Saturday, 25 April 2015

Afternoon delight...

So this guy and I have been exchanging messages and whatnot for what seems like ever.  He's connected with me on FB as well, so I know exactly what he looks like, what he gets up to and his love for his pets.  This, in addition to the awesome pics he sends me privately have me more than curious, but for whatever reason, it's never quite worked out.  He's roughly my height, well built, handsome as hell and hung like a donkey it seems.  Like many of his countrymen, his good looks are transformed into something amazing when he smiles.  Let's call him Cat Guy, which I guess is doubly fitting as his ancestors also worshiped the damn things.

Out of nowhere he messages me, gently teasing that I'm always too busy to meet him, and I cave, telling him I'll be in his neck of the woods in the coming days and we should connect.  He readily agrees, and we leave it at that.  The very next day I realise I have a 2 hour window before dinner in his neighbourhood, so I whatsapp the guy.  He responds after a while, for some reason quite cautious, and I tell him of my plan.

Bang, and we're on.  I collect him at our agreed rendezvous, then we head off to his place.  Basically a bedsit, but nicely done, but with a number of cats also in residence.  Hmmm.  I'm not especially a cat person, and even less so as they make me itch like hell.  He strips to his underwear and shoo's them into the bathroom then turns to me with the killer smile happening.  'Come', he says, indicating the bed, so removing my own kit I join him.  Just like in his pics, he's got a nicely defined body and a cock I can barely wrap my hand around, but not quite as long as it appeared online (although the pics were unquestionably his).

He takes my head in his hands, and draws me in for a kiss, then letting his hands drift down my body as I do the same to him.  It's nice, but he's chatty as well - 'what do you do', 'where do you live', 'you have exactly the same body as my last boyfriend' and so on....  Stupidly, I tell him what I actually do, and he outright accuses me of lying and wants to know what it 'really' is.  I shrug and tell him I've told him, but he persists and I am suddenly tired of this game and tell him so.  He frowns, then comments on my car and smiles 'so you really must be...', and again I shrug.

Anyway, to shut him up I lean over and kiss him, fondling his ass and hole as I do, but he pushes away & gets me flat on my back.  He lies atop me, his weight pressing down on me, as he grinds his cock against my own and dry humps my belly, before flipping me over and doing the same from behind.  His 'mass' is pleasing - the feel of this quite muscular (but not muscly) guy squirming and writhing on me as he kisses the back of my neck is exceptionally pleasant, and I stretch out to enjoy.

Eventually he flips me to my back and begins to look around for condoms.  He climbs off the bed to grab them, and I take advantage of him bending over the coffee table to come behind him and slide my cock up and down his crack, then fall to my knees so I can eat his hole and lick his balls.  He's happy to guide my head around for a bit, but soon leads me back to the bed and lies me on my back.

Draping my knees over his shoulders, he gives me that smile and shuffles forward on his knees, pushing and prodding at  my balls with his cock as he works my hole with his fingers, then he suddenly flips me to my stomach, leaning his whole weight on me and wriggling about until I feel his cock head hit the spot then with a single thrust he's in.  Damn it hurt!  He holds still 'till I get used to the girth, then begins to slowly fuck me, complaining the whole time how much he hates condoms.  Through clenched teeth I tell him that's too bad and we can stop now if he likes.  He laughs, then flips me to my back, again with my knees over each shoulder.  He re-enters me, then wriggles his hips right in against mine, beginning a deep but short stroke fuck that is quite amazing.  As he does this, he begins to jerk my dick, and I quickly shoot my load before he withdraws and removes the condom.  After he's cleaned me up, he wants me to 'hold him close', and he begins to jerk himself off.  He has his arm around my shoulders, but this becomes almost a headlock as he approaches then reaches orgasm.  Once he's done, we're done apparently (glad I came first), then it's shower, dress and on to dinner.  As I dress, my clothes have picked up quite a bit of cat hair from the floor and I begin to itch....

Since then I've been subjected to endless whatsapp messages, and photos of his moggies.  Not what I was expecting....


  1. Did you tell him you were a CIA agent? I was assuming he was taking about the passenger eject button on your car...

    1. Lol - there have been some hook-ups where I do wish I had that button! But no, I'm more Gecko than Bond...

    2. And Mr Chang - your own adventures are a mystery to me now, as your blog has been blocked in my country. Dammit...

    3. Ha! Why does that sound like an achievement?
      Banned! Woohoo!
      Email me and let's chat. I've been emailing my entries in. I can copy you on them. Anothercheater at gmail