Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Old Guy...

Get a hit on Manjam from a profile that seems similar to mine – age, build, interest etc.  We start chatting, and I’m sent some fairly fit pics, which I respond to with my own.  Turns out we’re both bored and horny, and the guy isn’t too far away, so he issues an invite.  Into the car and away, with the promise of some world class porn “and more”.

I get there, and an old man opens the door.  If he is my age, he’s had an incredibly tough life – craggy face, slumped body and snow white hair & beard.  To say I’m disappointed is an understatement.  He ushers me into an apartment that reeks of stale smoke, with some "lads channel" playing on the TV.  He goes to his bar and pours me a drink, which I stand and nurse as we make polite chit chat.  As we do so, he flips on the porn, but leaves the soundtrack to the TV show running, so I get to watch a pretty hot black 3some with Jeremy Clarkson gabbing on in the background.  Hmmm.  The guy starts to tell me how this really gets him hot (I assumed the 3some, not Clarkson), and he goes over to draw the curtains, removing his shirt as he returns.  We watch for a while, then he stands in the semi-darkness and removes his pants, so I go with the flow and do the same.  Now I’m standing naked in a strangers apartment, watching porn and drinking beer with a semi hard-on.  Odd, but not unenjoyable.

I am totally not into the guy, but he makes a move and drops to his knees, nuzzling, licking and sucking my cock and balls.  This, the porn and the beer serve to get me hard, so tell him to find lube etc. and direct him to the couch.  With my back to the TV (dammit), I raise his ass into the air and begin to press my cock against his hole, but he won’t take it.  More lube, more beer (for him) but no luck.  He’s tight, and squeezing back on me to the point where I start to deflate - even a sly finger is met with a yelp, so I give up and push him to the side so I can sprawl while I watch TV and finish the beer, idly playing with my cock as I do so.  To be honest, this is kind of liberating, being naked, not giving a shit about anything and being free to do as I please, and lo I get hard again.  The guy rolls over and pushes my legs up in order to start rimming me and licking my balls, his beard doing more for me than his tongue, but then he takes my cock in his mouth again and goes for it.  Awesome.  The beard dragging on my balls as he sucks me and pinches my nipples gets me squirming, and he soon gets a mouthful of cum, continuing to suck until I’m dry.  He then dribbles (drizzles?) this all over my stomach, before finding some tissues and cleaning me up.  He has no interest in being sucked or trying again to fuck, so we watch a bit more porn, then I dress and leave.


  1. You're a good man. I would have left. I will not reward bad behavior.

    1. Meh - what to do? I hadn't finished my beer....