Monday, 9 March 2015


The Syrian has been relentless with his contact - when can I visit, how much he misses me and so on.

I finally find the time to get down there, and leave the house with a happy heart.  The guy really is a sensational fucker, and I'm frankly gagging for it.

Arriving, we undergo the usual tea & cigarettes ritual, then quickly fall onto the divan, our bodies still clothed but intertwined.  As we kiss, he's simultaneously wriggling out of his clothes and removing mine, and we are finally naked together.  All he wants to do is nip & suck at my nipples, then work his mouth down my torso until he's fingering my hole and sucking my cock.  I turn him around so that I can eat his ass as he sucks me, then we switch positions.  Choking and gagging as he bucks his rock hard dick into my mouth, he drags me up so we can kiss, eagerly sucking the cock flavoured saliva out of my mouth as we continue to writhe about.  Fuck it's fun.

We continue in this style for a time, with him on occasional dragging himself up my body with his cock hooked downward until the pressure is too much and it springs back upright.  As he drags he utters low moans, the friction of my flesh intense on his cockhead, until it releases and he lets go with quite a howl and a shudder.

He flips me to my stomach, and starts to work his face into my crack, his tongue working across and into my hole, his moustache tickling my cheeks and thighs, and then he starts to work his mouth up my back, pausing only when he is kissing the back of my neck and nibbling at my ear.   As he kisses me, I can feel his cock straining against my hole and then he is in.  Resting atop me, he stretches my hands forward over my head and, holding them in place, he begins to pump my ass.  Fuck it hurts, and I'm struggling beneath him and yes, biting the pillow as he works his length in and out of me relentlessly.  With his weight on top of me, I'm actually unable to get his cock out of me, until I finally buck him off (and smack my forehead into the wall).

He's pretty fired up, and flips me onto my back and launches in again, banging his hips into me as he resumes what is a world class pounding.  As he thrusts and grunts, I tell him I want to shoot while he's inside me, but all he can manage is a nod and a smile as he bangs away.  But my dick starts to go down, so I just relax and let him do his thing.  He withdraws with a roar and sprays a load all over my stomach, falling down onto me and laughing his head off as the cum squelches between us.  He's not noticed I haven't cum yet, but I don't want to spoil his fun so keep schtum.  I've also not noticed he's fucked me BB.

We head to the shower, where he washes me like a baby, then dries me off before resuming his own ablutions.  After more tea he walks me to my car and I leave.  Damn it was good!


  1. Are you two going raw? You didn't mention, "suiting up".

  2. We did on that occasion. I mentioned it - "not noticed he's fucked me BB" (BB=bareback)

  3. I do go raw with the Engineer - after almost 3 years we decided to suit up with everyone but each other and our respective wives. It really does make a difference...