Sunday, 13 July 2014

Fun with the Engineer.

Finally, the family have travelled, and I ping The Engineer.  As previously, he’s at my house when I return from the airport, and we quickly move upstairs.  It’s been a while, and we’re both eager to reacquaint ourselves with each other’s bodies, but I ask him to keep his wife beater and drawers on in order that I can marvel at his physique.  He’s happy to have me run my hands all over him, with an occasional pinch, lick, squeeze and nibble as I do so.

We’re onto the bed, now naked, and as always, we start to kiss.  Our tongues and hands are all over each other, The Engineer stroking my cock with his hand as he works his tongue into my mouth and I reciprocate.  I break away and push him down towards my cock, but he swings around into a 69 and we continue, holding each others buttocks as we force our respective cocks down each other’s throat.  Finally he pulls free and rolls me onto my back, throwing my feet over his shoulders and positioning himself between my legs.  Leaning forward, he resumes kissing me, his cock nudging against my hole, slowly but steadily working his way into me, until he is balls deep inside me.  Pausing our kiss, but still inside, he smiles at me and begins to buck, working his length in and out as he recommences our kiss.

Tonight he’s a lot more aggressive than usual, and I find myself lifted, flipped and moved constantly as he fucks me from a variety of angles, culminating in the proverbial reverse cowboy.  I’m holding onto his feet as I work myself up and down his shaft while he scratches my back, but then he rolls us both to the side and continues to pound me until we reach his usual glorious, noisy and productive climax.  As so often before, he sprays me, the bedhead and the linen with his load.  Once recovered, he drops his head to my still hard meat and blows me to a most satisfying conclusion, my load joining his on my stomach.

Unusually, he wants to linger, and once I’m cleaned up, we are sprawled together in bed.  He tells me it is his dream that we travel together so that this can be our ‘usual state’, by which he means no pressure and no hurry, and I smile at this thought.  Shortly I realize he’s nodded off, and the marvel of this big strong man asleep in my arms hits me as something utterly desirable, and equally unachievable.  Upon waking, he showers and departs, leaving me both happy and satisfied…

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