Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Syrian

So, it's been a while between drinks.  My two favourite hook-ups (Le Pinoy & The Engineer), aren't available for a variety of reasons, and I've been reduced to taking happy endings from a very cute and muscular (but short), massage guy, which frankly isn't the same.

However, a mate alerts me to Scruff, which I haven't tried, so I load it up and see what happens.  Now I live in a town that's in many regards quite small, and my 'fresh' profile sparks a lot of interest and I'm in conversation with 3-4 guys almost immediately.  One is of particular interest.  My height, slim yet nicely formed body and, incredibly, an ability to hold an online conversation.  Inventing a coffee meet, I tell my wife I'll be out for a few hours and head off.

I get to the place, and he's waiting.   Clearly his stated age (40), yet boyish and with floppy Hugh Grant hair (devastating on an Arab) combined with a moustache of truly heroic proportions.  This is good.  Very good.  We stand briefly chatting before he says to me 'follow' and gets into his car.  I do.  We drive for 5-10 minutes then pull up in a residential area and enter his apartment.

 kinda like this...

He's all host, making sure I'm comfortable, offering me tea and so on.  I sit and he goes to make tea, returning with the tray but sans trousers.  We sip our tea, then I stand and stretch, whereupon he leaps to his feet and embraces me and we commence to kiss.  He's good - slow, gentle yet deep, and we gradually remove our clothes and stand naked facing one another.  Now I have a statistically average cock, but when I look down and I see that his is probably 30% bigger on all counts, I gasp.  He smiles and shrugs, drawing me down onto the arabic style bed/sofa, and we begin to make out.  The guy has a really nicely formed body - defined pecs, flat stomach, good legs and a tight butt, and we roll about exploring one another with our hands and tongues.

Again, he's good.  Passionate, thoughtful and a licker.  My face is wet with his saliva (not as gross as it sounds), and he works his way down my body with his tongue, taking in my balls, working my cock in his mouth and lifting my butt to rim me out like a pro.  After a bit of this, I flip him onto his back and sit on his face so he can work my hole as I suck his cock and generally return the pleasure.  With the tip just nestling in his belly button, his cock is pretty big and thick, but fun to play with and I'm happy to keep going until he begins to push me down his body as he draws himself into a sitting position.

By now we are in the 'reverse cowboy' position, and as I hold his ankles he begins to nudge his cock into my spit slicked hole, but it's not going anywhere.  He climbs out from under me and returns with some lube, then re-assumes our position, and his cock magically slides right in.  My god it hurts, but in that good way that only makes your own dick harder, until he starts to pump.  I swear I can feel it deep inside me, stirring my guts, and then I get that dismay as my dick deflates in response to the pain.

I climb off him, and turn around.  Facing him and with our mouths and tongues intertwined, I lower myself back onto his shaft, and keep going until I hit bottom, then begin to move up and down him, but always the gut-stirring pain inside me.  In matters conjugal, swift & silent tends to be the Liggett way, but this guy has me moaning and grunting like a cheap trick.  He's ok, bucking and thrusting, but I can't take it so ease up and off him. 

I push him flat onto his back, flip his cock between my legs, and clenching it between my thighs, I begin to hump and slide up and down him.  He's a bit surprised, but soon gets the idea and joins the action until he starts to bite my lip and claw at my butt, and I know he's close.  With an almighty moan and a few diminishing thrusts I know he has shot his load, and the stickiness on my ass cheeks as he fondles me confirms this.

He's now desperate I should come, but I'd jerked off that morning and wasn't really in the mood, so told him not to worry.  He gets off the bed and makes more tea, which we contendedly sip, as, still naked, we entwine our bodies around one another with some crappy action film going in the background.

Tea finished, it's shower time, and as he soaps and washes me, I get hard and he jerks me off, my load coating his torso, and we then take our time drying and dressing before he walks me back to my car.

He messages me the next day, telling me how much he enjoyed, and that I look like a combination of his two favourite movie stars - Tom Hanks & Mel Gibson.

but hopefully not in these incarnations...