Wednesday, 19 November 2014

All Syrian, all the time....

I've kind of slowed down of late on the hook-ups.  Car problems, doubled down with an unusually high dose of halfwits means things have been pretty quiet,  Also, The Syrian has proved to be a bit of a winner for all sorts of reasons, not least because he's bloody good in bed + he can host + plus he doesn't live a million miles away, has made me a regular visitor to his door.

His simple joy as he opens the door to me, followed by an hour or more or pretty damn good sex makes it all worth while.

He is actually a skilled and thoughtful lover - his MO is to lower me onto my back and squirm all over me as he kisses and kisses some more, nuzzling my neck, throat and ears with his mouth before working his way ever so slowly down my body before moving onto my sack and then swallowing my cock whole.  All I have to do is lie back and enjoy, until he eventually flips me onto my back and eats out my hole comprehensively, his floppy hair and epic moustache tickling my inner thighs in addition to the sensations as he tongue fucks me and licks my balls from behind.  Awesome.  On occasion, he doesn't bother flipping me, but dives headfirst into my ass (how he doesn't get dizzy is beyond me), enabling me to take his substantial cock into my mouth for a form of 69.  This is good, but when he gets going I do start to gag a little as he penetrates further and further into my throat, so I push him off and, craning my neck, I am able to eat out his tight and cute ass as well.  This drives him nuts, and he soon spins around so that we can fuck.

But I just can't take his size, so, kissing as he dry humps me 'till the point of no return, he then unleashes his load onto my stomach. Cradling me in his arms, he scoops his cum up and uses it as a lubricant to jerk me off with his free hand, and I lie like a baby in his arms, twitching and spasming as my own orgasm builds to the inevitable conclusion.

After recovering our breath, and some laughter, he leads me to the shower where we wash together before returning naked to his bed for tea and cigarettes.

It is always with some regret that I dress and leave, but his regular messages mean I am never too far away...