Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Andre the giant

So a guy hits me up online, and he's interesting.  Mid 30's, 195cm & 90kgs, uncut and submissive.  I've been bottoming a fair bit lately, for a variety of reasons.  Principally, advertising oneself as a 'top' seems to imply stunt cock for hire, the pressure of which I can live without.  Anyway, he's keen to flip, so after going through the usual 'do I know you, are we professionally connected' shit, we agree to meet.  He's promised to rim me out with his pierced tongue before fucking me with his 7" tool, and also to kiss.  A lot.

He opens the door, and I'm gobsmacked - he's built like a swimmer, all the height promised, broad shoulders above a narrow waist and tight little butt, in a pair of gym shorts and a wife-beater, his also pierced nipples prominent through the tight cloth.  We stand awkwardly in front of one another, before he reaches over and shoves his tongue down my throat, and the kissing begins.  We are at it for a while, when I break free and begin to disrobe - halfway through and he pushes me down onto the couch and we continue, as I peel off his top and begin to chew and suck on his nipples, eliciting many (quite loud), moans and sighs.  He slides off his shorts, revealing a fat uncircumcised cock, but I send him to the bedroom to put some briefs on.

I follow him in, and we fall onto the bed, kissing, licking and biting one another as we grind together in our underwear.  He's a damn good kisser, the piercing in his tongue a new sensation for me, and one which I find I am enjoying as I tease it and pull at it with my lips and teeth.  We continue with this for a while, as he pours compliments into my ear (along with his tongue).  I spend quite some time working on his nipples, before I slide his briefs off, and duck down to suck his cock.  I'm surprised to encounter a massive PA lurking within his foreskin, and again, this is new to me.  I take his dripping member into my mouth, running my tongue around the head as I alternately suck and blow, but I find the ring a challenge in my mouth, so he offers to remove it.  This is quite interesting to watch, and surprisingly complicated it seems, but he finally gets it done and I resume the blowjob.  His pre-cum is sorta acrid, undertones of, I don't know - chlorine? natto?, but he's more keen to suck me, so I let him get on with that, asking him to turn so I can lick his balls as he sucks me, but he just wants to get on with the job, so I stroke his back and run my fingers through his hair as he does what he does very well.

We resume kissing, and I begin to nudge my cock against his hole, but he wont let me in until we've kissed some more, but I finally get a chance to suit up and I flip him over onto his knees.  I'd noticed a bar code tattooed on the back of his neck, but fuck me if he doesn't also have "insert here" inked on his butt as well!  At this point I'm happy to oblige, and I spit on his hole then insert a finger, wriggling it about as he pulls frantically at his cock.  I've now worked out he's a bit of a dirty pig, so I withdraw my finger and shove it into his mouth, which he loves.

As I'm leaning forward, I slide my cock into his ass, which gets him shuddering and clenching me from within, providing just the feel and friction I want to get rock hard, from which point I start to slam the guy, gradually flattening him out so I can pound him from above, my feet barely reaching his.

He's making a lot of noise, so I cover his mouth with my hand, and use this as a leverage point until I can feel my nuts start to tighten.  I whisper into his ear - "where do you want it", to which he replies "my face", so I flip him back over and rip off the condom.  As I straddle him, he starts to lick my balls, and that's all it takes - I unleash a weeks worth of cum over his face, forehead and hair, then shove my cock into his mouth so he can clean me up.  As he sucks, he's jerking himself off and squirming on the bed, and I'm a little curious that he's yet to shoot, when he mumbles through his mouthful 'may I cum now sir...?'.  I assent, and he lets loose a satisfying load over his stomach, filling his navel and leaving a nice little trail down to his pubes.

I grab a shower, dress and go to leave.  The guy grabs the condoms and makes to hand them over, but I tell him to 'keep them for the next guy'.  He's crestfallen - 'aren't you coming back sir...?'.  I slap his rump, tell him for sure, and leave.  And y'know - even though he didn't fuck me, I think I will!

Sunday, 11 January 2015

Unexpected foursome...

I've been chatting with a guy online for a while, and we've met for the occasional coffee.  He's mid 30's, nicely built, funny and smart as well as being quite cute.  Around 5'9", he more than makes up for his lack of height with a killer smile.  He also a cop and rides a hell of a motorbike - let's call him Ducati.

Unexpectedly he messages me and asks to meet for coffee as his former partner is in town visiting.  I like the guy, so I go along, and meet them - the ex is a full on lumbersexual, replete with hipster haircut, massive beard and a chunky body.  Not really my type, but hey.  We sit and chat, when Ducati's phone goes off.  He looks down and smiles, raising his face to us saying "Jeff is joining us".  Lumbersexual breaks into a smile and rubs his hands together, which has me a little confused.  He then excuses himself for the bathroom, and Ducati leans across the table "when Jeff arrives we're going back to my place to get a party on.  You interested...???".   It dawns on me that this is a sex date, not a coffee one - I'm cool with that, so agree.

Lumber returns, and we leave - Lumber with me for directions, and Ducati to collect 'Jeff'.  We get to his place (far, far, far away), and introductions are made, although 'Jeff' is clearly displeased at my presence.  We sit about watching bad TV (Storage Wars.  Really...?), when Ducati leaves the room - he returns in his PJ's, and motions to me from the doorway to go through to the bedroom with him, which I gladly do.  We kiss for a bit, exploring one another, when he shucks off his PJ's and flops onto the bed, dragging me down with him.  We squirm and grind, eventually naked under the covers - his body is actually quite nice - defined pecs, firm butt, little to no gut, and a good fat 7".  We're having fun, when he breaks off and shouts at the others to come on in, which they do.

It seems they've already started their own little party - Lumber is naked bar a cockring around his short but incredibly fat member, and the other guy is in his underwear, rocking a stiffy through the fabric.  They come onto the bed, but are oddly territorial, staying together as Ducati and I go for it beside them.  Hands start to stray, but 'Jeff' doesn't want to know me at all.  He's kind of chunky and has bad facial hair, so I'm really not bothered in the slightest.

Lumber, however, is all over me.  Despite the local predilection for facial hair, the full-on Brooklyn style beard is a rarity, and I must say that as he sucked my cock, the sensation was outstanding as it dragged across my thighs and stomach.  He's also quite a kisser, although I can say that under the duress of sex, all that carefully curated hair falls apart and it's rather like making out with Cousin It.  Ducati is also quite a kisser, and for all I know Jeff is in another room.  We change places, me sucking Ducati as he sucks Lumber (I find this extraordinarily hot), then Lumber breaks free.

Ducati rolls me onto my back and asks if I'm "ready", to which I nod.  He quickly dons a condom, and enters me from above, my legs wrapped around his torso, slowly moving his cock into me, then quickly withdrawing and slowly re-entering.  It feels awesome, and we continue  in this way for a while, occasionally changing positions and tempo, but constantly fucking.  This is odd for me - The Engineer just bangs away at my ass, and The Syrian only gets a few thrusts in before he shoots, so to be comprehensively fucked is unusual - and highly enjoyable!

He lies back on the pillow and I straddle him.  We are kissing, biting and licking one another as he fucks me from below, when I feel it building inside me and I announce I am about to cum.  "On my chest baby" he winks, and with his cock thrust deep inside me, I unload all over him, slumping forward once I am done.

'Jeff' has wandered back in, and is sitting on the bed watching us, when Ducati smiles at him.  "Your turn" he announces, changing condoms and relubing.  Jeff just lifts his legs in the air and pants and whimpers as his ass gets pounded, when Ducati suddenly jerks and thrusts then falls forward himself, spent.  Gently withdrawing and removing the loaded condom, he sends Jeff to clean up as he rolls over and starts to kiss me again.

After we've all cleaned up, it transpires Lumbersexual has been sitting in a chair in the corner watching and wanking.  After tea and cigarettes I leave.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

all quiet on the weston front....

TBH - things have been pretty quiet.  After Paris I moved on to Japan, where, after much searching (their address system is truly bizarre...), I finally found the "hattenba" I was looking for.  These are sex clubs, but very local - kind of like a 'blow-n-go' cruising place in the west.  A sauna without the steam, pool etc but with showers.  I stood out like a sore thumb.  I'm tall(ish), hairy(ish), and they're not.  They are muscular however, and I'm not.  Wandering around in my towel, I was generally given a wide berth until a gym pumped guy approached me.  Could have been fun, but he was barely 5' tall and I really don't get off on guys who have veins that are visible and necks that are not.  So I left, passed by one of the department stores and grabbed something for my wife in order to provide the 'reason' for my absence.

Once back in my home town, I made no delay in hooking up with the Syrian, who is turning into a comfortable fuck buddy.  This night he was in his standard MO, which is to kiss, kiss and kiss some more, then work his mouth down my body to blow me and then rim me, before sliding his fat cock into me.  He was in good form, working it slowly in and out, changing tempo and direction, and on occasion flipping me over to provide a fresh angle for us both.  He's quite limber, and seems to be able to kiss me no matter what angle he's fucking me from, and I'm pretty happy with that.  After a while however, he wants something different - he wants me to fuck him.  On my back, dick standing straight up, he suits me up and greases me all over with baby oil, then positions himself on the tip of my shaft and begins to slide down, his own suited cock still standing at attention.  Halfway there and he grimaces "too much", and very neatly pushes my cock out and almost simultaneously re-enters me from above.

He's been working me for a while, withdrawing on occasion to dive back in and rim me some more before continuing to work his cock in and out of my hole, all the while murmuring sweet arabic nothings into my ear.  It's damn fine, when he decides to withdraw and begins to silently unload onto my own cock and balls, his face a study in concentration as he directs his flow to ensure maximum coverage of me, whereupon he dips his head down and begins to lick it all up.  This does my head in, and with his mouth licking my shaft, my own load joins his.  He chuckles quietly, then slides himself onto me, our cum squelching between us as he wriggles around on top of me.  He pauses, his face just inches from mine and says "stuck...", before dissolving into laughter and leading me to the bathroom for a joint shower.