Saturday, 25 April 2015

Afternoon delight...

So this guy and I have been exchanging messages and whatnot for what seems like ever.  He's connected with me on FB as well, so I know exactly what he looks like, what he gets up to and his love for his pets.  This, in addition to the awesome pics he sends me privately have me more than curious, but for whatever reason, it's never quite worked out.  He's roughly my height, well built, handsome as hell and hung like a donkey it seems.  Like many of his countrymen, his good looks are transformed into something amazing when he smiles.  Let's call him Cat Guy, which I guess is doubly fitting as his ancestors also worshiped the damn things.

Out of nowhere he messages me, gently teasing that I'm always too busy to meet him, and I cave, telling him I'll be in his neck of the woods in the coming days and we should connect.  He readily agrees, and we leave it at that.  The very next day I realise I have a 2 hour window before dinner in his neighbourhood, so I whatsapp the guy.  He responds after a while, for some reason quite cautious, and I tell him of my plan.

Bang, and we're on.  I collect him at our agreed rendezvous, then we head off to his place.  Basically a bedsit, but nicely done, but with a number of cats also in residence.  Hmmm.  I'm not especially a cat person, and even less so as they make me itch like hell.  He strips to his underwear and shoo's them into the bathroom then turns to me with the killer smile happening.  'Come', he says, indicating the bed, so removing my own kit I join him.  Just like in his pics, he's got a nicely defined body and a cock I can barely wrap my hand around, but not quite as long as it appeared online (although the pics were unquestionably his).

He takes my head in his hands, and draws me in for a kiss, then letting his hands drift down my body as I do the same to him.  It's nice, but he's chatty as well - 'what do you do', 'where do you live', 'you have exactly the same body as my last boyfriend' and so on....  Stupidly, I tell him what I actually do, and he outright accuses me of lying and wants to know what it 'really' is.  I shrug and tell him I've told him, but he persists and I am suddenly tired of this game and tell him so.  He frowns, then comments on my car and smiles 'so you really must be...', and again I shrug.

Anyway, to shut him up I lean over and kiss him, fondling his ass and hole as I do, but he pushes away & gets me flat on my back.  He lies atop me, his weight pressing down on me, as he grinds his cock against my own and dry humps my belly, before flipping me over and doing the same from behind.  His 'mass' is pleasing - the feel of this quite muscular (but not muscly) guy squirming and writhing on me as he kisses the back of my neck is exceptionally pleasant, and I stretch out to enjoy.

Eventually he flips me to my back and begins to look around for condoms.  He climbs off the bed to grab them, and I take advantage of him bending over the coffee table to come behind him and slide my cock up and down his crack, then fall to my knees so I can eat his hole and lick his balls.  He's happy to guide my head around for a bit, but soon leads me back to the bed and lies me on my back.

Draping my knees over his shoulders, he gives me that smile and shuffles forward on his knees, pushing and prodding at  my balls with his cock as he works my hole with his fingers, then he suddenly flips me to my stomach, leaning his whole weight on me and wriggling about until I feel his cock head hit the spot then with a single thrust he's in.  Damn it hurt!  He holds still 'till I get used to the girth, then begins to slowly fuck me, complaining the whole time how much he hates condoms.  Through clenched teeth I tell him that's too bad and we can stop now if he likes.  He laughs, then flips me to my back, again with my knees over each shoulder.  He re-enters me, then wriggles his hips right in against mine, beginning a deep but short stroke fuck that is quite amazing.  As he does this, he begins to jerk my dick, and I quickly shoot my load before he withdraws and removes the condom.  After he's cleaned me up, he wants me to 'hold him close', and he begins to jerk himself off.  He has his arm around my shoulders, but this becomes almost a headlock as he approaches then reaches orgasm.  Once he's done, we're done apparently (glad I came first), then it's shower, dress and on to dinner.  As I dress, my clothes have picked up quite a bit of cat hair from the floor and I begin to itch....

Since then I've been subjected to endless whatsapp messages, and photos of his moggies.  Not what I was expecting....

Friday, 24 April 2015

Aaaah - the Engineer

Finally, I come to the end of a week that's been busy both during the day and the evenings as well.  I'm frankly exhausted, but the Engineer is determined we should meet, so I climb into the car and head off to his place in the afternoon.

Arriving, we play the usual hide and seek with his family and staff before getting to the conjugal bedroom.  His wife is at a luncheon, so we have time on our side.  He's like a kid, holding my hand and saying 'habibi' over and over again, before he strips off his outfit and tells me to do the same.  He's always commando under his dish-dash, which makes me wonder how many other similarly garbed guys are as well.

He's also paranoid about bed noise, so he makes a nest on the floor for us, and I'm soon lying atop his frame, curled into his broad and hairy chest, and his now massive shoulders (he's kept up the gym thing).  Happily, he has 'regular' but muscular arms, not those awful ripped things you always see on Grindr, and I am content.

As always, we kiss and make out - he loves to have his armpits licked and sucked, and I'm happy to oblige.  He wants to blow me, and thus works his mouth from my own, down my body and across my belly before hoovering my cock as he lightly scratches my balls.  It's blissful, and I tap his body to signal a position change.  He continues to suck me, but swings about and lowers himself onto my face so I can eat out his glorious hole at the same time.

We continue like this for a while, when he turns me to my stomach and dives in to briefly tongue fuck me before running his tongue up my back.  He pauses at my neck, his cock nudging my hole, then reaches across and grabs some poppers.  He takes a hit, then waves the bottle under my nose.  I inhale deeply, and as the rush begins he is kissing and biting the back of my neck, when wham, he's inside me.  Bearing his whole weight down on me, he's fucking like a bull, and it hurts despite the amyl.

We roll to the side, and he's holding me cross-armed as our hips work in unison.  I know that poppers can keep him going for a while, so I bear down and clench my butt around his cock.  He starts to buck madly, then withdraws and sprays his load all over my face and chest, complaining after that I made him cum 'too soon'.  He then drops his head to suck my still hard dick, murmuring 'C'mon baby' as he sucks and tickles my balls some more.  It doesn't take long and I shoot all over his face as well.

Suddenly he's all business, handing me a towel and pointing to the ensuite.  Apparently his wife has messaged and demanded he join her at lunch, so after a quick shower I'm back in the car and heading home...

Andre and odd things...

So Andre-the-giant has been in regular contact, begging me to be "Dad" to his "Lad", and to indulge in some play (as opposed to just sex).  The idea doesn't really grab me - I find role play exhausting, and more often than not a mood-killer.  I'd really rather just fuck.

Anyway, I decide to indulge the guy - at worst I don't get hard, at best it will be something new.  I purchase matching underwear for us (white cotton micro-briefs), buy some condoms and drink plenty of water, before presenting at his apartment.  He opens the door already naked, the PA in his cock shiny with pre-cum, telling me his flatmate is home 'soon' and we must hurry.

Stepping though, we begin to kiss before the door has even closed, but I remember my role and break free.  "Put these on" I tell him as I hand over the briefs, and he dutifully leaves the room to do so.  He returns, and they are satisfyingly tight (I deliberately purchased a size down), then I instruct him to undress me before donning my own pair.  We resume kissing, and at his insistence I quite viciously twist the piercing in his nipple as we do so.

He drags me to the bathroom, then falls to his knees, eagerly taking my cock into his mouth, but letting it rest on his tongue rather than sucking it - "I want to drink your piss" he murmurs, staring up into my eyes.  Oh.  It takes me a few minutes to get my head around it, but eventually my stream starts, and he takes every drop.  The warmth of his mouth means I don't quite register whats going on, but eventually he draws away and says thanks.  He rinses his mouth and we resume kissing as we return to the living room.

He drops to his knees to blow me, which I of course let him do for a while, but mindful of the flatmate I eventually drag his face off my cock and tell him to find a condom.  He produces one from the bowl on the coffee table and smiles - I tell him to put it on me then to get on his knees, which he duly does.  Resting my hand on the back of his neck, I straddle his ass and slide my shaft into him in one fell swoop.  He gasps and falls forward, then bucks back into me like a good boy.  I do the 'gravity drop' fuck, just basically falling onto him from above, when I can start to feel my nuts tighten.  I withdraw and push him onto his back, and instruct him to lick my balls as I hand finish the job, and some careful aiming on my part coats his face and beard with my load.  I'd only shot a day or two before with the Syrian, and I was actually quite surprised by the amount I produced.

Now comes the odd part - I tell him to jerk off as he lies there, but he takes my hand and guides it to his hole.  I figure he wants a finger or so inside him as he cums, so happily oblige, vigourously working my digits in and out of him as he squirms below me.  That, however, wasn't enough.  As I work my fingers, he reaches down and grabs my wrist.  With a quick flick, a shove, and no apparent resistance, he's forced my whole fucking hand inside him, and that really sets him off.  He thrashing on my wrist like a puppet, when suddenly he bucks and clenches and I feel his muscles contract around my hand as his load steadily pours out of his cock onto his stomach.

I'm a bit stunned by this, but he's thrilled - "thanks Dad" he says smiling up at me as he scoops his load into his mouth.  I get to my feet and go to wash up, grateful for the Dettol in the bathroom.  I dress, I leave.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

The yogic approach

So I finally get the visit the Syrian, and it's madness.  It's been weeks since our last encounter, neither of us have seen too much action, and we basically just want to get down to it and fuck like animals.  Bring it on!!!

I walk in the door, and he's lurking behind it.  Normally he's in shorts and a tee, but today he's just naked, his fat cock sticking straight out in front of him.  He slams the door and drags me into his arms, holding me at a slight distance so he can stare into my eyes.  I've previously mentioned the endearments he showers on me, and from the look in his eyes I suspect they're true.  Notwithstanding this, I smile back at him and move in for a lengthy kiss and drag him towards the divan, struggling to kick off my shoes as I do so.

We get horizontal, and kiss, and kiss, and kiss.   As we do, he's dragging my clothes of me and surreptitiously removing his own, and soon we are naked in each others arms.  He tells me he loves 'my taste' and 'my smell', and I start thinking about pheromones and chemical attraction, but am soon distracted by our activities.

Basically, we just make out for an hour or more, using our mouths, tongues, fingers and lips to pleasure each  other, delighting in trying new areas and discovering unknown erogenous zones.  It seems the Syrian is particularly susceptible to having his ears licked, and I to having the zone next to my balls licked, and to mutually rimming one another.  He sits on my face and dives his head between my legs - how he doesn't get dizzy is beyond me.

Finally, he is atop me, propped up on his elbows, staring into my eyes and smiling.  His cock is gently but firmly nudging my hole, his hips between my thighs.

He smiles at me, then straddles my right thigh, resting on his knees.  He places a hand on my left shoulder for balance, then drags my left leg over his left shoulder.  I'm flat on my back, but twisted at the hips, with him kind of 'scissoring' me, when he gently flexes his own hips and drives his cock straight into me.

I've never been had from this angle before, and it's good.  I can take his width and length to the max, and from the grunting and smiling on his side, it seems pretty satisfying for him as well (just typing this is getting me hard with recollection).  I officially have a new favourite position!

He bucks and flexes, pressing down on my shoulder as he smoothly fucks me, then he leans back and moves my leg to his other shoulder, then drives right back into me so we can kiss as he fucks me.  The change of angle makes me howl with pain, so he leans back a little and begins to stroke my cock as he continues to flick his hips against my doubled back own, but the stroking while being fucked is too much and I let rip with a shuddering orgasm, coating my torso with a weeks worth of cum.  My bucking and clenching against him as I shoot sets him off too, and he withdraws from me and dumps his load with mine.

Collapsing on to me, he is all smiles and laughter.  Cue joint shower, tea and cigarettes before I leave to join the real world once more....

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

A busy week...

Despite a few pointless chats, and my bathhouse trip , by the time I get home I'm horny as hell, and can't wait to re-connect with the Syrian.  He's had family staying with him, and it's been a month, so we're both pretty keen to bust a nut together on Sunday.

I've also had a few messages from the Giant, so I line him up for Tuesday, and happily the Engineer wants to play as well, so that's Friday sorted.  Fun times!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Back to Singapore...

Vacation takes me once again to the far East, as usual with the family.  However, owing to a former business-related presence in the region I have a network of contacts who provide a handy cover story for when I want to get out for some fun.

I utilise just such a ruse to hit a newly renovated bathhouse I'd previously visited.  The new layout is much more conducive to fun, and I decide to grab a quick shower before looking for some action.

I'd barely gotten myself wet when a tall and quite muscular local guy stands by me and activates the adjoining shower.  I nod and smile, which he takes as his signal to begin washing me.  I'm not complaining, and he's diligent about soaping my cock and balls, sweeping his hands over my chest and back as well.  "Come" he says, turning off the water and handing me a towel "Let's find a room".

With the new floorplan, I'm happy to be led.  We turn a corner, and enter a half-lit maze like structure that is jam packed with guys and doorways.  Each of the guys appear pretty hot (national service remember), and, tbh, I've never seen this or any other place quite so crowded.  Some are draped around one another, languidly kissing, others are on their knees blowing guys, plenty just stand and watch, and those in the cabins are doing so with dim lights and no regard or desire for privacy.  Not my guy though - he closes the door firmly behind us, then comes in for a lengthy kiss.  He's actually pretty good at it, and I let him continue to explore my body as we exchange saliva for a while.  He drops to his knees and begins to suck me off, and I reach over to open the door, but he intervenes and keeps it closed.  Finally I get him on the bench, and begin to play with his ass, first fingering it, then tickling around to his tiny balls and standard sized cock.  This gets him wriggling and moaning, so I begin to slide my cockhead up and down his crack, pausing at his hole to apply a minimal amount of pressure - just enough for him to have no doubt it is there, but not enough to elicit any resistance from him, before sliding in from behind and guiding his hands down past his shaft to my own, proudly sticking out between his legs.

As I get him worked up, I don a condom and push him forward by the neck, leaning over to unlock the door.  He protests, but I tell him I want an audience while I pound his hole.  He nods and I begin to enter him, holding myself quite still as I take his hips and draw him back onto my cock.  He arches his back and groans as he bottoms out on me, and from the corner of my eye I see the doorway is crowded with figures.  Holding him in place with the flat of my palm on the small of his back, I begin to fuck the guy.  Slowly at first, I build a tempo as he rocks back and forth, moaning as I grunt, then I withdraw & flip him onto his back, re-entering him quite savagely once I get his legs over my shoulders, keen now just to bust my nut.

He arches again, and begins to whimper - then I feel his ass tighten around my cock and he starts to spray all over himself, bucking down on me as he does so.  I'm soooo close, then he scrambles and pushes himself off me, getting my condom off and my cock into his mouth in record time.  Time somehow seems to slow down, and as he sucks I can feel the orgasm build in my legs, then my balls, then, almost dissociatively, I feel the cum start to flow out of me and into his mouth as a slow shiver works its way though my body while I empty myself.  Once done, I grasp what the phrase 'spent' means.

Sadly I'm out of time, so head back to the shower, legs still trembling, politely declining a couple of offers along the way.  As I leave, the guy is waiting by the locker room door for a final kiss, which I find oddly touching.  Or perhaps creepy.  With legs still slightly wobbly, I step out into the night...

Tracked and tracking...

Where did March go?

After yet more travels I finally get 'home' and things start to calm down a bit.  As an aside, I recently switched from Android to iPhone (not convinced - is there a halfway model?), and observed the following;
  • the fuckbuddies in my phone now turn up in 'do you know' on my Facebook, but under their real names.
  • amusing until I realised I was probably showing up on theirs as well.
  • amazing how many of them appear to be married/partnered.
  • Scruff geolocate doesn't work properly.
  • Grindr will regularly delay message delivery - on occasion for up to two weeks.  I could never understand how I could get a message an hour back from someone 'last seen 3 days ago'.
On the upside, all of this works in reverse, and the Saudi tracks me down (after how long...?).  He's now a frequent visitor to my location and wants to re-connect.  More on that as it happens....