, and we basically just want to get down to it and fuck like animals.  Bring it on!!!

I walk in the door, and he's lurking behind it.  Normally he's in shorts and a tee, but today he's just naked, his fat cock sticking straight out in front of him.  He slams the door and drags me into his arms, holding me at a slight distance so he can stare into my eyes.  I've previously mentioned the endearments he showers on me, and from the look in his eyes I suspect they're true.  Notwithstanding this, I smile back at him and move in for a lengthy kiss and drag him towards the divan, struggling to kick off my shoes as I do so.

We get horizontal, and kiss, and kiss, and kiss.   As we do, he's dragging my clothes of me and surreptitiously removing his own, and soon we are naked in each others arms.  He tells me he loves 'my taste' and 'my smell', and I start thinking about pheromones and chemical attraction, but am soon distracted by our activities.

Basically, we just make out for an hour or more, using our mouths, tongues, fingers and lips to pleasure each  other, delighting in trying new areas and discovering unknown erogenous zones.  It seems the Syrian is particularly susceptible to having his ears licked, and I to having the zone next to my balls licked, and to mutually rimming one another.  He sits on my face and dives his head between my legs - how he doesn't get dizzy is beyond me.

Finally, he is atop me, propped up on his elbows, staring into my eyes and smiling.  His cock is gently but firmly nudging my hole, his hips between my thighs.

He smiles at me, then straddles my right thigh, resting on his knees.  He places a hand on my left shoulder for balance, then drags my left leg over his left shoulder.  I'm flat on my back, but twisted at the hips, with him kind of 'scissoring' me, when he gently flexes his own hips and drives his cock straight into me.

I've never been had from this angle before, and it's good.  I can take his width and length to the max, and from the grunting and smiling on his side, it seems pretty satisfying for him as well (just typing this is getting me hard with recollection).  I officially have a new favourite position!

He bucks and flexes, pressing down on my shoulder as he smoothly fucks me, then he leans back and moves my leg to his other shoulder, then drives right back into me so we can kiss as he fucks me.  The change of angle makes me howl with pain, so he leans back a little and begins to stroke my cock as he continues to flick his hips against my doubled back own, but the stroking while being fucked is too much and I let rip with a shuddering orgasm, coating my torso with a weeks worth of cum.  My bucking and clenching against him as I shoot sets him off too, and he withdraws from me and dumps his load with mine.

Collapsing on to me, he is all smiles and laughter.  Cue joint shower, tea and cigarettes before I leave to join the real world once more....

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  1. I need to try the new position. Hot post!