Monday, 14 July 2014

Watch guy? Watch out…!

After my first highly enjoyable encounter with Watch Guy, I’m please when he hits me up maybe a week later for another session - it’s a difficult time of year for hook-ups, and I’m ready to bust a nut.  Straight there, straight in and we’re lying about on the couch watching some crap on TV as we stroke one another.  He’s shirtless, I’m fully dressed.

Things then turn weird.  Pulling his cock out of his shorts, he grabs me by the hair and shoves me down onto it, bucking his hips to get it right into my mouth.  Ok, he wants a blowjob, no problem.  I oblige, deepthroating the guy at first, then slowly dragging my mouth up to his tip and swirling my tongue around the head of his cock.  He seems pleased by this, and as he pulls on his shisha pipe he starts to face fuck me, never letting go of my hair other than to flatten his palm and force my head down even further.  I break free and look him in the eye, whereupon he drags me up and kisses me hard, forcing his tongue into my mouth and biting my bottom lip.  I’m game for this and reciprocate, going at him as good as I get, holding our cocks together in one hand, rubbing them against each other.  He pushes me back down, slapping my face with his cock before shoving back into my mouth, then drags me off so he can slap my face with his open hand.  I’m a bit taken aback by this, and, holding him by the throat, I inform him not to do that again.  Weirdly, he looks kind of triumphant as I do this, then shoves me back down again.

I call it a lapse and let him continue face fucking me.  A number of times I think from his twisting, groaning and thrusting that I’m about to get a mouthful, but I don’t, so, tired of the couch I stand up.  “Bed” I tell him, removing my clothes as I walk to the bedroom.  He follows.

We get on the bed and it’s a different dynamic.  We’re back to being equals, albeit each a little more aggressive than before.  He’s happy to swallow my cock as I ride his face, then I lean forward and begin to suck him as well.  He pushes me forward, and as I hold his butt cheeks from below he recommences face fucking me, viciously slapping my own butt as he bucks and thrusts into my mouth.  It’s not a whole lot of fun being spanked, so I tell him to stop and to roll over so I can rim him.  He’s delighted by this, and I go in with my tongue, teasing and working his hole.  I try to follow up with a cheeky finger, but my hand is pushed away so I resume my tonguing.  As he lies doggie style, I work my mouth from his balls, to his taint and into his hole, then run my tongue up the length of his spine until my mouth is on his ear and my cock is wedged in his crack, pushing against him from behind.  This reduces him to jelly (yay!!), and I repeat the maneuver as he moans “heaven, heaven”, each time my cock nudges his hole a little more insistently.  “You like that?” I ask as I wriggle my dick against his hole.  “Ooohh yeah” the reply as he parts his legs a little more.  “You want me to slide that cock inside you?” I ask, as he squirms slightly beneath my weight.  At this point my mind is wondering if the slapping I received from this self-professed ‘top only’ is an attempt to antagonize me into raping him, when he slams his legs shut around my cock and murmurs “hump me until you cum”.  I lean back a little and spit on my dick, then begin to work it back between his legs, slamming the head into his ball sack as his crack hair provides the friction and the feel.  Fuck it’s good.  Biting, licking and kissing his shoulders and the back of his neck, I work myself in and out of that slippery space, going for much longer than I expected, when I begin to spasm and twitch as I feel a weeks worth of cum explode out of me, continuing the hump until I am spent and lying atop him, gasping.

He rolls us over, then feels down to himself and, as previously, retrieves my load to wipe over my face, then licks and kisses it off, all the while pulling furiously at his own rock hard dick, my spare cum as lube.  Once I’m cleaned up, he guides my head down and as I clean him, he starts to dribble pre-cum in ever increasing volume until a fucking geyser erupts.  Like the Engineer, his third spurt is biggest and strongest, getting me fair in the face, the rest going all over his torso.  The whole time his phone has been ringing repeatedly, and as soon as he’s done he leaps off the bed and checks it.  As he wanders naked about the flat shouting into it, he tosses me a towel and points to the bathroom.  When I emerge from the shower he’s still arguing, so I dress, then slap his rump and make my exit.

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