Thursday, 3 December 2015

Scratch that itch...

I mention to the Syrian my encounter with Fast, my newly acquired baldness and the ongoing itchiness.  He responds with a gazillion 'lovestruck' emojis, and a fervent offer to kiss it better.  Of course I consent, and soon enough I'm on my way to his place.

I arrive, and he's smiling in anticipation.  No tea, no cigarette, I'm just dragged to the bedroom and he immediately starts to remove my shirt, and I lift my arms to assist.  The smile that breaks over his face as he looks at my 'pits is hilarious, and he dives in to kiss and lick them, first one, then the other.  I do manage to drag his face up so I can kiss him too, and his hands are roaming all over my body as we embrace.  He works his way down my bod, tugging at my jeans until they're around my knees, and with a roar of delight he begins to kiss and lick my freshly shaved junk.  Again, I have to drag him up to kiss as I wriggle and kick the last of my clothes off, slipping my hands inside his shorts and pushing them downwards as we shuffle towards the bed.  I push him onto the bed, stomach first, then drag his ass into the air and start to rim him.  He's sighing contentedly, and I drop my head a little to lick his balls then run my tongue up his taint and back to his hole, which has him crying out as he grinds his head into the mattress before he rolls over and onto his knees facing me as he reaches out and embraces me once more.

Falling down, we continue the embrace, naked, and kiss.  A lot.  He's eagerly working his tongue into my mouth, and I'm happy to reciprocate, him gripping my ass and me holding the back of his head as our mouths remain locked and our cocks grind against each other.

He soon rolls me to my back, and kisses his way down my body.  All he wants to do is suck me, snorting and snuffling as his mouth roams over my groin, lifting my ass so he can suck and bite my inner thigh with such ferocity I'm concerned about love bites, then it dawns on me that until my pubes grow back, my wife isn't going to be seeing anything.  So I let him go ahead, and he has me squirming with delight.  I reach around to pull his body upwards in order that I can get his cock into my mouth, but he's resistant.  However I am persistent, and as I drag his fat member to my lips I can taste and feel the pre-cum dripping off him, and manage to work this by gently massaging his balls as I suck.  He jerks his hips back, saying 'too close', then resumes sucking my cock until I am flipped to my stomach.  Straddling me, he douses me in baby lotion and dons a condom, then he stretches out atop me and begins to grind, his cock sliding up and down my crack as he kisses the back of my neck.  The grinding intensifies, and I realize he's trying to enter me, so I hunker down a little and spread my legs - he soon finds his mark, and begins to come inside me, but the angle isn't quite right and it's uncomfortable, so I wriggle a bit, and then feel every one on his 8+ inches enter me, bottoming out as his hips come to rest on my ass.  It hurts, and I'm clutching the edge of the mattress and breathing heavily, so he withdraws a little then re-enters, and I decide it's gonna be a painful one tonight and exhale deeply.  He takes this as a sign of satisfaction, and begins to fuck me slowly, but quickly building his tempo - but I just can't do it, and squeeze him out and push him across to the bedhead.  I sit him up, and he's not sure what's going on, but as I smile at him, I climb into his lap and kiss him as I reach behind and guide his cock back inside me.  He's delighted by this, and with our mouths together I begin to pump up and down atop him, which has him outright groaning with pleasure.  My cock is rock hard, and as I lean back onto his drawn knees he grabs it and holds it tightly.  As I ride up and down him, his grip means I'm pretty much fucking his fist, and I lose it.  Cum sprays out of me and all over his chest as I shudder to a stop, and he suddenly bucks his hips down and thus his cock out of me, and he removes the condom and uses my load to jerk himself off, my balls resting on his and my hands on his shoulders.  He cums so quickly the pair of us are panting in unison, him from his orgasm, me attempting to recover composure from my own, then he throws his head back and lets rip with a wolf-like howl before rolling me to the side and climbing onto me to kiss some more.

Shower, tea, cigarettes and some chat about his future plans as we sprawl together on the couch, then I must depart...

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The razor gang, or Geoducked...

Fast drops me a line, and asks if I'm free to pass by.  As it happens, I am nursing a hangover of epic proportions, and a massage and shower session with him would be a perfect remedy, so over I head.

Once I arrive, he's all business.  He's been 'practicing' his massage on me for a while now, and he announces he's going into business as the same.  In this part of the world, a bit more is expected (get your mind out of the gutter), and he now wants to practice something else.  Hair removal.  A fact that's perhaps not widely known is that many Arabic men routinely shave their groin (and their armpits), in respect to a dictat of 'cleanness' from the navel to the knees, however most just go within the line of their trunks.  He's been doing himself for a while, and would I consent to his first attempt on 'someone else'?

Now I'm as guilty as the next guy of some manscaping (but with something from Braun, not Gillette), however after a moments hesitation I consent.  He gives me the standard massage, then leads me to his vast shower, now somewhat cluttered with additional shelving and a stool.  I am scrubbed, washed and rubbed, then he lifts my arm over my head and soaps my armpit.  Producing a standard disposable razor, he begins to scrape away at the hair, taking far longer than I thought, but eventually moving to the other arm and completing that as well.

He then soaps up my cock and balls, and dropping to his knees he lifts my cock and begins to shave my balls, working the razor in and around my sack and behind, but not into my crack as such.  He's got the hot water on drip, so there's plenty of steam, and he works the razor onto my inner thigh and up towards my groin.  All good so far, and I'm now basically bald below the dick line.  Working me with a little more soap, he gently pushes me on to the stool and raises my cock again, beginning to shave underneath it, and working the razor up and over my broader pubic area, pausing every now and then to re-soap me.

Finishing that, he then takes my cock in a down thrust and starts to skim across the top of it, then stretches it out and in a terrifying move, starts gliding the razor up and down my shaft.  Fight or flight fails to kick in - instead, my cock starts to swell in his hand, and he nods approvingly as it thickens - "much easier" he murmurs as the hair disappears.  He finishes the job, with a few flourishes over my belly, then turns the hand hose onto me.  After the rinse, he squares me up on the stool, my dick now pointing skyward, and soaps me some more, slowly working the lather until I think I'm going to cum.  Then he straightens up and kisses me, simultaneously swinging a leg over and lowering his ass onto my pole.  I'm inside him before I know it, and it feels quite awesome, but I don't like BB, so I push him off me.  He's all downcast, but returns for another kiss and jerks me off as our tongues intertwine.

Afterwards, I really don't know what I look like.  An albino geoduck clam?  My heritage is exclusively northern, and as such I have extremely white skin - my freshly shaved parts look like something that belong in a novelty store (or on a deli counter).  Interesting that Fast himself has always been shaved, but with his darker skintone it doesn't look quite so ridiculous, nor does it on the Arab guys I've encountered over the years.

not to scale...
And the next day it itched like hell!!!

Sunday, 29 November 2015


Quietly minding my own business at home, when my phone bings.  Out of nowhere, it's Ducati, wanting to reconnect after almost, what, 9 months?  "Been busy babe - missing you though" he says "when can we catch up...".  Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth, I agree it's been too long, and ask what he has in mind - "Netflix and chill" he replies, followed by a wink.  Why not - I agree to pass by later that night, and duly armed with a bottle of wine (a rare treat here), I arrive at the appointed time.

Upstairs to his rooftop flat, and as soon as the door is closed, he comes in to kiss me.  His compact frame has been transformed since I last saw him - after returning from 'the fighting', he has been reaccepted into the police force and hit the gym.  Damn he's hot - not an ounce of fat on him, but happily there are no veins showing either - he's built like a boxer now, and keen to display his physique.  We open the wine and he cocks an eyebrow - "I haven't drunk in a very long time" he says, before skolling his glass and reaching for another, commenting favourably on my selection.

We're barefoot on the couch, and I tell him my feet are cold - his reply is to stand up and suggest we get into bed as he knows a way to warm me up.  This we do, and as soon as we reach his bedroom he's tearing at our clothes, biting and kissing me wherever he sees bare flesh, then he leaps onto the bed and draws the duvet up.  I lose my clothes and follow, and a lazy makeout session ensues - he's a great kisser, eager to explore my body with his hands, and not shy about sucking my cock either.  I push him around until we are diagonal on the bed, and begin to suck his dick, and as I work my way up and down his shaft he starts to explore my hole, alternating between his tongue and fingers, nipping and biting at my butt cheeks and inner thighs as he does.  We continually break for more kissing, then I return to his cock, my hands stretched out along his legs, and his own holding my knees apart from below as we each eat one another.

Finally he comes around to my mouth again, and smiling at me he asks if I'm ready.  I smile back and lean up to kiss him again, but he's already climbed off me to grab protection.  Donning it, he returns to my arms, and with a shuffle and a flick of his hips, he enters me smoothly from above, my legs wrapped around his waist as we kiss some more.

He's not that big, and I'm having no problem taking his size, but he's a bit like a puppy, banging away as we kiss, until he tilts me to my side and comes in from that angle, one of my legs stretched between his, the other over his opposite shoulder, but he's cricking my neck so I wriggle out and flip to my stomach.  He claps his hands in delight, then squirms and wriggles his way up my back, biting and kissing me until he's aligned, then firmly loops his arms under my shoulders and enters me, hanging on as he bites my neck, his hips slamming into my ass until he suddenly stops.  "I'm dead" he announces, rolling off me.  I look down and see the loaded condom sagging off his cock, but he doesn't want to move at all, so we lie together in silence for a bit as he pants and slowly regains his breath.

After cleanup, we return to the living room and finish the wine while watching some rather funny TV and chatting quietly.  It's only as I'm leaving it dawns on me that I didn't shoot.

The next day I get an unusually long message from him about how much he enjoyed our time together, and the apparently sincere hope it won't be so long before our next encounter...

Friday, 27 November 2015

Squeezed in...

It's been a long and shitty week, and all I really want to do is surrender to someone.  Anyone really.  I ping the Syrian - his recent absence seems to have intensified our intimacy, and, dammit, he's fun.

He's about, so I don't even remember the excuse I gave my wife, and leapt into the car.  Soaring down the motorway (we have very generous speed limits, and even more generous camera triggers), I am excited to be seeing him, and my dick starts to stir in anticipation of what's to come.  Arriving, I don't even make through his foyer before we're in one anothers arms, kissing, licking and biting each other as we shuffle to the bedroom.  All he wants to do is suck my dick as he runs his hands over my body, and I'm content for him to do this, when his phone goes off.  He leaps to his feet saying 'I must take this', and begins a protracted conversation in his native tongue - he looks quite comical, standing naked, cock upright, as he chats away on the phone.  I'm kinda at a loose end, so I drop to my knees and start to blow him as he talks, and he obligingly parts his legs so I can lick his balls as well.  His free hand is running through my hair, when he turns around and squats a little, enabling me to tongue fuck him as the conversation goes on.  And on.  Finally I'm bored, and following only little of what he's saying, so I throw myself down on the bed and draw up the covers.  Finally he is done, and very apologetic - it was a family member who he had been trying to track down all day.  All is of course forgiven - he pulls the covers away, exposing my stretched and naked body, and he falls down next to me and starts to kiss me.   Blissful.  We kiss and make out for a while, then he starts to work his tongue down my body, licking, lapping and kissing as he goes, and ends up gently licking my balls and one at a time taking them into his mouth.  Having teased me like this for a bit, he starts to suck me again, and I drag his body atop me so I can access his own cock, and we settle into a comfortable and silent 69.   I constantly marvel at the size of his dick, and more so it's fatness.  It's like a damn kransky - pliable yet firm, fat, long and heavy!  He's now wriggled away from my dick, and is aggressively sucking and eating my hole, which positions himself in a such a way that I can reciprocate, so our 69 turns into a mutual ass-eating festival.  Does that have a name?

He push/pulls me around, and draws my legs up and pushes them back towards my head, my ass pointing skywards, and he leans down and starts to lick and rim me from that angle, but I think my spine is going to snap, so I stretch my legs out and over his shoulders, only noticing then that at some point he'd donned a condom and lubed up.  He looks up and smiles at me, then gradually lowers my body down his torso, connecting my spit slicked hole with his cock, and without losing rhythm or motion, he enters me.  Once my full weight is resting in his lap, I think he's as far in as he can go, but no.  Just as my insides start to become accustomed to his mass within me, he shifts his legs a little and I feel another inch or so go in.  It's starting to get uncomfortable, and as he leans forward to kiss me, I tell him so.  "sorry habibi" his reply as he starts to manouver his hips a little, looking for the right angle to satisfy us both, and he finds it.  I am now content to work my ass against his hips, gripping his cock from within as I do so, but it is his turn to grimace "too much" he pants, "too  much", but which I figure he's edging a bit and wants to slow down.  I squeeze him out of me, and roll to my stomach, and he's quickly atop me, kissing and licking my spine as he uses his knees to force my legs apart.  As he kisses the back of my neck, I can feel his cock sliding up and down my slot, when, whammo, he enters me again.  One shot, one stroke, and he begins to pump, giving me a good old fashioned fucking, his hips ricocheting off my ass while he pounds me good and hard as I lay there spreadeagled on the bed.

His thrusts become erratic, and he suddenly flips me to my back and comes in to kiss me, his cock once more finding its mark, and his hands start to massage my body.

Slowing down a little, he sits upright, my legs around his waist as he wriggles and short thrusts into me, but my cock is in his hand and I start to clench and squeeze as my own orgasm builds.  He's fighting back against me, trying to keep his cock inside me, and I suddenly surrender and relax and let him slide back in.  His cocks gains back all lost ground, and the cum starts to flow and flow out of my cock.  No shot, but my body feels somehow as if it's floating while the cum keeps coming, and he starts to shallow breathe and withdraws from me, one hand working my cock as the other strips off the condom and he begins to shoot over my torso, grunting with each spurt.

We shower together, and relax on the couch with tea and cigarettes, some crappy film playing on the wall.  After too short a time together, I must take my leave and so I depart...

Monday, 16 November 2015


The Syrian messages me that he is back from his 'visit', and wants to see me.   I, of course, want to see him as well.  Absence indeed makes the heart grow fonder, and we arrange a time.

As I arrive, he merely smiles at me and takes my hand.  Without letting it go, he gently closes the door behind me and takes my other hand, and stands there smiling at me, and I him.  He's lost some weight (living in a war zone will do that), and thank god he's shaved off the beard he's been forced to wear these past, what, months?

He shakes his head and smiles again, and it's like a dam has burst.  We're madly kissing and hugging each other, when he gets all host-like and asks if I want tea.  Fuck that I tell him - later we have tea, and he correctly reads my signal and drags me to the bedroom.

As I peel off my shirt, he gasps with delight and lunges forward to kiss my stomach and lick my chest, pausing only to suck my nipples as his hands work my pants off.  He's then straight on to his knees, swallowing my cock and pinching my nips as he sucks.  All I can do is run my hands through his now shoulder length hair and tickle his ears as he bobs up and down on my shaft and gently scratches my balls.

I drag him to his feet and push him back onto the bed, letting my weight fall onto him as we resume kissing, his cock and mine both hard and tangled up together between us.  He rolls us over, and I am on my back, but his damn hair is falling all over my face, so I push him back a little, but he keeps moving and resumes the world class blowjob until I start to edge a little, so I wiggle away and drag his ass onto my face.  As he rises to his knees, I'm holding his hips and letting my head travel up as well, constantly probing him with my tongue and dragging my 3 day growth across his hole and taint, before he lets out a roar and falls forward, his own head now buried between my legs as he starts to work my own hole.  We stay like this for a while, eating each other out, sometimes kissing, and then I get my mouth around his cock.  I'm taking my time, and deliberately teasing him, but he pushes me around onto my stomach and straddles me from behind.  He starts to nudge at me with his pole, but I clench my legs and tell him 'suit and lube', which makes his face fall a little.  He obliges, and starts to kiss the back of my neck as he enters me, but damn he's big, and I'm struggling to take it.  Regular readers will know I'm kinda out of practice lately, but he perseveres, and I feel him bottom out inside me.  From here, he begins to sort of undulate, fucking me gently, but with his whole body, and it feels great, but I want to kiss him.  Squeezing him out, I roll to my back and drag him to my arms.  As we kiss, I wrap my legs around his waist and he re-enters me smoothly and starts to pump.

I'm gasping at this, and I know I can't last long, so he withdraws and pours like a bucket of lube onto us "to reduce the feel", and starts again to long dick me, but it's no good.  He has one arm outstretched for balance, and he grabs my shaft with his other hand and starts to stroke me in time with the thrusts, and I simply lose it.  Cum spurts out of me like I was 20 again, and he starts to laugh, then exits me and jerks himself off, falling forward onto me.  We lie together for a while, then he showers and brings tea back to the bed, where we sip contentedly.  He will not discuss his time in the caliphate, other then to say he eventually used the cover of a nearby airstrike to drive in darkness through the stony desert and evade capture.  I then shower and we take a lingering kiss at the door before I depart...

Monday, 9 November 2015

Kids these days...

There's a guy regularly online near me, both at home and at work.  His pic is awesome, a fit and muscular tattooed torso stretched out, displaying muscular arms and a stupidly flat stomach.  He's also 23 and 5'4".  Out of nowhere he growls me, and we start to chat a bit.  He's keen to meet, and assures me he can host, so once roles etc are sorted, we exchange location and pics.  He's 2 streets away, and damn handsome, so I head over.

He meets me in the street, outside a house that's large even by local standards, with an array of luxury cars parked in the drive.  His is (of course), the red Hummer (as opposed to the grey Bentley, the yellow BM, the black Porsche or the silver G-wagen), and he leads me inside and to the elevator.  It's clearly a family home, but he's seemingly unconcerned about encountering family members or maids, and up we go to the top floor.  His apartment is large, but full of juvenilia.  Disney stuff, fancy dress costumes, shoes and furs.  Furs?  Yes, he's a fashion blogger, and "likes to wear them when it's cold..."

We sit on his terrace, sharing a joint and some juice, when I ask him to take me on a tour, which leads of course, directly to the bedroom.  We lie about together for a bit, discussing AHS, Empire and various other shows we're both watching, then he slides down and takes my head in his hands to kiss me.  We send some fully clothed time making out (he's an excellent kisser), but gradually get down to business, and naked.  His pic seems to be an old one - he's carrying quite a spare tyre around his waist, but the tatts are the same, so it's clearly him.  We exchange blowjobs for a bit, then he gets to business.  Suiting up, he flips my legs over my head and begins to work his shaved and normal sized cock into me.  Maybe it's an angle thing (or maybe I'm still sore from last night), but we're struggling, so he goes all porno and raises himself up into a crouch, and pushes my legs so far back my spine is bent and my ass pointing skywards, and begins to drop fuck me, his full weight hammering his cock into me as I grunt beneath him.  He really starts to pound, then stops and begins to slow fuck me, his shoulders pinning my legs against the wall as he trembles and falls still.

He dismounts (I can't think of another, or better, word), then silently goes to the bathroom.  Water runs and he returns, still hard but condom free.  He lies next to me and we start to make out some more, all the time jerking himself off, then he pushes my head down to his dick and works it into my mouth.  Bucking against the mattress he face fucks me, then, as I feel his nuts tighten in my hand, he pulls my head away, but not quickly enough for the first shot not to hit me on the chin.  Subsequent spurts come, but there's not a lot of volume, which surprised me until he broke his ongoing silence to say 'the second load is always smaller'.  The guy has shot once into the condom, then again 15 minutes later?  Oh to be that age once more!!!

More alarmingly, as he climbs off the bed, he addresses me by my real name and asks about a project my company is involved in.  The little shit won't disclose how he knows me, or the project, and his smugness is such I want to slap him.  God I hate small towns!

It's definitely time for me to clean up, and when I exit the bathroom he's wearing briefs and a Maleficient headpiece, engrossed in a video game.  He barely glances at me as he thanks me for passing by, so I see myself out and leave...

I usually avoid younger guys - I don't need to be courted or any of that shit, but I do like to 'make love' as opposed to just fuck, and I enjoy some interaction beyond 'where do you want it'.  When I think about the passion and tenderness I experience with the Engineer and the Syrian, as opposed to the mechanical, porn-learned fucking of this guy, I am reminded why I usually have an age filter on my apps....

Back to back (as it were...)

My Chinese mate pings me, very keen to catch up.  I have some errands in his neighborhood, so off I go.

I enter the apartment, and he begins to chide me for 'so long' since we last met.  I shrug - I've been very clear that my professional and family life is my priority, and any fun that comes along is opportunistic and incidental, and he stands there in silence.  "But I miss you too much" he says, before lunging across the brief gap between us to kiss me.  I actually do have errands to run, so I tell him I'm short on time and we quickly move to the bedroom and get naked.

We're rolling about on the bed, kissing and letting our hands roam over one another, when he works his kisses down my torso and starts to suck my dick.  He's good, keen and energetic, to the point where I have to drag his head off my cock to slow myself down.  I roll him to his back and climb astride him, my hands caressing his massive pecs as I feel his cock nudging in my crack as we kiss and kiss some more.  He rolls me to my back and starts to rim me, then flips me again and works his way up my back with his tongue, his cock nestled in my slot as he kisses the back of my neck, our hands intertwined as he stretches my arms out to the side.  He climbs off me and forages for condoms, then resumes his position atop me, when he lets out a groan and slumps down, his full weight almost crushing me.  He then sits up and points to his soft and shrunken cock "again" he cries, "why does this keep happening".  After my experience earlier in the week with the Saudi, I'm also wondering the same thing - perhaps I'm exuding some deflationary pheromone?

I tell him not to worry, and we make out for a bit (mostly from sympathy on my part), and I decide to cut loose and make tracks, so I do.

I enter the elevator and fire up Grindr, only to receive an immediate ping from a guy less than 100m away.  We chat online for a few minutes and I decide I have nothing to lose and accept his offer.  He's literally next door, so within minutes I am with him.  English, 6', maybe 80kgs and pretty darn handsome in a Hugh Lawrie kind of way.  We start to make out in quick order, gradually removing our clothes and falling on the bed.  The guy is a top, but happy to reciprocate oral, and we engage in a most satisfying 69.  I would have to say his cock is possibly the most perfect one I have ever seen - I never really think about such things (unless they're really bad or weirdly shaped), but this one was so perfectly proportioned I didn't even register the size of it until I tried to get it in my mouth.  Barely 75% in and I start to gag, my hand barely wrapped around it as well,  I'm guessing 9", but maybe more.  Anyway, he's expecting a delivery, and I still haven't run my errands, so we'd established during our chat it was going to be 'fuck and go', so he pushes me onto my back and lifts my legs over his shoulders.  He's rock hard and suited up, but there's no way he can get it in without me grimacing and panting, so he kindly offers to lie on his back and let me cowboy him.  We change around, and the position is better, but I really just feel like there's a baseball bat inside me, and it's all I can do to keep my breathing straight.  He senses this, and begins to gently move beneath me, kind of undulating his hips in an attempt to satisfy us both, and I begin to relax.

We're only at it for a few minutes when he changes his undulations to thrusts, and at the same time starts to jerk me off as I ride him.  It takes less than a minute and my dick explodes over his stomach, but I'm determined not to cheat him so I keep riding, but my gasping gives me away and he lifts me off him.  "There are other ways" he says, exiting to the bathroom to clean up.  When he returns, his dick is still rock hard, and without any ado, he crosses the room and slams it into my mouth.  Happily, I suck and slurp a much as I can, working his balls with my tongue as well, and he gradually lowers himself onto the bed and draws my mouth to his nips as he strokes himself.  I reach down to massage his balls as I bite the nipples and he jerks his cock, and with a stiffening of his spine he shoots a pretty impressive load over himself.  As we're both on a timetable, I clean up, dress and leave.

Thursday, 5 November 2015

If I didn't laugh, I'd cry (part 2)

I was recently in a different part of town, and Scruff showed up a very, very cute young lad nearby.  As I sit in the café, the phone pings and it's him.  He's 24, built like a truck, barely 5'6", with a cheeky grin.  The proverbial muscle pup, and visiting.  Now I'm a bit older, and not certain why he'd be interested, but he's persistent.  He unlocks his pics, and there he is - amazing build, nice normal cut cock, the cutest of bubble butts, and again, did I mention the smile?  So we chat for a bit, and he's keen.  We agree to meet on Wednesday night, but as we get closer to the time, he becomes a little more guarded.  "internet problems", "no visitors in my hotel", "friends want to go out", so I try to be gracious and offer him an exit.  "No, no - don't be like that, I really want to meet you" is the immediate reply, so I figure ok.  We establish the time and place, but he wants me to message enroute, so I do.  There's no answer, but he's been offline for a few hours, so I continue, and find myself sitting in the hotel coffee shop (feeling like a creepy old stalker), when he comes online.  He's less than 100m away, but no message.  I figure by turning up 'unconfirmed' I've officially crossed a line, and I probably wouldn't meet me either, so I finish my coffee and depart.  I go home with blue balls again for fuck's sake...

I know this is supposed to be a lighthearted recount of my infidelities, but as to the cry bit, the Syrian has been denied exit from the caliphate by Daesh 3 x times in the past 2 weeks.  His online presence is patchy, but he does send me a message "I want you to know that I love you", which I read in the car this morning.  Just how much I miss him, and his words, with all their Hollywood style finality, hit me and I start bawling...

If I didn't laugh, I'd cry... (part 1)

Oh fuck - what a week....  Some Saudi guy hits me up a few days back, not terribly tall, a little chunky, but friendly and personable enough.  I'm no Adonis myself, so I'm generally pretty open to varying body types - we all just want to get laid right?

After some to and fro, we agree to meet on Tuesday, so I arrive at his hotel at the appointed time.  He's not about, so I retire to the terrace for a coffee and a cigarette.  Suddenly he appears, in what seems to be his pyjamas, and he pulls up a stool opposite me.  With clear dismay he looks at my cigarettes, which I find annoying - bad enough I already know what a vile habit it is, I am also super clear in my profile that I do indulge, so caveat emptor in my view.  After some pleasantries, he offers to show me his room, and off we go.  He walks in and immediately picks up the phone to call housekeeping for a toothbrush and extra towels, then hands me mouthwash and gum.  We chat, but he won't come near me.  Riiiight.  Delivery arrives, and I am sent to the bathroom to clean up, after which he tells me I'm "ok - kinda".  I'd exited the bathroom with a towel around my waist , and he does smile - "like a sauna" he says, telling me he'd visited a few in Paris last month.  I too am familiar with the Parisian bathhouses, but it seems we move in different circles as I know none of his and he none of mine.  Anyway, he soon gets over his hesitation, and we roll around and make out for a bit, me naked after the shower and him in his boxers.  I can feel his chubby hardon through the fabric, and after some more kissing I finally get them off him.  He won't touch my dick, but he's keen to be sucked, and then he just wants to run his hands over my body, commenting on the softness of my skin (I get a lot of that) as we kiss, then he climbs off the bed and suits up.  I'm flipped to my stomach, and he draws my ass into the air, then begins to tentatively slide his cock around, never quite connecting with my hole, then he says "oh shit" and climbs down.  As I look up, he shrugs and points to his fully loaded condom.  "I was too excited" he says, going to the bathroom and cleaning himself up.  When he returns, I get the 'we're done' vibe and suggest he might like to rest now.  "Yes please".  So I dress and leave.

I exit the elevator, and I am accosted by another Saudi, this one in full dishdash.  He's quite tall, maybe 30, with a great smile and seems to be built like a greek god.  But the outfit can be deceiving.  I know guys who look awesome in their 'kit', but are in fact more like potatoes underneath, and vice versa - as with so much in life, it's all about the tailoring.

He asks for a light, then engages me in chat.  My hometown is his 'favourite place', and would I like to come upstairs for some tea.  I haven't shot, and he's cute, so yeah.  Up we go and, hilariously, he's in the room directly above guy #1.  We sit and talk, then he coyly admits he likes to give massage, and would I like?  Sure.  I'm instructed to remove my shirt, then my shorts, then he holds out a towel so I can remove my briefs in modesty (???), and he directs me to the bed.  Then he peels off his own shirt and yep, the god-thing is definitely going on.  His physique is, frankly, amazing.  Broad hairy chest, fantastic shoulders and arms, a tiny waist and trunk like legs.  He climbs astride me and gives my shoulders a cursory rub before whispering in my ear "you want sex"?  Of course I bloody do, and he reaches down to work my ass, as well as my cock and balls from behind.  Things heat up from here, and we're going hard at it, sucking and rimming each other, my hard cock sliding around in his incredibly hairy crack, getting a damn nice feel, and after I go down to lick and suck his hole some more, he flips onto his back and pushes my head down to his dripping cock.  He wants me to snowball his pre-cum back to him, so I happily oblige, passing that and a fair amount of saliva between us time and again.  My own dick is achingly hard, but we have no condoms, so fucking is out, until he leaps off the bed and begins to dress.  I'm somewhat taken aback by this, but he says as he runs out of the room 'the gloves are in my car', and I'm left to watch local TV until he returns.  I notice at this point there is no luggage in the room, which is kinda odd, but he's left his glasses, ipad & a very expensive watch on the desk, so who knows.  He soon returns, and begs me to rim him some more, and we do this plus some more spit exchange.  He won't rim me again, but he does want to fuck - after straddling my chest and stroking himself for a while, he puts the condom on and flips me over, his muscular body atop mine as he shuffles and wriggles about trying to enter me.  But it ain't happening...

He rolls off me, and points to a deflated cock.  "Not tonight habibi" he shrugs as he lights a cigarette.  "I come back in 2 weeks - I fuck you then and you fuck me."  I offer to fuck him now, but he says his ass is too sore from last night, when his Pathan mate passed by.  For those who are unfamiliar, the Pathan are an Afghani hill tribe, known for their height, their aggression and their monstrous cocks.  I mention this, and he nods "23cm - I can only take half of it".  He snuggles down beside me, and reaches for his ipad - he wants to watch straight porn while we make out, but after 2 strikeouts I'm done and I just want to leave.  So I do...

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Always read the fine print...

It's a quiet afternoon, and I'm horny as hell for some reason.  Constantly checking the apps, prowling around the house waiting for answerbacks, and so on.  I'd spent the prior weekend in Cairo, and totally failed to score - all money boys or big, big bears.  Not for me, and now I'm desperate to bust a nut.  Having said that, one of my 'new' colleagues in Egypt (who has my gaydar going),  did invite me for a bbq "so I can try his meat"...

A guy hits me up "wanna fool around..", closely followed by some pretty tidy pics.  Anglo-indian, 32, 6' and around 80kgs, with a nice fat uncircumcised cock.  He's 10 minutes away, so game on.

I get there, and he opens the door, exactly as his pics, but with an extraordinarily high pitched voice, but who cares.  He leads me to the bedroom, and begins to strip off - I ask him for some water first, and he trots outside to get it.  He comes back in and shucks off his pants, then walks over to me and starts kissing me.  He's working my shirt off, and has his hands down my pants with such speed I ask if he's on a time limit, but he replies in the negative so we slow down a bit.  Falling onto the bed in our briefs, we make out for a while, then wriggle our way into nakedness, when he straddles my chest and starts to feed his cock into my mouth.  It's nice - uncut, juicy and fat, and I'm happy to suck and slurp for a bit, then I push him back and position us for a 69, but he'd rather eat my ass while I suck him some more.  I'm not complaining.  As he sucks my ass, I work a couple of fingers into him, feeling his meat stiffen in my mouth as I do so, and I begin to wonder which way this is going.  Why send me a cock shot if you're not a top?

So I turn him over and flick his legs over his head, diving down to eat him out.  He's tossing his head around like someone in a porno, so I get him on his stomach and begin to lick his hole from that angle, lifting and parting his globes as I kneel on the floor. This reduces him to shivers, so I climb back onto the bed and run my tongue up his back as my cock works its way into his crack, nudging against his hole.  I really wanted to get fucked today, but if this is the way it's playing out, no biggie.  I climb off him to grab some condoms, and he looks up all startled - "no fucking" he says.  "I asked you over to fool around".  Aaah - so like naughty teens we're just going to make out it would appear....

I really, really just want to shoot, so I slap his rump and tell him to clench his thighs, then I spit on his slot and slip my cock into the gap, coating it with saliva, then driving it between his legs.  I feel his balls against my tip as my hips connect with his ass, then I start to kiss the back of his neck as I pump.  It feels good, and him squirming beneath me gets some extra feel happening as well, and I begin to moan, my hips slapping into him as I feel my ass and nuts tighten, then I flood his space with cum.  I rest, wrecked, atop him for a bit, his fingers twirled back in my mouth as my head rests on his, then I roll off.

He too rolls over, his glistening shaft standing tall, and he begins to jerk off, breath ragged as he issues instructions - "bite me", "kiss", and finally "I'm cumming - lick my balls".  Happy to oblige on all counts, and as I run my tongue over his shrinking sack, he lets rip with a spray that covers his chest and stomach as he bucks up and down on the mattress.

As soon as he's done, he leaps off the bed, revealing the extent of my own load.  Awesome.  He returns with a hot towel for me to clean myself up (thoughtful!!), then as he perches on the end of the bed, curled up like a cat and smoking a cigarette, it's clear that, once clean, I should depart.  So I do.

"fool around"  ffs!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Quickie with Fast

I'm horny as fuck, and hook-up after hook-up falls through.  The Syrian is still trapped in his homeland, the Engineer has travelled and everyone else flakes.

So I check Fast.  Bingo.  He's turned massage into a form of extended foreplay, which works for me just fine.  Today, however, I'm on the clock and tell him so.  "Too easy.." his reply, so I head on over.

A warm kiss greets me, and he asks how long we've got. I tell him an hour max, and he smiles and nods his head in the direction of the bedroom, so off we go.  He tells me he's going to 'relax' me, and starts to rub my back, alternating his touch with his lips and kissing me gently up and down my spine, then he moves on to a more physical approach, straddling my butt as he rubs my shoulders, his balls resting nicely in my crack, and his hard cock tickling my sacrum as he leans in and out, running his hands up my sides, then stretching my arms over my head and continuing his work up to my forearms, then back again.  Blissful.  Slowly he manages to work his way down my back, and climbs off me and turns his attention to my legs, using only his mouth to suck, bite and knead my muscles, which is amazingly erotic, and an occasional nip to my butt cheeks just 'to keep me awake'...

He flips me to my back, and with our cocks together, he massages my chest and shoulders, leaning down to kiss me repeatedly.  He intertwines our fingers, then stretches our arms outward, bringing his full weight to rest on me as we kiss, and begins to smoothly work his body over mine, my cock now at full attention as it feels the light scratch of his recently shaved pubes.  He leans in to lick and suck my armpits, and as he does this, I run my hands up and down his own body, cupping his tiny little bubble butt in my hands and using my grip on those globes to pull him back for more kisses.  I don't know what massage product he uses, but it doesn't taste like 'oil', so it's all good.

As we kiss, I draw my legs out from beneath him and wrap them around his waist.  I know it's not going to take me long to cum, but I want to get him inside me at least.  We break for protection, then resume, his mouth eagerly exploring mine as we thrash about together, then he drops down and starts to rim me.  He goes hard at it, sucking and nipping at my bud, and I start to edge.  Grabbing him by the hair, I pull him away and up to kiss more.

As he approaches my mouth, I put my legs around him again.  As we kiss, he begins to push his tongue into my mouth at the same time as his cock starts to enter me.  As he does, he directly connects with my prostate, as I feel a small and simple shiver up my spine, then realize that cum is pouring out my cock.  Literally pouring - no shoot, no spurt, no petit mort, nothing but a sensation not unlike at the end of a piss.  When I look down, I have produced a load of immense proportions, and it's still coming.  Finally it stops, and I notice I'm breathless and trembling...

He smiles and leans down to lick it up, then he spits the lot onto his own cock and jerks off as his balls bounce up and down on my fast deflating dick.  Soon enough he shoots his load over my chest, then slides his body up mine, our sweat and seed mingling.

A quick visit to his vast shower, and I dress and leave.  50 minutes - perfect!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

The Cub

So I've been chatting on and off with a guy who can't host (nor can I usually).  He's a solid guy, claiming to be 30y.o., 5'10", & maybe 90kgs.  Out of nowhere he hits me up and tells me he has got a place, am I free.  For sure.  Details are exchanged and I head off.

He opens the door, and he's a perhaps little beefier than his pics suggest, but otherwise exactly as claimed and with ridiculously soft dreamy eyes that didn't carry across in the face pics.  Here's one of his Growlr shots...

Closing the door behind me, he draws me in for a welcome kiss, then gestures to the couch, where we sit and drink tea whilst exchanging pleasantries.  He stands and stretches, then motions towards the bedroom - I also stand and we walk together.  Once in, he peels off his shirt and comes in to kiss me again, working his hands into my shorts and squeezing my butt before we finally disrobe and fall onto the bed together.  He's a good kisser, and active, his hands roaming my body as we embrace, and he suddenly falls down to my midsection and swallows my cock in one go.  He's also a good sucker, but wants to slap my ass as he does so, then comes up to kiss again before swinging his whole body around and squatting on my face as he sucks my cock some more.  I'm happy to tongue fuck the guy, occasionally breaking away to lick his monstrous balls, when he leaps off the bed and leaves the room.  I'm thinking he's gone to get condoms, but he returns with a lit cigarette, and wants to blow smoke between our mouths as we kiss and lick one another, but happily that doesn't last too long and he stubs the damn thing out and returns to my dick, eventually working his mouth up my body and positioning his hole on my tip as we kiss again.  I'd previously told him I'd bottom and might top, and now it seems we're to do both.  He asks me for condoms - but I don't have any.  Now here's a bit of gay protocol I'm never sure about.  Who provides?  In his view, as I'd told him I'd bottom I was responsible for bringing them.  My view was if you wanted to shove your cock up my ass then you're responsible for covering it.  Anyway, we don't have, so no fucking tonight.  We continue with 69, ass licking, kissing, biting and general sucking, when he suddenly drags my face off his and pushes me down to his fat and now dripping cock.  I go for it, then start to lick his balls.  He arches his back and tells me to lick his hole again, so I slowly drag my tongue over his ring, then tentatively jab at it, when he suddenly opens and I can drive it in a lot further.  He's gasping and moaning, then he suddenly clenches my head between his thighs and begins to tremble.  I pull myself away just in time to hear him start whimpering and then see him, back still arched, start to jet cum everywhere.  Each shot went a bit further, until by the fourth and subsequent shots it was landing on his face, when he slumped back down on the bed laughing, telling me his friend calls him "the fountain".  Smiling at this, I drag my hand down his torso, collect his cum and use it to jerk off as I grind my balls against his.  Didn't take long and I produced a large but dribbling load which ran down my hands and my balls onto his.

At this he leapt off the bed and grabbed some tissues, then cleaned us both up.  After a quick wash up, he wants to return to bed and cuddle.  I gotta say, having this bigger young guy curled up in my arms, every now and then nuzzling in to kiss me, felt kind of nice!

Eventually we dress, and after a final cigarette and a little more tea, I depart.

Friday, 2 October 2015

Afternoon quickie

This guy hits me up on Grindr of few weeks back - interesting profile (6', Arab, well built, hung & 32), but I reply with "thanks, but too tired tonight".  I don't recall this, but there it is on the chat when he hits me up again yesterday.  "Still tired?" he asks.  I laugh, and a lengthy chat ensues, including pic exchange.  He's all that was described, including what appears to be an impossibly large cock.  I know we have guests tonight, and I've told him so, but after a while he says "If you come now, you won't be late back".  He's maybe 10 minutes away, so fuck it why not.  Precise location is sent and so I invent yet another 'coffee meeting', promising the wife I'll be home in time to fire up the grill.

I get there, and he's waiting - all that his description and pics implied and after brief formalities I'm ushered into his tiny apartment.  He's a good host, and, it seems, a nice guy too.  Curious about me, eager to share about himself and so on.  He works as a secretary in one of the government departments, so let's call him that.  Also married, but his family are in the home country and he's happy to fuck around while alone.

'Torpedo' bulge not obvious....

He reaches over to kiss me, and I run my hands over his rock solid chest.  Amazing.  He peels off his tee and, like the muscle guy the other week, a broad, solid chest, thick solid gut and powerful arms appear before me.  He lies back on the bed as I remove my own clothes, and once I'm in my briefs I climb on top of him and we start to kiss some more.  He 's tentative, but soon warms up, constantly squeezing and massaging my nipples as I alternate between kissing, biting his lip and sucking his nipples.  He stands in order to drop his pants, and I'm surprised.  The monster I'd seen in the pics simply isn't there.  A very fat and very short dick is resting on top of a pair of massive balls, but he smiles and stretches back out on the bed, beckoning me to him.  I'm still in my briefs, and decide to go with it anyway, and we return to making out.  He works his hands into my shorts and starts to squeeze my ass, working his hands around and gradually removing the shorts, and once I'm naked he smiles and says "better", pushing me upright 'till I'm on my knees leaning back, with my dick standing proud.  His eyes light up - "so big" he whispers as he fondles it, then dives in to suck me, doing, I might add, a damn good job.  He works his mouth up and down my shaft, pausing on occasion to lick and suck my balls, then returning to the blowjob like a champ.  He's so good I start to edge, so I tell him to slow down and offer to return the favour.  From what I'd seen earlier, I wasn't expecting much, but as the guy unfolds himself from between my legs, goddamn if a tentpole doesn't appear between his own.  The guy redefines 'grower', and the short fat dick of earlier is now fatter still and probably 8-9" long with an alarming bulge in the middle.  Down I go, and it's ok.  I work my tongue around the tip, then down the shaft and onto the balls.  Now he's hard they don't seem so big, but I can manage to get only one at a time in my mouth, and I start to stroke his hole as I suck.  He gasps with pleasure, and drags my head off his balls and back to his shaft, notably ignoring the finger working his hole.  I draw back and dribble some saliva onto his taint, using that to slide my finger further in, and he bears down to take more so as I suck him I am also giving him a sort of prostate massage as well.  It's good, and I can taste his pre-cum, so I slow down a bit.  He takes this badly, cupping the back of my head in his hands and beginning to face fuck me, but he's big enough I can't breathe, so that doesn't last long.  He's then turns quite considerate, dragging my head up and off so I can get a breath before wriggling his cock back into my mouth for 'the thrust', and so on - I'm surprised at one point when I bottom out on the thing, mentally speculating how much of it must be down my actual throat as opposed to in my mouth, when he withdraws with a flourish.

He stands and reaches for the condoms, suiting himself up and drawing my ass to the edge of the bed.  My least favourite (and most painful) position, and him with the monster cock.  Ok.  Much lube is applied, and he begins to work it into me.  Fuck damn it's painful, and the bulge in the centre means I get a double whammy, and as I grimace and doubt I can take much more, I feel his hips against my ass and I know he's fully in.  I'm catching my breath, but the pain isn't going away, when he leans down and kisses the back of my neck.  Then he withdraws and re-enters quickly, one hand spread-eagled under my chest, the other pulling my hip back into him, and I shout with pain.  He pats my ass and repeats, and I slump forward onto the pillows in discomfort.  My dick has completely deflated, and possibly even withdrawn, turtle like, at this point.  He's not deterred, or is perhaps simply accustomed to this reaction, as he just climbs on top of me and enters me again, giving a few quick thrusts and a shudder before falling still.  "I cum" he announces, getting up and walking across to dump the condom in a bin before returning to the bed.  He wraps one arm around my shoulders, and with his other hand he begins to fondle my cock as we kiss, getting me hard again and using his saliva to bring me to a conclusion.  We wash, share tea and cigarettes and chat some more.  He nods at the clock and reminds me of my guests, so I leave with a smile.  Once home I check my phone and he's messaged that I should return soon.

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Pre-dinner fun

Having learned it was recently my birthday, the Chinese Guy is determined to celebrate.  I am to go to his apartment, where 'a surprise' waits for me.

I arrive, and he opens the door from behind, shielding himself from the corridor, I assume he's naked, but no, so unsure about the subterfuge.  Anyway, my 'surprise' is that he's downloaded some porn for us 'to watch and emulate'.  Like a yoga class but worse.  His preferred is bear porn (I far and away prefer Arab guys btw).  Now to each his own, but overweight middle aged men saying the usual porn crap and spitting on each other?  Meh.  I ask him why we're watching when we could be doing, so he drags me to the bedroom.

As he peels off his shirt, he drops to his knees, pulls down my jeans and briefs and embarks on a fantastic blowjob, really working his mouth around my rock hard dick and lapping at my balls, until I drag him back to his feet and push him onto the bed.  I strip and jump on top of him, and we begin to kiss.  He's pretty good at this, lots of tongue action, and he works his mouth across my throat, into my pits and down my body and starts to suck me again.  I'm just lyin' there, running my fingers through his hair and making lazy figure 8's on his back, when he stops and tells me I have the softest and slenderest hands he's ever seen.  News to me, although I've never actually done a hard day's work in my life, so perhaps.

He flips me over and starts to rim me, really, really working his tongue around my hole and jabbing and lapping at me.  Feels great.  I can also feel his little shaft poking about, and I take the chance to rub it with my finger, covertly getting its length (exactly my index finger).  Not 4.5", but 3.5".  Oh well.

We return to kissing, and he breaks away - "he's nervous tonight" he says to me.  I'm clearly confused, and he guides my hand down to where what erection he did have has evaporated.  I go at his balls with my tongue - they're massive btw - and try to suck him, but I can feel his tension and things only seem to be getting worse, so we go back to kissing and cuddling.

I tell him to turn, and I go in to rim him - it might get things stirring, it might not.  It does not, but I take advantage of his loosened hole and my own raging hard-on to slip on a condom and begin to gently probe him.  "Nooo, I've never been a woman before" he cries.  WTF?  I tell him it'll be fine and to let himself relax as I begin to enter him.  Damn he's tight, and fighting me, and I barely get half my length in before he literally begs me to withdraw.  If he's not enjoying, I'm not either, so I comply.

He lies there, sort of in shock I think, before telling me how much it hurt and now his back passage feels "tingly and spicy".  Which is actually quite an apt description.

As I'm now lying beside him, he rolls down and starts to suck me off again, telling me to cum in his mouth, but he'll have to run and spit when I do.  He does a good job, but I'm so close my balls are right up against me, and rather than massage them, all he can do is rub them, so I push him aside and finish myself off.  As a few days worth lands on my stomach, he nods approving and then leans back in to suck me dry.   This is somewhere between amazing and painful, and I'm vocal about it.

He stops and smiles at me, then goes in to lap the cum off my stomach like a hungry puppy, before snowballing it back to me.  After that it's a shower together, then he takes me to probably the nicest restaurant in town for dinner, after which I detour to a place where we can make out a little.  Today, I've been subjected to far too many 'miss you' messages, but hey...

Saturday, 26 September 2015

The Chinese Guy

Before heading to Munich, I'd been chatting with a guy.  Tall and heavyset, he was interested to meet and see if we 'had chemistry'.  He appears to have 'favourited' me (per our chat Bruce Chang!!!), for as soon as I return to town he messages "you're back!", and sends through some raunchy pics.  He wants to meet, so we set up for the following afternoon.

He's from Beijing, probably 188cm, early 30's, beefy and with a relatively small cut dick (I'd guess around 4.5").  He mentions 'the Asian cock' a few times, but I tell him it ain't everything and that the chemistry and so on is indeed more important than the mere endowment.  Nice flat, and he's keen to talk about his fiancée back home, so I've pegged him as a straight boy who just wants to bust a nut.  We chat for a bit, then hit the sack - he's a good kisser, roaming his hands over my body and gradually working me onto the bed.  As I lie there, we make out some more, when he drops down and takes my cock in his mouth.  This boy sucks like a pro, working my shaft, my balls, and my hole with the easy skill and confidence of one who has done it many times before.  So much for the straight boy!

I get him into a 69, but with the combo of his build and endowment make access difficult, so he just pushes me onto my back and keeps sucking me, then rolling me to my stomach so he can rim me some more.  Condom time, and once he's suited he spits on both my hole and his cock, then wriggles it in.  Despite the size, it's rock hard, and with a miss, and a jab and a slide, suddenly he's right inside me with an almost audible pop.

He saws away at my ass for a bit, but it's difficult - almost any thrust/withdraw and he's outside me, then scrambling to get back in, so I roll him to his back and climb aboard.  Lowering my self onto him, again I find that any action on my part causes him to slip out as well, so I grind my hips down as far as I can and simply rock back and forth, hoping this gives him the 'feel' that he wants (I personally am getting nothing.  Nothing!).

His breathing starts to jag, but I want to try another position, so I roll off him to my own back and he takes the hint.  Holding my legs up, he enters me again, but the angle is wrong and he's struggling.  I wrap my legs around his waist, and that's a little better for us, until he leans in to kiss me and he's outside again.

I tell him enough, and to just jerk off onto me as I spit on my own dick and start to lightly scratch his balls as he huffs and puffs his way to a remarkably productive load.  He falls forward onto me, and we lie still together for a time before bathing together and afterwards sharing tea and cigarettes.

Speaking of this familiar ritual, the Syrian is still away, although in semi-regular contact.  Deep in the heart of all that scares us, he sends me a message to say that 4 guys had recently been thrown off buildings in his town for being gay.  The idiot sends it via Scruff...

Unexpected (bad)....

Sorry - it's been a bit weird.

As mentioned, the Tyrolean has sent me airtickets etc. to join him at Oktoberfest.  Not my scene, but fuck, why not.  Plus, yeah, the fuck.

We banter a bit online, him checking I got the email, me procrastinating about going and so on, him telling  me how much fun we'll have, and I finally pull the pin and confirm everything.  And everything changes.

He backs off at 100mph - suddenly very polite, and a formality in his style that hadn't been evident previously.  I'm puzzled, but I go anyway, thinking what the hell could go wrong.

On arriving, he's waiting in the lobby of the hotel.  No enquiry about my journey, merely a nod and point in the direction of the elevator.  We get to the room, and he suddenly grabs me and begins to kiss, but I protest that I'm dirty & smoky and want to bathe.  "I don't care" his reply as he removes our clothes while we kiss.  We roll around for a bit, but he really just wants me to fuck him, so I grab a condom and some toiletries (Hermes - nice!), and slide myself into him.  He's groaning and wriggling, so I place a hand on his chest & throw his legs over my shoulders as I pound him while he lies on his back, his ass dropping just off the side of the bed as I stand and lean into him.

He drags me down to kiss and also squeezes me out.  He reaches down to remove the condom and slides his hole back over my bare cock - "Breed me" he hisses as he stares into my eyes.  Meh.  I jab away at him for a bit, and actually fake it as he furiously jerks off and sprays his load everywhere, then I pull out and head to the shower.  He's like a puppy, and follows to wash me, where he jerks me off and I do shoot a decent load onto him.  Almost immediately he exits the shower, and when I emerge he tells me I look like shit and should take a nap.

I awake some hours later and he's gone, and I can't raise him on the phone.  On a hunch I walk back to the bar where we first met, and he's there, surrounded by guys he clearly knows well, and who he has clearly told about me.  I seem to have walked into a gay German version of Mean Girls, and I'm the target - my attire, my build and even my fucking haircut.  I was referred to by either my country  ("Zo, Englander..."), or a slang word that kind of translates to 'rentboy'.  And all delivered with a sneer.  He tells me it's 'ok', but after a few beers I tell him I'm done with this shit & it's time to leave.  We're holding hands as we walk back, but once in the room I get a kiss on the cheek and "g'night".

Next morning I wake up and he's in the shower, so I join after discreetly brushing my teeth.  I'm kissed, and we make out for a bit, but he's really not interested.  We have some breakfast, but he's pre-occupied, and when I drag him to a museum nearby enroute to the beerfest, he won't enter.

We get to the Wiesn, and he tracks his friends down.  The vibe is awesome, and, generally speaking, the Lederhosen is quite a flattering garment (who knew!).  Inside the tent, and the crew are there from last night, alternating between sneering at me and ignoring me, and when I turn to talk to my guy, he's making out with one of his mates.  To say I'm a tad confused would be an understatement, but when he makes direct eye contact with me as he's kissing the guy, I know I'm done.

Holding his stare, I smile, blow him a kiss and leave.  As I walk, I use an app to find another hotel room, and within 45 minutes I've packed my bags and relocated.  I see him around town here and there over the coming days, but we don't speak again.


Friday, 18 September 2015

Unexpected (good)....

Since our hook-up in Munich, the Tyrolean and I have been in regular contact.  He sends me pics of the amazing scenery he works in (as well as the occasional dick pic), and regular comments on how much he misses me, all via Whatsapp.  Truth be known, I kinda miss him too.

This morning I open my email, and I see his name in my inbox.  Hmmm.  I open the message, which only says "please", and 2 x attachments.

One is an open plane ticket to Munich, and the other the equivalent of a VIP pass to Oktoberfest this weekend.

So I guess I'll be seeing him soon!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Muscleman

I have long been curious to know what it would be like to interact with a muscle guy.  I've been curious about the 'mass', and the rock hard nature of those arms and pecs...  Last night I got to find out....

I get a hit on Grindr, with the tagline "I like it thick".  I assume from this that the guy is a bottom, and reply informing we are on the same side of the fence as it were.  He replies all indignant that he's a top, so I laugh and apologise.  We get to chatting, and he sends his pics through.  OMFG.  He's quite good looking in the Arab way, early 30's, built like I don't know what, and 6' tall.  I hesitantly send pics of myself, expecting this demi-god to reject me, but he's even keener and wants to meet for coffee.  Ok.

We meet outside a chain store, and the guy is amazing - killer smile, much better looking than his pic, and with a chest and arms Paul Bunyan would be proud of.  He's also my height, which is unusual in this part of the world.  He tells me he has much better coffee 'at home', so we jump into his car and head off.  I ask what someone like him wants with someone like me, and he shrugs "we all have our tastes" his reply.

Nice flat, and he's quite proud to show me around, then we come to the bedroom and he playfully pushes me towards the bed.  As I regain my balance, he peels off his shirt, revealing an incredible physique.  The arms are perfectly proportioned and massive, the chest expansive and with pecs that are both broad and prominent, but with perfectly centred nipples.  Perfect little ass and big strong legs too.  Most guys that pump end up with overworked muscles, showing veins and pushing their nips southward, but not this guy.  Despite the variety of protein powders I'd seen in the kitchen, there's no evidence of bacne or the like, so I ask about his regime.  "A little" he replies, "I am blessed with this naturally".

I quickly disrobe, and he leans in to suck my nipples and fondle my ass, at the same time wriggling out of his pants.  He has a nice dick, a normal 6", standing upright and concealing his balls.  I reach down to fondle them, and I am surprised - they're barely grape sized, so I re-wonder about the regime.  Like most locals, he's not into foreplay at all - the inherent affection is inconsistent with their denial of 'gayess', and he quickly has me on the bed and pushes my legs over my shoulders to the point where my knees are pretty much in contact with my ears, and begins to slide his cock up and down my ass.

I'm not ready to take it just yet, so I move down to blow him, easily taking his length and, on the right angle, managing to lick his balls with his cock in my mouth.  He's leaking pre-cum massively, and as I suck he starts to work a finger or two into my ass.  I also try to lick his chest and pits as well as kiss him again, but after I've had his cock in there he won't reciprocate, which I always find annoying - it's his own dick ffs.

He climbs out from under me and goes to the dresser, producing lube and condoms, then, unusually, lubes his cock before donning the condom, then lubes that as well.  He climbs back between my legs and with one hand moves my legs back over my shoulders and enters me smoothly.  It feels ok, he's not too big to give me discomfort, and he begins to fuck me slowly, sliding his entire length in and out of me before withdrawing completely & re-entering, long-dicking me.  Jab, slide, enter and withdraw.  Repeat.  This goes on for a while, his hands on my ankles, and the occasional kiss finally coming my way as he leans in, but really this is just about the fuck.  I'm rock hard and edging, and I tell him so, and he smiles then moves his arms to pin my own on the mattress.  "Enjoy" he says, and starts to lick my face instead of kissing as he pounds my ass quite roughly.  I'm trying to reach up and squeeze his nipples and caress that massive chest, but his arms are in the way and he's seemingly indifferent anyway.

I'm done by now - the edge has gone, my ass hurts and my legs are cramping, so I squeeze him out of me and roll to my stomach.  He's not happy, but starts again, his feet pushing against mine momentarily, then he rolls off and returns me to my back as if I were a rag doll.  By now I've deflated, but I want him to shoot his load, so I lift my legs again.  He's kneeling between my legs, upright dick in hand, and tells me "it's gone".  He means his own edge has evaporated, and he ain't gonna cum.  Forlornly he says "I should have shooted when I wanted to", meaning the guy was trying to show me a good time as well I figure, so points for effort.

Basically we're done, so after clean-up he makes me a coffee then drives me back to my own car.  He suggests we keep in touch, but meh...

So, I got the tactile sensation of a muscle guy, and little else - it really wasn't as much fun as I thought it would be.  Box ticked.

Saturday, 5 September 2015


So I'm at home, bored and more than a bit horny.  Out of nowhere, Cat Guy hits me up.  I'm really not that into him - he's a selfish fuck, his place stinks of pets and, well... meh.

But another promising lead has flaked on me, so I consent.  I get to his place, and I can hear the TV roaring through the door, so I knock loudly, but no reply.  I knock again, and a voice calls, but whether it's "come in" or "coming", I'm not certain, so I wait a bit.  Then he calls me and tells me the door is unlocked, so I enter.  He's sprawled naked on his bed, thick, fat cock already semi-hard, so I walk over and stroke his foot as I peel off my shirt and drop my shorts.  I climb on top of him, and lean in to kiss, but he turns his head away telling me he has "a sore jaw", so I nuzzle his ear instead.  He giggles and turns some more, so I work my mouth down his body, but he pushes me away and guides my head straight to his cock.  As mentioned, it's an especially impressive piece of work, so I grab it with one hand and begin to lick to tip, gradually working it down my throat, when he places his hands on the back of my head and begins to face fuck me.  Ok...

We continue like this for a while, when he turns my body to the mattress and straddles me from behind - he suits up, lubes us both, and begins to slide his cock up and down my crack, the head nudging my hole and gradually he slips it in, then withdraws, then a little more, then withdrawal, then he slides his arm under my chest and draws me to him, sliding the whole length in as he clutches me tight.  I gasp at this, so he clamps his other hand over my mouth and begins to pump, using his feet to keep my ankles apart and get himself maximum entry.  He's really bucking into me, our sweaty skin making slapping noises as his chest connects then detaches from my back, and then he starts to bite my shoulders when something weird happens.

As he pumps, suddenly the "feel" inside me changes, and suddenly it's as though his cock is wrapped in silk, or cream, or I don't know, but it's nice, and as he drags my leg over his shoulder and flips me to my back, still inside me, I reach down and grab myself, barely connecting with my own cock before it erupts all over my stomach.

He nods approving, then withdraws from me - as he looks down, his expression changes and I look there as well.  The condom has ruptured, and is wrapped around the base of his cock.  The feel I had was him breeding me, then unknowingly fucking his load into me.  Dammit...  He shrugs and cleans us both up, then I go shower and use the small hose to try and wash as much as I can out of myself, but if any damage were done, it's done.

We have no support in my part of the world for STI's - sex between unmarried people is forbidden, and gay sex?  The lash & deportation.  So I have no resources to fall back on.   Even if I got tested, and it were +ve, I'd be deported (and divorced) as well, so I'll just have to run with the relatively low numbers of reported cases here, his assurances that he "usually" plays safe & hope for the best.

Not happy....

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Again with the farewells...

So the Syrian messages me, and wants me to pass by 'today'.  As it happens, I can, so I do.

It's only been a week or so since I saw him last, but he's stopped shaving and he looks completely different.  Damn the facial hair grows fast around here...

It seems he has a problem in his hometown that must be attended to, and a pretty scary part of town that is too.  He's not going to fight, but the beard is, well, a beard for the neighborhoods he must visit.  He leaves tomorrow morning, and wants to say farewell.  I am a little stunned by this - the headlines we all get to read and experience via the nightly news are simply a fact of life in my part of the world, and when it does intrude on a such a personal level it's always a jolt to be reminded just what a "hot" part of the world I live in (no pun intended).  Our little bubble of luxury cars, expansive villas & numerous servants is a fragile one indeed.

True to his form, he wants to disrobe me and suck my dick.  He's doing well as I run my fingers through his hair, but I want a little more so I drag him to his feet and push him onto the bed.  From here we commence our usual rolling and thrashing kiss/lick/suck fest, pausing in our efforts to remove stray hairs from my mouth (that damn beard), and to also indulge in a leisurely 69 and concurrent ass play.  Great fun, and he can't get enough of it.

Gradually though, he uses his knees to flip me onto my stomach, and begins to lick, bite and kiss my back, working his mouth up my spine until his tongue is in my ear and his fingers in my mouth.  I can feel his cock nudging against my hole, but wriggle him off to get a condom and lube.  Once done, he returns to his position, and with a gentle, almost inquisitive approach, starts to work himself into me.

Once in he pauses, then smoothly withdraws before slamming back in.  It's good, but for some reason I'm feeling like a bitch just lying there and taking it, so after a few minutes I roll out from below him and wrap my legs around his waist.  I'm quick enough that I see the surprise on his face, but when he locks eyes with me he smiles and dives down to kiss me, sliding his cock right back inside me and starting to fuck me hard as our hands and mouths roam, my hips resting in his lap.

It doesn't take long before he withdraws, and rips off his condom.  Grabbing both our cocks in one hand, the other on the mattress for balance, he begins to pant and moan as he jerks us off together.  I'm silent but panting, and I feel my legs start to drum on his back as he begins to cry "yes, yes, YES" and his load shoots over my chest.  With my own climax well advanced, I can't do anything other than twitch in his grip until my own cock explodes over his hand and my stomach.  At this he roars 'good, good', and keeps jerking us both until we're milked dry, then he falls onto me laughing.

After some kissing, he slaps my rump and tells me to rest as he goes to shower and make tea.  Returning with this we lie about in our mess together and enjoy our time before I too must shower.  He claims not to be bothered by his upcoming journey, but I sense something in his eyes as we part company and I find myself genuinely concerned for him.

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Serendipity and fisting...

I'm in a part of town known for it's "bachelors", and free for an hour or two.  I fire up Grindr, and immediately get a hit from Andre, "eager to serve me".  He's nearby and available, so over I head.

I arrive, and am greeted with a lingering kiss - damn he's good at it, so we stand for a while in each others arms, his pierced tongue clacking against my teeth, and we kiss for a while.  I break free and point to the bedroom, and we resume, standing by the bed and kissing more as I work his wifebeater off and start to bite and twist his nipples as he removes my shorts.  He drops to his knees and starts to eat at my cock through the fabric of my briefs, then he starts to sneeze and excuses himself.  I remove my own shirt and am lying on the bed in my briefs when he returns, a smile lighting his face when he sees me.  He removes his shorts and I see that he's wearing the briefs I purchased for him last time, when he dives onto the bed, landing between my legs and falling down to kiss more.  He's quite desperate for affection, and as I lick his throat and neck, working my tongue into his ear, he literally goes limp and just lies there on top of me, soaking up the physical contact.  I tell him my balls need licking, so he slides down and removes my jocks, then starts to run his tongue from my hole, taint and balls up my shaft and begins to suck.  I haven't shot in a week, and I can feel myself edging, so I pull his hair to get him off me, then push him back to my sack so he can continue.

I lie there quite contentedly being pleasured, and ask if he wants to swallow my load - he answers in the affirmative, so I tell him to suck me dry, then I'll fist him.  He looks up and smiles at me, then goes in to suck my dick like there's no tomorrow.  I'm close, but not close enough, so I get off the bed and stand, his mouth continuing to work my shaft, but I really, really, just want to bust, so I push him back a little and start to jerk off with one hand, the other holding the back of his head.  When I feel my legs begin to tremble, I shove my cock back into his mouth and let loose my load, which he dutifully swallows.  Once I'm drained, I lean down to kiss him, and he snowballs a little bit back at me.

I get him on his knees, and ask for some lube - he points below the nightstand, and bugger me if there isn't a porn-sized tin of Crisco.  I laugh and tell him I'd never seen such a thing outside a movie before, and duly stick my hand in.

Then I stick my hand in him.  One finger, then two, then four.  He squirms a little, then my whole fist goes in, right up to the wrist bone.  He's gasping and squirming about, so I begin to slowly move my hand around, then I clench my fist and start to fuck him with it.  I'm not really into this, but he's crying out in pleasure, and I can feel his muscles contracting and releasing around my hand, so I change tack and cock my pinky finger a little - this gives a small protrusion on my fist which I use to stroke his prostate as he shudders and moans - I've rarely seen a guy in such ravages of pleasure.  He starts to buck against me, and then clenches himself so tight I can barely move my hand.  As this happens, he raises his head off the mattress and roars as I feel him pump his load out all over the sheets.

Leaving him slumped on the bed, I go to wash up.  When I return, he's starting to change the covers, so I figure we're done.  I dress and leave...

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Workplace practices...

Actually, "practises" could be apt as well.

Most of my employees are men - some older, but mostly younger.  Some eyecandy (a former military guy in particular), some not so much.

For the past three mornings, when entering the bathroom (stall #3 to be precise), it seems someone has been rubbing one out - the smell of cum is overwhelming.

The thought of someone jerking off in there brings mixed feelings - but I hope at least it's one of the cute ones.....

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Bad angles, happy endings...

The Syrian has been messaging me regularly, hoping I can 'pass by'.  With his recent spate of gift-giving and whatnot, I'm cautious (I really don't want things to escalate beyond "fuck buddy"), but happily the Premier League has recommenced and watching the football is a cover story that seems to wash well with the wife, so I head over.

I'm greeted at the door with a broad smile, and quickly dragged into his arms as he slams the door behind me, and we stand together in his foyer making out.  It's stinking hot outside, and I ask for tea & water as we shuffle into the living room, his arms wrapped around me.  He returns with same, and we sit together talking for a bit, then I take his hand and lead him to the bedroom.  As we kiss he gradually removes our clothes, until I am naked and he in a pair of gym shorts, when he drops to his knees and starts to blow me.  I am content to shift my weight and widen my stance a little, which enables him to get his mouth in and under my balls, and to suck those as well as my cock, which is firmly standing to attention.  He's down there forever, dragging his hands over my chest, tweaking my nipples as he sucks, until I finally drag him to his feet, slide his shorts off and push him onto the bed.

I'd had a most satisfying solo session the morning before, thinking primarily of his fat and heavy cock in my mouth, and I'm keen to turn the fantasy back into reality, so I dive down and begin to lick his balls, slowly running my tongue up his shaft and abrading it against the underside of his cockhead, before flicking it over the tip of his cock, which is now twitching violently.  He's really spasming, so I'm forced to actually grab it and feed it into my mouth, but for some reason I can't get the whole thing in so I bob up and down on it as he thrusts from below.  For whatever reason, today it seems even larger, and I'm struggling to accommodate it.   I've also not showered that day, and I'm a little self conscious about my possible smell, so I ask for a towel to shower.  "Uh-uh" his reply as he returns his mouth to my dick, then he comes back to kiss me again and I can taste myself - it's not unpleasant at all, but clearly on the musky side, and he professes to love it, so hey...

We continue like this for a while, but he's mostly interested in eating out my ass, which he does at length.  I finally spin him around a little so I can access his own hole, but again the bad angle and I'm once more struggling.  As he sucks my shaft, I eventually bend his cock back and take it in my mouth on the reverse angle, but it quickly swells in my mouth and I have to let it go.  As it leaves me, it flicks up with a wet 'snap' to hit his stomach (which is awesome btw).

As he's eating me, he flips me onto my stomach and dives in to my ass once more, then pauses.  I turn my head and see him donning a condom, but I can't see any lube.  He grins at me and then spits on his cock, and begins to nudge into me lube free.  Fuck. It. Hurts.  He withdraws a little and spits some more, and starts to enter again.  Jesus H Christ....  I'm squirming and protesting, but his reply is to hook his arms beneath mine and force his fingers into my mouth as he continues to enter me, withdrawing a little to gain 'purchase' before resuming his entry.  When I think he's finally in, he wraps one arm under my chest to hold me still, then flicks his hips to get another cm or so in and he's finally done.  I'm taken back to our our first ever fuck, where his size was an issue, so I try to relax and go with it, but once in he starts to pump and I just can't do it.  It's too much, too big & too rough, so I push back until I am on my knees, doggy style, but then he's even keener, and starts to go harder but I'm literally shouting in pain, and push him off me.

We are on our knees facing one another on the bed, and he smiles at me and reaches over to start jerking me off, using one hand on my cock and the other to get a few fingers into my devastated ass, when I start to tremble.  Sensing this, he falls back on the bed and begins to jerk himself as he continues to stroke me, asking me to dump my cum on him.  I quickly oblige, and he scoops my load to use on himself, crying out as he shoots his own cum across his chest.

We remain quite still, panting and catching our breath, then he pulls me down to kiss him, and lay for so long we end up stuck together.  He giggles at this - clearly it's not HIS chest hair being pulled out - then goes to shower and make more tea.  After my own shower I join him back in the living room and we chat a while more.  Never got to watch the football...

Thursday, 13 August 2015

A rebours

I've got the itch, and no-one's around.  I ping Fast, and he's about, so over I head.  I've mentioned before his massage talents, and he wants to give me the full treatment today.  I happily oblige!

He starts with my feet, gently working the reflexology points, working his way up and down one leg, then the other.  Special attention is paid to my broader groin area (the tease), then my lower stomach, then back to my groin, passing his hands lightly over my balls and up my rapidly stirring shaft, before resuming work on my inner thighs and lower butt cheeks.  It's good, and I'm giving him (via my hard-on), the happy signals.  He moves his hands up my sides, fluttering his fingers as he goes, then on to my shoulders from behind.  As he massages me, he lifts my arm and begins to lick and kiss my armpits, dragging his tongue across my throat as he moves my other arm out of the way to gain access on that side.  It's all pretty blissful, and I'm content to lie back and be spoiled.  It's pretty warm in the room, and we're sweating, the occasional droplets falling from him onto me quickly licked off.

He moves back down the bed and places himself between my legs, resuming the massage on my stomach, then works his hands down my legs and lifts them over his shoulders.  He leans down to lick and kiss my dick, then shuffles himself down so he can lick my balls, his tongue moving down to flick my hole as well.  He starts to get right into this, his tongue darting over me and occasionally driving inside, and I wriggle and shift with pleasure.  Running his tongue from the hole, over the balls, along the shaft then continuing up my torso, he begins to kiss me on the mouth as our bodies slide together, the sweat acting as a lubricant.  His own dick is now rock hard, and he's nudging me with it as we grind together, then we pause for him to grab condoms and lube.

Duly suited, we resume, his cock eagerly pushing against my butt.  Again I wriggle and wrap my legs around his waist, and he's in.  Sliding his length into me, he pauses and smiles at me before kissing me again as he begins to thrust.

It's good - he's not so big that it's uncomfortable, and his muscular body is a treat as my hands roam over him, resting on his tight little cheeks to pull him further in as he continues to fuck me.

He raises himself off me, then hooks one of his legs under mine and gets more-or-less upright, still sawing his cock in and out of me.  He's in kind of an 'archer' position (not the cartoon), on one knee and with the other leg drawn up, and this gives him the freedom to flick his hips and thus his cock in and out of me as he rests one hand on my own knee for balance.  This is good, and I start to squirm as I feel my nuts tighten and my breathing increases.  He smiles at me and then clamps his hand over my dick so I can't touch it, his thumb pressuring and stroking my balls as they swell and contract.  I really want to cum, but the fucker won't let me, however his jagged thrusting and irregular breathing tells me he's close as well.  With an effort I squeeze my ring and bear down on him, and he suddenly withdraws.  Ripping off the condom, he releases his grip on me and with a cock in each hand quickly jerks us both to conclusion.  I spilt loads, as did he - his third spurt hitting my chin and leaving a rope down my body.

He falls forward onto me, and we kiss as he rests in my arms, then, as always, he leads me to the shower and washes me gently.

Didn't check the time, but I was rather late for dinner.  Against his nature indeed...

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The quotidian reality of having a 'lover'...

After so much frustration and fucking around on the apps, I've kinda given up.  The Syrian is usually free, has his own place and is a sensational fuck, so why bother with the carry-on on Grindr?

Hence my relative quiet over the past weeks - I've been getting plenty, but only with the Syrian.  It's been fun, make no mistake, but there hasn't been a lot of variety to report in either partner or tale.

I get to his, we kiss and embrace, we have tea and cigarettes, then we go to his bed and fuck.  Simple, uncomplicated fun.  He's been getting a bit more adventurous lately, drilling me from different angles, and he always makes sure I shoot my load, then we lounge about in our underwear and watch TV whilst drinking more tea.  It's all a bit "Wednesday afternoon in the hotel room" in it's predictability of both form and location.

But there's also another element creeping in.  After declining some jewelry from him, he's begun to present me with other gifts.  To wit, a set of luggage "for when my dream of our traveling together comes true", a rather expensive wristwatch "so you can keep track of our time apart", and my own bottle of his preferred cologne "so I can smell it and think of him".  Suffice to say the luggage went straight to the maid, the watch lurks in my bottom drawer, and the cologne is in a dumpster.  HTF do I explain any of this to my wife?

In a similar vein, the Tyrolean has been down the line every other day, sending me photos of the spectacular scenery he works in (and a fair sprinkling of dick pics as well).  He also wants to come to the Sandlands to visit me "and we stay in bed to have sex for 2-3 days".  Again, how do I sell that to the family?

So, dear reader, I'm afraid I've been a little dull of late.  However both Fast & Andre have been in touch, so perhaps things will return to 'normal' soon & I'll have more tales to tell....

Friday, 17 July 2015

Final afternoon quickie...

It's late when I check Grindr, and I see the Engineer is nearby.  I know his sister lives in my area, so I say hi and ask why he's around.  He can't get his UK visa sorted, thus his travel plans are delayed, so we agree to meet the next afternoon.

He arrives right on time, drenched in sweat.  It's literally 120 degrees outside, and car a/c doesn't really cut it, so we share juice but he's short on time so we're quickly upstairs.  It's nice to see his body in daylight, and we begin to kiss and stroke one another 'till I drag him sideways across the bed.  He asks why, and I tell him it's so he can suck my dick as I dive down onto his.  Hands roaming, we indulge in a leisurely 69, occasionally rolling over and about, and a popper hit every now and then.  I am stretched out, holding his feet as I suck him, him stroking my ass as he sucks me.

He breaks and says he wants to fuck me, standing by the bed and reaching for the lube and poppers.  "Doggy style" he commands, drawing my hips back and up as he remains standing.  In he goes, sliding his length into me as I fall forward, but it damn well hurts.  He repositions slightly, and slows his movements, but it's seriously uncomfortable until he shifts again and then it's good.  With one hand holding my shoulder and the other on my hip, he's working my ass like a pro, me on my knees and leaning forward on my elbows.  He starts to increase his tempo, and even though we've not been at it long, I think he's close.  I bear down on him even more, and as I do I reach down to stroke my own dick, which is rock hard and bobbing up and down in line with the fucking I'm receiving.  I tell him I want poppers, and he reaches forward to position the bottle under my nose, then I tell him I want lube.  He obliges, and as he continues to pound me, I begin to jerk off, determined to finally bust my nut.  Damn it's satisfying, and as I begin to edge I decide to release my grip and let nature take it's course.

Leaning forward on my elbows, and with his cock sliding in and out of me, I feel my nuts tighten and my hole start to clench, and I begin to release as he literally fucks my load out of me.  Goddamn.  It's been a while, and I have quite a bit, which forms a foot-long stripe on the sheets and a most satisfying puddle at the end.

Gotta love the guy, his only concern is that I'm now tight and it's uncomfortable for me, but I tell him all is good and to keep going.  He shifts his weight and pushes me forward so I am on my stomach as he continues to pound me, muttering things to himself as he does.  Suddenly he speeds things up, then he cries out 'yallaaaa'*, and withdraws to coat my back with his cum.  He wipes me down, and as I sigh and stretch out he falls down beside me.  We cuddle for a while, but he has family obligations and must shower and leave.

With the holy month over, my own family return early tomorrow.  As it's the maids day off I load the sheets into the machine myself and air the room...

* Yalla = arabic for "let's go"