Thursday, 31 July 2014

Turkish cubs and fast fucks...

We've moved on from Istanbul, and headed south, to one of Turkey's most glamourous locales, where I have taken a villa for a few weeks with my family.  We head out for lunch one day, settling on a small cafe in a very nice marina.

After my annoying experience in the hammam recently, I'm wondering what's going on, but that soon changes.  As befits the location, the cafe is staffed by a selection of very handsome young men, one of whom catches my eye.  He's young (20...?), tall, brooding and well built, with the most fabulous rear thighs filling his skin tight jeans up to a tight little bubble butt.  He's filling the frontside as well, with what appears to be a kransky flopping about as he moves from table to table.

As he moves around, he ensures to keep behind my wife, but is constantly making eye contact with me, and ostentatiously bends over repeatedly to pick up whatever off the floor.  My dick starts to stir, and I decide I need to use the bathroom.

I catch the guy alone near the counter, and ask him for directions as we exchange looks.  Upstairs and along he indicates (language barrier), so away I go.

I exit the bathroom, and he's standing in a storeroom doorway nearby - I don't need an interpreter for this, and by the time I've taken the few steps along, he's kicked off his shoes and is peeling off his shirt.  I close the door behind me, and move to caress his broad, smooth and muscular chest.  But this is not what I want - I turn him around, and run my thumbs down his spine and crack, then his legs.  I begin the upstroke, but he reaches in front to undo his jeans and force them down, exposing a tight hairy butt and those fabulous legs.

Pushing the guy onto a table, I sink my thumbs into the fold of skin under his glutes, lifting his cheeks to expose his hole.  One of the things in this part of the world is a cultural propensity to wash rather than wipe, so even for a casual encounter like this, you're almost guaranteed a clean sweet hole, with maybe just a hint of man-musk.  And in I go, slurping, licking and tongue fucking the guy as he squirms and moans softly.  I run my tongue up his spine, then turn him around so he is facing me.  The guy is a show-er rather than a grower, and the promised cock is the same size but now pointing skywards.

I drag him to the edge of the table, and opening my pants, I work my cock under his balls.  Spitting down on my dick, I ease myself into him as he shudders and then suddenly relaxes, taking me inside him to the base.  I  grab his shoulders and give it to him for a bit, his head thrown back, but I don't want to come inside him so withdraw.

He slides off the table, onto his knees and takes my cock into his mouth, and very quickly I fill his mouth as he slurps down my load.  Once he's cleaned me up, I rezip my pants and exit the room.

My wife asks what took me so long.  I shrug and change the subject.

Now I am of two minds - we're here for a while.  Can I go back for seconds?


  1. Well - it sounds like a vacation. And what's vacation good for but a little over-indulgence. So, fuck yeah. Go for sixths even!

  2. I would have been back every day. Lol

  3. I did return, but the kid wasn't on duty :(