Friday, 24 April 2015

Andre and odd things...

So Andre-the-giant has been in regular contact, begging me to be "Dad" to his "Lad", and to indulge in some play (as opposed to just sex).  The idea doesn't really grab me - I find role play exhausting, and more often than not a mood-killer.  I'd really rather just fuck.

Anyway, I decide to indulge the guy - at worst I don't get hard, at best it will be something new.  I purchase matching underwear for us (white cotton micro-briefs), buy some condoms and drink plenty of water, before presenting at his apartment.  He opens the door already naked, the PA in his cock shiny with pre-cum, telling me his flatmate is home 'soon' and we must hurry.

Stepping though, we begin to kiss before the door has even closed, but I remember my role and break free.  "Put these on" I tell him as I hand over the briefs, and he dutifully leaves the room to do so.  He returns, and they are satisfyingly tight (I deliberately purchased a size down), then I instruct him to undress me before donning my own pair.  We resume kissing, and at his insistence I quite viciously twist the piercing in his nipple as we do so.

He drags me to the bathroom, then falls to his knees, eagerly taking my cock into his mouth, but letting it rest on his tongue rather than sucking it - "I want to drink your piss" he murmurs, staring up into my eyes.  Oh.  It takes me a few minutes to get my head around it, but eventually my stream starts, and he takes every drop.  The warmth of his mouth means I don't quite register whats going on, but eventually he draws away and says thanks.  He rinses his mouth and we resume kissing as we return to the living room.

He drops to his knees to blow me, which I of course let him do for a while, but mindful of the flatmate I eventually drag his face off my cock and tell him to find a condom.  He produces one from the bowl on the coffee table and smiles - I tell him to put it on me then to get on his knees, which he duly does.  Resting my hand on the back of his neck, I straddle his ass and slide my shaft into him in one fell swoop.  He gasps and falls forward, then bucks back into me like a good boy.  I do the 'gravity drop' fuck, just basically falling onto him from above, when I can start to feel my nuts tighten.  I withdraw and push him onto his back, and instruct him to lick my balls as I hand finish the job, and some careful aiming on my part coats his face and beard with my load.  I'd only shot a day or two before with the Syrian, and I was actually quite surprised by the amount I produced.

Now comes the odd part - I tell him to jerk off as he lies there, but he takes my hand and guides it to his hole.  I figure he wants a finger or so inside him as he cums, so happily oblige, vigourously working my digits in and out of him as he squirms below me.  That, however, wasn't enough.  As I work my fingers, he reaches down and grabs my wrist.  With a quick flick, a shove, and no apparent resistance, he's forced my whole fucking hand inside him, and that really sets him off.  He thrashing on my wrist like a puppet, when suddenly he bucks and clenches and I feel his muscles contract around my hand as his load steadily pours out of his cock onto his stomach.

I'm a bit stunned by this, but he's thrilled - "thanks Dad" he says smiling up at me as he scoops his load into his mouth.  I get to my feet and go to wash up, grateful for the Dettol in the bathroom.  I dress, I leave.

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