Thursday, 21 August 2014

The traveler returns...

Having cut short his family vacation to be with me, the Engineer lands an hour early (?!?!?), and lets me know he's waiting at the airport.  I haven't 'prepared' myself, but jump in the car and head off.

Chaos.  Airports in my part of the world have a slightly more relaxed view on security, and between the drop-offs, the pick-ups and those who are merely 'waiting', the terminal entrance is a disaster.  My car is at the shop (again), but I have told him what I am presently driving, so expect no real drama.  I finally pull up and he's there - tall and brooding, in a form fitting T-shirt and skin tight jeans, but he can't see me.  I hit the horn, and he reacts by pulling out his phone and calling me.  Looking straight through me, he's demanding to know where I am as I wave at him from 6 feet away.  His eyes focus, and a heartbreaking smile comes over his face as he recognizes me.  His vast array of luggage won't fit in the trunk, and I have my turn enduring the honks and shouts of other drivers as we laugh and juggle the bags.

We hold hands as I drive, and then are finally indoors.  Sweeping me into his arms, it all comes out - how much he has missed me, his agony since our last hook-up, how glad he is to be with me again and let's go upstairs.  Now.

As always, we simply kiss and kiss some more - we're like teenagers who can't go past first base.  Having previously said I don't know how long we make out for, I keep a sly eye on the clock - after 45 minutes he falls back and just looks at me, smiling.  "Habibi" he says, then silence.  We resume, me working my mouth from his throat to his nipples, down his stomach and onto his balls, briefly taking his shaft into my mouth.  Then I flip him onto his stomach, and begin to caress his butt and massage his shoulders as I sit astride him.

I kiss his neck, then work my way down his back and into his cleft.  I begin to flick my tongue over and around his hole as he lies there murmuring and softly moaning.  As I work my way back up, I slide my cock into his slicked ass, and rest the head against his hole.  He stirs slightly, then reaches back to take my hands and suck on my fingers.  He starts to loosen against the pressure of my dick, and I feel myself enter.  He moans and squirms, but positions himself in order that I continue, finally coming to the point where my balls are resting atop his.  Bliss.  I lie inside him, quite still, and continue kissing his neck and shoulders, and then I start to thrust and withdraw.  He's crying out in a good way, so I continue until I feel myself edging closer to the point of no return, then I withdraw completely.

Rolling him back, we resume kissing, until he drops his head to my lap and starts to suck my cock.  His usual fluttering technique is working a treat, but I tell him to stop as I am close to losing my load.  "Lie back and enjoy" he says as he continues, now dragging his beard over my balls and licking my dick.  After much squirming and moaning on my part, I soon cover myself with a 5 day load.  As this happens he starts to cry out as well, gasping and heaving as he pumps his own load onto the sheets.

We fall back, side by side and our more mundane conversation continues.  How/where we had spent summer (he had no idea who Kate Moss was??), then he smiles and says "give me your back".  I look down and he's hard again, and now wants to fuck me.  I laugh - "Again? So soon?", and he shrugs and smiles, working his rock hard cock into my ass, holding it in place as we each wriggle a little to get comfortable.  With his dick buried deep inside me, he wraps his arms around me and holds me tight, and I know at this point I am happy.  Then he begins to thrust, quite aggressively, muttering it's been "too long" since we did this, then suddenly he falls back, his cock sliding out of me.

He's tired and wants to go home, so we dress and get back into the car - again we hold hands as I drive and I drop him at his door, each of us wondering when we'll meet next.


  1. I have to agree with Cool Top, beautiful. Btw, habibi?! Wow!