Tuesday, 10 March 2015

More fool me....

So  I get a call from a guy who's in my phone (under a family friendly pseudonym), and who's voice is familiar, informing me that his office have put him up in the newest and most lavish hotel in town for a few nights.  Perhaps I'd care to pass by?  I'm keen for a round or two, so readily agree and commence preparations, all the while trying to put a face to the voice.  Then it dawns on me - it's the Thief.  

Hmmm.  As always, horniness triumphs over caution, so I set a little test. I empty my wallet of all but 1 x high and 1 x low denomination note and head off.

He opens the door by peering around it, and I see that he's already naked and added quite a few pounds since I last saw him.  He quickly shuts the door and I step into a remarkable set of rooms, but he just wants me naked and on the bed, so I dump my wallet, watch etc on the side table and throw my clothes on the floor.  He asks me to pick the clothes up and hang them in the bathroom, so I oblige.  I return, and we're onto the bed and he's chatty, but really just wants his dick sucked - I'd had a drink before I left the house, and unlike last time, he won't kiss "in case someone smells it", and really, he just wants me to suck him off.  I oblige, and after working on his fat cock for just a few minutes, he spasms and blows in my mouth then swats me away "too sensitive" he says...

He suddenly lurches over and grabs his phone, and begins to argue with someone (I hadn't noticed a ring or a buzz...), then he informs me that as he has refused to meet 'a friend' downstairs, that person is on their way up to the room and I must leave.  Immediately.  Knowing now that I've been played, I tell him it's ok - I'll just hide in the bathroom.  Not good enough - "the friend" might want to use it.  I dress and leave as he asks me to return tomorrow night.  "Unlikely" I tell him as I exit.

In the elevator, I check my wallet.  Empty.

Now what's the phrase "fool me once - shame on you, fool me twice - shame on me"?

Shame on me...


  1. Weird. Did you move your wallet into the bathroom or did he do it?

  2. Sorry - poorly phrased. I left the wallet etc. on the side table and took the clothes to the bathroom. Have reworded for clarity. Cheers!