Friday, 24 April 2015

Aaaah - the Engineer

Finally, I come to the end of a week that's been busy both during the day and the evenings as well.  I'm frankly exhausted, but the Engineer is determined we should meet, so I climb into the car and head off to his place in the afternoon.

Arriving, we play the usual hide and seek with his family and staff before getting to the conjugal bedroom.  His wife is at a luncheon, so we have time on our side.  He's like a kid, holding my hand and saying 'habibi' over and over again, before he strips off his outfit and tells me to do the same.  He's always commando under his dish-dash, which makes me wonder how many other similarly garbed guys are as well.

He's also paranoid about bed noise, so he makes a nest on the floor for us, and I'm soon lying atop his frame, curled into his broad and hairy chest, and his now massive shoulders (he's kept up the gym thing).  Happily, he has 'regular' but muscular arms, not those awful ripped things you always see on Grindr, and I am content.

As always, we kiss and make out - he loves to have his armpits licked and sucked, and I'm happy to oblige.  He wants to blow me, and thus works his mouth from my own, down my body and across my belly before hoovering my cock as he lightly scratches my balls.  It's blissful, and I tap his body to signal a position change.  He continues to suck me, but swings about and lowers himself onto my face so I can eat out his glorious hole at the same time.

We continue like this for a while, when he turns me to my stomach and dives in to briefly tongue fuck me before running his tongue up my back.  He pauses at my neck, his cock nudging my hole, then reaches across and grabs some poppers.  He takes a hit, then waves the bottle under my nose.  I inhale deeply, and as the rush begins he is kissing and biting the back of my neck, when wham, he's inside me.  Bearing his whole weight down on me, he's fucking like a bull, and it hurts despite the amyl.

We roll to the side, and he's holding me cross-armed as our hips work in unison.  I know that poppers can keep him going for a while, so I bear down and clench my butt around his cock.  He starts to buck madly, then withdraws and sprays his load all over my face and chest, complaining after that I made him cum 'too soon'.  He then drops his head to suck my still hard dick, murmuring 'C'mon baby' as he sucks and tickles my balls some more.  It doesn't take long and I shoot all over his face as well.

Suddenly he's all business, handing me a towel and pointing to the ensuite.  Apparently his wife has messaged and demanded he join her at lunch, so after a quick shower I'm back in the car and heading home...

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