Sunday, 14 December 2014

The frenchman

I hit a cafe with internet, and fire up Scruff.  Instantly get hit by a guy who's  "actif, 29, 180cm, 78kgs".  I'm still in home mode, so very cautious in my replies, then realise I am somewhere that it is NOT illegal to be gay, so become more open in my replies.  We're to-ing and fro-ing for a few hours, when I give it up as a waste of time and tell him I'm off to the bathhouse.  That was also a complete waste of time, so when I get back to my flat I tell him so.  He's still keen, so we arrange to meet as long as I brush my teeth (the smoking thing...).

He arrives right on time, and despite being slightly balder than his pic is all good and as described.  We are similar heights and weights, but he is damn sight more defined than I am - flat stomach and good pecs.  Yum.  We retire to my apartment, and exchange pleasantries until he reaches over and draws me in for a lengthy and passionate kiss.  Good.  Very good.  We begin to explore one anothers bodies, gradually removing our clothes, until we are just in our briefs and he leads me to the bed.  More kissing and grinding, then he removes my underwear and flips me over, diving in for a lengthy rim job.  I flip him back, and sitting on his face I take what feels like 8" down my throat as he rims me.  He's the first guy in a while that has made me really gag, but I keep going - actually I didn't have much choice as he was holding the back of my head and bucking into me, but that's fine as his tongue was working my hole quite nicely...  We break and turn so that I can swallow him some more, occasionally turning my attention to his extremely hairy balls when my mouth needs a break from his meat.

He gets me on my back, and starts to slide his cock up and down my crack, then climbs off and dons a condom.  Holding my feet over his shoulders, he begins to enter me, relaxing his tip through my muscles, holding for a second or so, then slamming his length into me.  I grunt, I moan, and he begins to pump.  It is good, but in a painful kind of way, so he turns me to my stomach, and enters me from above, but this isn't working for him, so he draws me to the edge of the bed and onto my fours.  Standing behind me, he goes at it in standard porn mode, but it hurts too much, so I fall forward onto the bed and he follows.

Turning him onto his back, I climb on top - this works well for me, and from the smile on his face it seems for him also.  We kiss as we buck together, getting a rhythm that's basically awesome, when he pushes me off and onto my back again.   On his knees, and holding mine apart, he spreads my legs and penetrates me again, hitting me hard two or three times when he smiles and says "this is it", giving me a few final thrusts before withdrawing and removing his condom just in time to spray his considerable load all over my torso.

We lie together for a bit, and he gradually deconstructs my story - asking about life in my part of the world, how he knew I wasn't quite as I portray myself online and so on.  As I am in a city where I am both anonymous and not breaking the law, I am happy to let my guard down for once.   In all, a damn good encounter.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

The city of light....

So I get to spend a week or two in Paris, alone.  Amongst other things,  I have a list of bathhouses to check out, and away I go.

The first is not very touristic, but very old (in a good Victorian-era sort of way), and as soon as I walk in, a good looking chinese guy (go figure) accosts me and asks if he "assist me at all".  He's quite tall, very nicely built and so I figure why not.  I tell him it's my first visit and I'd like to explore.

Now, I'm not usually into Asian guys (Arabs and Turks more my thing), but after my hook-up with the skater, and a trip to HK earlier this year, they're kind of turning me on.  Broad shoulders, tight little butts and all of that.  Anyway, I tell him I want to shower, so he takes my hand and leads me to the place.  I drop my towel and soap up, checking out the much (much!) older crowd around me, as the Chinese guy watches me, then comes in with the towel to dry me off.  I tell him I'd rather go to the sauna, as its basically much easier to get dry.  It's half-full, beefy older men with decent cocks, and totally naked.  That's fine, but I head for the steam instead.

It's a suckfest in there, so I sit to watch, my attentive new friend right beside me.  He leans in to kiss, fondling my dick through the towel as he does so, so I stand and tell him to come with me.

We go up a floor or two, and there are some rooms to which I am lead.  He gets me horizontal, then we start to make out in earnest, towels thrown aside, our dicks and bodies sliding together.  He turns me over, and begins to try and enter me, but I tell him to stop.  If  I'm going to take it up the backside, I want him in a condom, and I want the door open.  He's happy to oblige on both counts, and we soon have a small crowd gathered around us as I lie face down with him pounding away at me.  I can feel various hands running over my body, but no one comes close enough to shove their cock in my mouth, so he flips me over and signals a good looking rugby type to come nearer.  This is like a shotgun going off, and suddenly the room clears, leaving just my friend and I alone.  I find this odd, but I have no idea of local etiquette, so now on my back, with my legs thrown over his shoulders, he continues to pound me.  Happily the guy isn't that big, so I can accommodate him no problem, but we break for a 69 anyway.  He has amazingly smooth skin, and other than a tight little bush around his cock, he's hairless, so I bite, lick & suck at various parts of his body for all it's worth.

Putting me on all fours, he's seriously pounding at me, our balls slapping together until he shudders, groans and withdraws, but not quick enough to get the condom off and spray his load (dammit).  I've yet to shoot, when the guy slaps my rump and exits.

I search for the rugby guy, and find him back in the steamroom, but sitting in the lap of a monstrous muscle bear, at which point I realise I'm not his type, so I shower, dress and depart.  More to explore, so hopefully some more updates soon!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Stockroom fun...

what is it with me and storerooms?  After my hook-up with the waiter, I am back home and shopping, for once without the family.  I go into a store to browse, and a rather handsome Egyptian salesguy comes over, offering assistance.  He's pretty cute, early 30's, around 5'10", nice build and rather a lot of hair poking through his slightly open shirt, so I flirt and ask if they sell briefs.  He smiles and says no, but he's giving off quite a vibe, and I'm confused (yet quite happy), that he's responded so positively to my own overtures.

Then it hits me - he has recognized me, and belatedly I him, from I don't know how many chats online where we're clearly both keen and compatible, but for various reasons never hooked up before. So I relax, and we chat for a bit.

He's standing there talking, but shifting from leg to leg, when he says "wait, I DO have something to show you", and leads me past the counter and into the stockroom, telling his colleague "it's ok".

He shuts the door behind him, and whips out a pretty impressive piece of meat, already erect (hence I suppose the shifting about), and guides me to my knees.  I've seen his cock many times in our online chats, and it's all it promised.  7-8" and thick, with a monster vein running straight along it's length.

I'm happy to oblige, and take the whole thing into my mouth, grasping his ass cheeks from behind and running my hands up and down his thighs.  He begins to buck into my mouth, holding my head with one hand, and running his other up and down my back.  It's good, although in the back of my mind I'm bemused by the absurdity/sleaziness/hotness of the situation.

I don't swallow often, but this is a situation where there isn't too much else to do, so when he withdraws and asks if  "I want his milk" (an absurd local phrase), I smile up at him and resume licking and sucking.

After a minute or so, he draws my head further down his shaft and unleashes his load.  The mentioned vein turns out to be his piss pipe, and I feel it pulsing against my tongue as he fills my mouth (and then some) with rather nice tasting cum.  With his length jammed down my throat it's tricky to swallow, so I am gulping as I try and cope with his volume, but I manage ;)

I suck him dry, then stand as he zips up. ' Some water?' he asks as he exits the room.  I accept then depart, shaking my head at it all.  Fast would be proud....

In a possibly disgusting sideline, 10 minutes later I burp and get to taste and smell him all over again.....