Friday, 20 February 2015

Surprise call

After my first week back at work, I am exhausted.  Constantly smiling, remembering names, getting to know who's who and all that crap is hard work.  Anyways, I'm sprawled at home when my phone beeps - it's Ducati, wondering if I'd like to 'catch up'.  I'm frankly too tired to deal with the dynamics of a group session and tell him so.  He's straight back with 'just us baby', so I roll off the couch and get into the car.

I find my way to his place (amazing what you can remember when you want to), and he's waiting for me downstairs.  Up to his apartment, where tea and soft drinks are laid out, so we sit and chat for a bit.  The work he's had done on his bike, the recent work on my car, the general shortfalls of Italian engineering and so on.  He disappears briefly, then returns and asks "if I've seen the bedroom", and leads me thence by the hand.  He's grown a beard since I last saw him, and looks like someone you don't want to think about - I question this, and he changes the subject, drawing me in for a kiss.  We stand for a while, running our hands over one another's bodies, and he gradually removes my clothes and pushes me onto the bed.  He literally dives onto me, squashing the breath out of me as he lands, then begins to kiss and fondle me as I attempt to get some air into my lungs.  As we kiss, his cock is quite insistently pushing against my hole, so I shove him off and onto his back so I can suck it.  He in turn grabs me and moves us into a 69, where we spend a satisfying amount of time just basically sucking one anothers dicks and licking each others balls.  God I wish I was a dog sometimes.  His new beard only adds to my pleasure.

He breaks away and asks me if I'm "ready", by which I know he wants to fuck me.  I consent, so he suits up and, with me on my back, he comes in from above, smiling in anticipation.  I wrap my legs around his waist, then I work out that our height difference means I can place my instep against his heels and we fit together like a glove.  He's got a nice cock, and as I hold his butt cheeks, he is thrusting it in and out of me, assuring me he'll be 'gentle'.  I smile and tell him to go for it, and he increases both tempo and stroke, almost completely withdrawing before slamming back into me.  We're actually a great physical fit, and can continue to kiss and bite each other as we fuck, but the uptick in speed has pushed him over the edge and he loses his load while still inside me.  The feel of his pulsing cock buried within me sets me off, and I let go also, my pleasure somewhat mitigated by the thought his condom might have broken, but upon withdrawal it's intact and loaded, so all is good.

We finish our drinks after we have bathed, then I am on my way.  His parting words were that I should pass by more often, but that he's 'going away' soon so I should be quick about it.  Given the newly grown beard, I find this odd.


  1. What is odd about the beard and going away?

    1. Hey - sorry for the delayed reply. It usually means they're going off to fight...