Thursday, 14 August 2014

Worrying or comforting...?

We're planning a long weekend in a nearby city, and I convince the family to go ahead a few days early.  Mainly as I haven't seen the Engineer in a while and I want to.

I drop him a line, informing him I will be free on "X" dates, and he replies immediately - "Out of town, but will come back early for you".

He has cut short his own family vacation, left them behind, and taken a 7 hour flight, simply to be with me.

Now I am concerned - this is becoming a relationship (although after 3 years, I'm kidding myself if I think otherwise), which is not what I signed on for.  We're both married with kids and there is no future for either of us, other than as occasional fuckbuddies.

I'm flattered, but why would he do this?  Does he have 'feelings' for me?  Aaaarghh!!!!!


  1. Well, you kinda lingered behind to be with him too!but I think it's more of a sign that you both have good chemistry and great sex rather than anything more. I mean, nothing's been explicit about taking it further, right? So no real need to read into it...

    1. you're right - we've discussed nothing other than potential vacations together, and he once told me it would be 'a scandal' if his family found out that he only got married to put them off the scent. So I shall lie back and enjoy!

  2. I had the same situation although it was me who had the stronger feelings for my friend......long story short, my wife found out.......there was no future with him ....I choose to stay with her (difficult - even though we are still working it out). Enjoy what you have and make the most of it (the chemistry and great sex!)