Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Drought broken...

Barely had I hit the “publish” key on my last post when my phone beeped.  A bit of to & fro-ing, and a meet is set up with a visiting business guy at his hotel.

Wow – everything his profile said.  Mid-thirties, 6’ tall, barrel chested, slim waisted, clean shaven head and face.  And Italian.

He greets me like an excited puppy, reaching forward and dragging me through the doorway into his room.  In true continental style, he takes my head in both hands and kisses me deeply, grinding his body against mine.  We break after a few minutes so I can at least get my jacket off, then we resume, falling on to the bed and rolling about kissing and fondling each other.  Gradually our clothes come off, and we are both left in our trunks, and as he kisses me he is dry humping through the cloth – he’s told me he has an 8” uncut piece of meat, and it certainly feels like it.  Despite the shaven head, there is barely an inch of him below his collarbone that isn’t covered in hair.  The guy looks like a wookie, but somehow it all works.

I work my way down his chest, sucking and biting his nipples as he rubs my back, then he pushes me down and guides his cock into my mouth, but from within his underwear, which is a little dry in the mouth.  He pops his balls out of the leghole, and I am directed to these, which I eagerly lick, slurp and suck.  Finally he frees his cock, and there it is.  As promised and described, 8” of dripping man meat, with the foreskin partially drawn back.  I grab it like a thirsty man in the desert, working my tongue around the head and shaft, using some suction to restore the foreskin to its rightful place, then driving my tongue into it, sucking and slurping for all I am worth.

This he loves, and holding my ears, he begins to buck into me, forcing it into my mouth all the way.  Some deep breathing and I've got the whole thing, feeling it touch the back of my throat time and again as I bob up and down on this delicious piece of flesh.  He drags me off and up to his face, where we resume kissing, forcing tongues into one another’s mouths and more, our bodies and cocks pushing and straining against each other.  Some work on his armpits, and I renew my southward journey, once again taking his cock into my mouth.  He pushes me aside, and shoves my face into the area between his balls and thighs (does it have a name?), and I lick, nip and suck as he jacks off.  He moves a spit slicked finger into his own butthole, and pumps this in and out as he strokes, but I push it aside and shove my tongue inside him, flicking and working it as much as I can given his bubble butt.

He flips me onto my back, and once again starts to grind against me, his rock hard cock bumping and sliding against my own.  As we kiss, he works his body up my torso, until he is sitting astride me, his cock inches from my mouth.  He asks where I want his load and I don’t care, so he starts to furiously pull at himself, the foreskin sliding back and forth, until with a grunt he unleashes a steady stream of the creamiest, whitest cum I have ever seen.  No spurting, it just keeps flowing out, coating my cheeks and chin, then running down onto my neck.  Once done, he pauses for breath then smiles at me before leaning down to kiss me, licking the cum off my face as he does so.  He breaks the kiss and sits upright, then forces his still dripping cock into my mouth – pinned as I am underneath him, I can do nothing but accept this and take the throat fucking like a man.  It’s actually pretty hot, and I reach down and grab my own cock, trying to time my own motion with the thrusting in and out of my mouth.  This works well, and as he plunges his still hard dick down my throat once more, I let go with a butt clenching orgasm of my own, spraying my load over his ass cheeks.  We shower together, then chat for a while as he lolls about still naked while I dress.  Lengthy kiss and I depart.  This morning I wake to a series of messages from him, asking to meet again before he leaves in 2 days.  

Monday, 15 September 2014

Changing demographics…

In response to a recent birthday (nothing too dramatic numerically speaking), I updated my age on Grindr.  I only added two years, but am now approached on a daily basis by guys seeking some sort of father figure.  It seems to be split between those wishing to be dominated or (more rarely) dominate, and range in age from 19 – 37 (?!?!?).  Requests (in order of creepiness), have been as follows;  1) to befriend my children so that he can then be molested by “a friends father”.  2) for me to bring along some of my teenage child's underwear for him to wear as I discipline him.  3) to be spanked then raped.  4) to be tied up then raped.  5) to bring a friend “as old as possible” and gang-bang him.  6) to call him “son” as I face fuck him.  7) to offer up my ass to him “and some friends”.  8) mutual spanking and reciprocal fucking.  9) to be taken to McDonalds after sex and 10) “just to cuddle”.

Fuckin’ weird right?  Personally, I find roleplay exhausting, and struggle to keep a straight face when obliged to do so.  The idea of actualizing my kids in this, or fetishizing their belongings repulses me, and I have been quick to tell these guys so, before blocking them. Not even to mention that I would yet to hit puberty to have sired the 37y.o. guy!  What's kinda sad is how troubled they are, and how many of them there seem to be.

The Dad seekers who aren't at the extreme spectrum are an interesting bunch.
Rest assured my caffeine and nicotine heavy diet keeps me out of the gym, so it’s all about the gene pool  - Mère Liggett is quick to remind anyone listening that she modeled for Horst.
(Once.  60 years back.  Let it go fer chrissakes!).
Anyway - this new set of “admirers” is repeatedly disappointed I do not look like their idea of a Dad, and I am rejected as I am neither grey nor fat.  Those that take me on my looks tend to get weirded out when they ‘discover’ my age.  It’s too sad to be one of those guys that are 48 & dress 28, so I see no point in pretending or acting like anything other than what I am (or even changing my online age back).

I mean, really, what is one supposed to do?  Regular readers will know it’s been some
weeks since an update, and I’m tired of solo pleasures!