Sunday, 4 January 2015

all quiet on the weston front....

TBH - things have been pretty quiet.  After Paris I moved on to Japan, where, after much searching (their address system is truly bizarre...), I finally found the "hattenba" I was looking for.  These are sex clubs, but very local - kind of like a 'blow-n-go' cruising place in the west.  A sauna without the steam, pool etc but with showers.  I stood out like a sore thumb.  I'm tall(ish), hairy(ish), and they're not.  They are muscular however, and I'm not.  Wandering around in my towel, I was generally given a wide berth until a gym pumped guy approached me.  Could have been fun, but he was barely 5' tall and I really don't get off on guys who have veins that are visible and necks that are not.  So I left, passed by one of the department stores and grabbed something for my wife in order to provide the 'reason' for my absence.

Once back in my home town, I made no delay in hooking up with the Syrian, who is turning into a comfortable fuck buddy.  This night he was in his standard MO, which is to kiss, kiss and kiss some more, then work his mouth down my body to blow me and then rim me, before sliding his fat cock into me.  He was in good form, working it slowly in and out, changing tempo and direction, and on occasion flipping me over to provide a fresh angle for us both.  He's quite limber, and seems to be able to kiss me no matter what angle he's fucking me from, and I'm pretty happy with that.  After a while however, he wants something different - he wants me to fuck him.  On my back, dick standing straight up, he suits me up and greases me all over with baby oil, then positions himself on the tip of my shaft and begins to slide down, his own suited cock still standing at attention.  Halfway there and he grimaces "too much", and very neatly pushes my cock out and almost simultaneously re-enters me from above.

He's been working me for a while, withdrawing on occasion to dive back in and rim me some more before continuing to work his cock in and out of my hole, all the while murmuring sweet arabic nothings into my ear.  It's damn fine, when he decides to withdraw and begins to silently unload onto my own cock and balls, his face a study in concentration as he directs his flow to ensure maximum coverage of me, whereupon he dips his head down and begins to lick it all up.  This does my head in, and with his mouth licking my shaft, my own load joins his.  He chuckles quietly, then slides himself onto me, our cum squelching between us as he wriggles around on top of me.  He pauses, his face just inches from mine and says "stuck...", before dissolving into laughter and leading me to the bathroom for a joint shower.

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