Monday, 2 February 2015

none for two - part 2

After the other guy leaves, I'm kinda keen to bust a nut, so I get back online.

I'm immediately hit up by a guy who starts to send through pics and an invite to meet.  I like the direct approach, and he's not far away, so off I go.  He cooks for a living, so let's call him the Chef

I get there, and he's waiting in his doorway, wearing only a t-shirt and briefs.  Brave choice given the weather.  Late 20's, he's got a big solid build, powerful legs and a pretty impressive lump in his briefs.  And he's handsome.  Soap opera handsome.  We move in and close the door, and as he begins to undress me, we slip in a few shy kisses as we explore one anothers bodies.  He's nicely solid, with a pierced nipple he loves to have sucked and tweaked.  I recently had some practice with this, so I'm happy to oblige, and I discover that, other than a nicely trimmed set of pubes around 8" of uncut dick, the guy is basically hairless - legs, arms, torso and pits all smooth as the proverbial...

We're having fun, deepthroating each other, ball licking and so on, when he leans right in and tells me he's horny as hell and wants to fuck me.  I agree, so he leaps off the bed and grabs a condom.  He puts it on, then comes around to lube and loosen me, working his dick as he does so, when he cries 'oh no'.  I look down, and he's suddenly gone totally limp.  He's deeply stressed by this, and becomes quite agitated, putting some twink porn on, jerking and rubbing himself, shoving my fingers up his ass, all to no avail.  I'm rock hard, so I tell him it's ok, and reach over for a condom of my own.  Lying on my back, the guy straddles me briefly, then slams himself down onto my cock, bucking right into my hips as he moans and cries out in pain.  He then tells me 'too much', and climbs off me.   We cuddle for a bit, and he repeatedly apologizes for not delivering, and I tell him it's ok.  He won't let me fuck him again, and I still haven't shot my load, then he pats my hip and tells me I should leave while he takes a shower. 

twice in one night...?  WTF?


  1. This all sounds like something that would happen to me. I'm glad I am not alone in the wtf sweepstakes.

  2. I know, right? I brush, bathe, floss AND send real pics, so it's not they're getting a surprise when we actually do meet, yet.....

  3. It happens to the best of us...including me.