Friday, 20 February 2015

Too much fun...

I'm still struggling with the routine of work, and don't get online at all for a week or more.  When I do check my messages, I find over a dozen from the Syrian, begging me to pass by and telling me how me misses me.  As the guy has my number as well, I think this a bit strange (why use Scruff when you can just call?), but hey.

I tell my wife there's a football game on, and that I'm joining mates to watch it, and duly head off to his place.  For a change I have no forward obligations, and my time is my own - when I get to there I tell him this, and that we can go out, hang out, do whatever before we fuck.  He wants to stay in, so we do.

I'm lying on his divan, mindlessly watching TV as he prepares tea, and he returns laden with cakes as well, so I think we can have a chat etc., before we get down to it, but he wants to kiss.  When I arrived, he mentioned a number to me, which I didn't quite get, so I take the chance to ask him what he meant - "the number of hours since you were last here" is his reply, before continuing on to tell me how much he loves me.  Great - all I need right now is a supposed fuck buddy who has feelings for me, so I stoically continue with my tea as I plan my next move and, possibly, my literal and metaphorical exit.

Simply put, the guy is a sensational fuck so of course I stay.  Post tea, we're soon naked together, and he wants to kiss.  And kiss, and kiss.  It's good, but I'm getting a bit mechanical.  Ears?  Check.  Nipples?  Check.  When someone tells you that you are the love of their life, and you're already married, you get the drift...

Soon however, raw passion overwhelms us me and we are once again involved in a full-on sex scene, thrashing and rolling about, each of us taking turns to pleasure the other and often coinciding in our mutual fun.  It's great.  I'm flat on my back as he alternates between rimming me and sucking my cock, and I'm licking and sucking his balls as I work one, then two fingers in and out of his hole.  Again, he flips me to my back and climbs on top of me, my cock tantalizingly pushing against his wet hole as we kiss and bite one another.

He won't let me get more than the head in, then he flips me to my stomach and dives in to lick, bite and suck my ass while I lie quite still and enjoy.  Then I'm onto my back and the usual ritual of suit up, baby oil, and massage begins as he slides his chunky cock into me, pushing his hips against my butt as he holds my feet behind his head.

The guy has quite a cock (side by side, mine almost looks like the wiener to his bun), and it's painful, so I buck off and push him onto his back, climbing atop him as I grab his piece of meat and guide it to my now stretched hole.  He's delighted by this, and even more so once I have slid down his length and am resting on him, his pubes scratching my taint in a delicious manner.

I lean down to kiss him, gently moving my frame up and down, when he grabs my head and drags me in for a long kiss as he begins to bounce himself up and down on the mattress, spearing me on each upthrust with his cock.  Frankly, it's awesome, and as he draws his legs up I lean back onto his thighs and let him pound away at me from below as I reach forward and pinch his nipples.  He begins to gasp, and his movements become erratic, so I grab his hand and guide it to my cock - he knows what to do, and suddenly I've let a weeks worth shoot all over him before he pushes himself out from under me and gets his condom off just in time to spray my butt cheeks with his cum.

Laughing, I fall forward on to him, and we simply lie together panting and nuzzling each other for a while as I feel his juice run down my crack.  Finally it is time to bathe together (he has a vast shower), and he re-dresses me before I must leave.  I'm getting him close to bottoming for me, although I'm kinda bothered by his declarations of affection, so we'll have to wait and see what happens...

Surprise call

After my first week back at work, I am exhausted.  Constantly smiling, remembering names, getting to know who's who and all that crap is hard work.  Anyways, I'm sprawled at home when my phone beeps - it's Ducati, wondering if I'd like to 'catch up'.  I'm frankly too tired to deal with the dynamics of a group session and tell him so.  He's straight back with 'just us baby', so I roll off the couch and get into the car.

I find my way to his place (amazing what you can remember when you want to), and he's waiting for me downstairs.  Up to his apartment, where tea and soft drinks are laid out, so we sit and chat for a bit.  The work he's had done on his bike, the recent work on my car, the general shortfalls of Italian engineering and so on.  He disappears briefly, then returns and asks "if I've seen the bedroom", and leads me thence by the hand.  He's grown a beard since I last saw him, and looks like someone you don't want to think about - I question this, and he changes the subject, drawing me in for a kiss.  We stand for a while, running our hands over one another's bodies, and he gradually removes my clothes and pushes me onto the bed.  He literally dives onto me, squashing the breath out of me as he lands, then begins to kiss and fondle me as I attempt to get some air into my lungs.  As we kiss, his cock is quite insistently pushing against my hole, so I shove him off and onto his back so I can suck it.  He in turn grabs me and moves us into a 69, where we spend a satisfying amount of time just basically sucking one anothers dicks and licking each others balls.  God I wish I was a dog sometimes.  His new beard only adds to my pleasure.

He breaks away and asks me if I'm "ready", by which I know he wants to fuck me.  I consent, so he suits up and, with me on my back, he comes in from above, smiling in anticipation.  I wrap my legs around his waist, then I work out that our height difference means I can place my instep against his heels and we fit together like a glove.  He's got a nice cock, and as I hold his butt cheeks, he is thrusting it in and out of me, assuring me he'll be 'gentle'.  I smile and tell him to go for it, and he increases both tempo and stroke, almost completely withdrawing before slamming back into me.  We're actually a great physical fit, and can continue to kiss and bite each other as we fuck, but the uptick in speed has pushed him over the edge and he loses his load while still inside me.  The feel of his pulsing cock buried within me sets me off, and I let go also, my pleasure somewhat mitigated by the thought his condom might have broken, but upon withdrawal it's intact and loaded, so all is good.

We finish our drinks after we have bathed, then I am on my way.  His parting words were that I should pass by more often, but that he's 'going away' soon so I should be quick about it.  Given the newly grown beard, I find this odd.

Back in the saddle (and not in a fun way...)

After a few months hiatus (hence the relatively high amount of recent travel), I get the call informing that my next assignment has been sanctioned and that I report in 72 hours.  Happily, I will remain in country this time, so no need to relocate (or sell my beloved Maserati).  Knowing that the early days of any new gig involve long hours and endless meetings, I check if the Syrian has returned from the mysterious 'business' in his homeland.  He has, so we make arrangements and I head to his.

I arrive, and he opens the door with a heartmelting smile, then quickly moves into host mode, offering tea, cigarettes, sweets etc.  I agree to tea, and he duly prepares, returning carrying the tray and now shirtless.  His physique is good - flat gut, nice pecs and solid arms, all covered in a light dusting of hair.  For some reason, shirtless men in jeans really turn me on, and this sight, combined with his floppy hair and epic moustache really (REALLY) gets me going.  He puts the tray on the table, then leans in to kiss me, his weight forcing me back onto the divan and we're away.  Tongues probing each other, lips, arms and fingers intertwined, he undresses me as we kiss, until I too am in my underwear.  All he wants to do is kiss and lick me, working his mouth down my body and using his teeth to release my surging cock, which he promptly swallows.  As he sucks, he drags my trunks off me, then moves in to nip and bite my butt before darting his tongue across and into my hole.  I swing him around so I can run my tongue from his taint, across his balls and up his shaft, alternately blowing and sucking to tease him as I go.  He begins to grind against me, shuddering and moaning as he does so, then he repositions so that I am the sole recipient of pleasure for the moment.  OMG it's good.  He works me hard, then swings around in order that we can resume kissing, our bodies sliding around and cocks straining and pushing against each other.   Damn it's good.  His ears and nipples are his weak spot, so I ensure each get a lot of attention, edging him closer to his orgasm before releasing him and moving on to a less sensitive spot as we continue - movie style - to passionately thrash around on the bed.

He gets me onto my back, and positions himself between my legs, smiling and murmuring to me in arabic.  Some of what he says is almost embarrassing - even accounting for the different language 'styles', I am apparently the love of his life and he aches for me constantly.  Hmmm.

He reaches across and grabs a bottle of baby oil and a condom - after suiting himself up, I am treated to a brief cock and body massage, as well as a quick finger or two to loosen me up.  He then leans in to kiss me, and as his pushes his tongue into my mouth, so too his cock enters my hole.  It's kind of an odd angle, so he's not getting a lot of length in (fine by me), but he's more interested in kissing and rubbing my body as we connect, when he reaches down and begins to jerk me off in time with his thrusts.  This, as you can imagine, doesn't take long, and as I begin to fire my load over myself he withdraws, removes his condom and uses his other hand to bring himself to shoot in time as well.  This is intense - as we gasp and squirm, his balls are slapping down on mine, and I experience one of the most incredible orgasms I've had in a very long time.

Once spent, we lie together for a time, but as always I have family commitments and must take my leave after he has bathed me.

Never got to the tea....

Monday, 2 February 2015

none for two - part 2

After the other guy leaves, I'm kinda keen to bust a nut, so I get back online.

I'm immediately hit up by a guy who starts to send through pics and an invite to meet.  I like the direct approach, and he's not far away, so off I go.  He cooks for a living, so let's call him the Chef

I get there, and he's waiting in his doorway, wearing only a t-shirt and briefs.  Brave choice given the weather.  Late 20's, he's got a big solid build, powerful legs and a pretty impressive lump in his briefs.  And he's handsome.  Soap opera handsome.  We move in and close the door, and as he begins to undress me, we slip in a few shy kisses as we explore one anothers bodies.  He's nicely solid, with a pierced nipple he loves to have sucked and tweaked.  I recently had some practice with this, so I'm happy to oblige, and I discover that, other than a nicely trimmed set of pubes around 8" of uncut dick, the guy is basically hairless - legs, arms, torso and pits all smooth as the proverbial...

We're having fun, deepthroating each other, ball licking and so on, when he leans right in and tells me he's horny as hell and wants to fuck me.  I agree, so he leaps off the bed and grabs a condom.  He puts it on, then comes around to lube and loosen me, working his dick as he does so, when he cries 'oh no'.  I look down, and he's suddenly gone totally limp.  He's deeply stressed by this, and becomes quite agitated, putting some twink porn on, jerking and rubbing himself, shoving my fingers up his ass, all to no avail.  I'm rock hard, so I tell him it's ok, and reach over for a condom of my own.  Lying on my back, the guy straddles me briefly, then slams himself down onto my cock, bucking right into my hips as he moans and cries out in pain.  He then tells me 'too much', and climbs off me.   We cuddle for a bit, and he repeatedly apologizes for not delivering, and I tell him it's ok.  He won't let me fuck him again, and I still haven't shot my load, then he pats my hip and tells me I should leave while he takes a shower. 

twice in one night...?  WTF?

None for two - part 1

A last minute change of plans sees me with a free week, so I jump a plane and head to London.  It's freezing, but Grindr tells me there are literally dozens of guys within 500m of me.  Sure enough, I get hit up by a guy, and he sends some pretty fit pics and wants to meet me for a coffee before anything 'else' happens.

Just before we are to meet, I ask him for a face pic.  He sends one of a much older guy than I was expecting, holding a glass of wine.  I'm pretty pissed about this, but the meat meet is a block and 5 minutes away so I go anyway.

Despite the unflattering face pic, he's actually got a sensational body - given the vino we go to the pub rather than a coffee shop, and the charm offensive begins.  The guy is buying me drinks, then he suggests dinner, even going so far as to accompany me to the street to continue chatting while I smoke.

We eat dinner, then he suggests he wants to take me to 'his favourite bar', and I figure why not.  So a short bus ride (?!?!) and we get to what's colloquially known as 'the elephants graveyard'.  Now this could apply to either the age of the patrons or the morbid obesity of many of them.  It turns out my 'date' is well known there, and I am (insultingly) referred to as 'the new girlfriend', by a particularly nasty old guy, along with a few other barbs.  I tolerate this for a while, then decide I want another cigarette.  When I return, my mate tells me we're leaving, which I happily do.  We taxi back to the original pub, then decide to move back to my room.

Now here's the rub - we get inside, he strips off and jumps into my bed.  He's fit, with a fat 7" flopping around between his legs and tatts that match the earlier pics, so I climb in beside him, and begin to work his nipples and move down to suck his cock.

As I am sucking him, he begins to moan and squirm about, then pats my head and announces he's tired and maybe we should do this another time.  He then gets out of bed, dresses and leaves.