Sunday, 12 April 2015

Back to Singapore...

Vacation takes me once again to the far East, as usual with the family.  However, owing to a former business-related presence in the region I have a network of contacts who provide a handy cover story for when I want to get out for some fun.

I utilise just such a ruse to hit a newly renovated bathhouse I'd previously visited.  The new layout is much more conducive to fun, and I decide to grab a quick shower before looking for some action.

I'd barely gotten myself wet when a tall and quite muscular local guy stands by me and activates the adjoining shower.  I nod and smile, which he takes as his signal to begin washing me.  I'm not complaining, and he's diligent about soaping my cock and balls, sweeping his hands over my chest and back as well.  "Come" he says, turning off the water and handing me a towel "Let's find a room".

With the new floorplan, I'm happy to be led.  We turn a corner, and enter a half-lit maze like structure that is jam packed with guys and doorways.  Each of the guys appear pretty hot (national service remember), and, tbh, I've never seen this or any other place quite so crowded.  Some are draped around one another, languidly kissing, others are on their knees blowing guys, plenty just stand and watch, and those in the cabins are doing so with dim lights and no regard or desire for privacy.  Not my guy though - he closes the door firmly behind us, then comes in for a lengthy kiss.  He's actually pretty good at it, and I let him continue to explore my body as we exchange saliva for a while.  He drops to his knees and begins to suck me off, and I reach over to open the door, but he intervenes and keeps it closed.  Finally I get him on the bench, and begin to play with his ass, first fingering it, then tickling around to his tiny balls and standard sized cock.  This gets him wriggling and moaning, so I begin to slide my cockhead up and down his crack, pausing at his hole to apply a minimal amount of pressure - just enough for him to have no doubt it is there, but not enough to elicit any resistance from him, before sliding in from behind and guiding his hands down past his shaft to my own, proudly sticking out between his legs.

As I get him worked up, I don a condom and push him forward by the neck, leaning over to unlock the door.  He protests, but I tell him I want an audience while I pound his hole.  He nods and I begin to enter him, holding myself quite still as I take his hips and draw him back onto my cock.  He arches his back and groans as he bottoms out on me, and from the corner of my eye I see the doorway is crowded with figures.  Holding him in place with the flat of my palm on the small of his back, I begin to fuck the guy.  Slowly at first, I build a tempo as he rocks back and forth, moaning as I grunt, then I withdraw & flip him onto his back, re-entering him quite savagely once I get his legs over my shoulders, keen now just to bust my nut.

He arches again, and begins to whimper - then I feel his ass tighten around my cock and he starts to spray all over himself, bucking down on me as he does so.  I'm soooo close, then he scrambles and pushes himself off me, getting my condom off and my cock into his mouth in record time.  Time somehow seems to slow down, and as he sucks I can feel the orgasm build in my legs, then my balls, then, almost dissociatively, I feel the cum start to flow out of me and into his mouth as a slow shiver works its way though my body while I empty myself.  Once done, I grasp what the phrase 'spent' means.

Sadly I'm out of time, so head back to the shower, legs still trembling, politely declining a couple of offers along the way.  As I leave, the guy is waiting by the locker room door for a final kiss, which I find oddly touching.  Or perhaps creepy.  With legs still slightly wobbly, I step out into the night...

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