Sunday, 13 July 2014

Watch guy...

I've had a fairly ardent admirer on a couple of platforms of late, clearly all the same person, sending me messages and so forth.  Nothing too creepy, but regularly informing me how keen he is to meet.  He’s actually not that bad a profile, so we begin to chat and clear the usual hurdles (non-colleague, no professional crossover etc. etc.).  He has told me where he works, and I am in fact a semi-regular customer, but I don’t recall his face.  This particular shop sells high-end timepieces, and is staffed by Lebanese guys who could double as male models, so I’m curious and decide to do a little stalking of my own.  I pass by the place, and there he is.  He has sent me pics with no-glasses (which was why I couldn't place him), but he recognizes me immediately and whispers “I had hoped it was you…”.  He is a fraction shorter than me, nicely built without being ‘muscly’, and as mentioned, model handsome, but not the guy I was secretly crushing on.

A day or so later he messages to tell me his family have traveled, and invites me to pass by for coffee and cigarettes.  I agree, and make my way there.  It’s an odd set-up, a tiny flat yet with lavish Saddam-style decor, but he’s friendly and gracious as we chat on the couch.  Suddenly he asks if I “would like to shower”, and I agree.  As I exit the stall he’s waiting with a towel, and he starts to kiss me as he dries me off, now clad himself in only a pair of tiny gym shorts, showcasing his physique and his bulge.

I am led to the bedroom, and we get horizontal.  The guy is an outstanding kisser, and generally speaking, a very thoughtful lover.  He just wants to kiss me, rim me and blow me, and I’m happy to reciprocate.  As mentioned, he has a nice fit body, and an average yet perfect cock.  Standard 6” cut, but a set of good sized low hanging balls beneath.  These get the bulk of my attention, licking, sucking and whatnot, when he pushes me away and flips me to my stomach.  “I’m want to fuck you now” he says, diving in to rim me again and again, forcing his tongue into my hole as a pre-cursor to his meat.  Holding my hips, he begins to work the cock in, adjusting his angle until we are both happy, then he begins to smoothly fuck me, softly moaning as he slides himself in and out of me, doggy style.

He breaks and withdraws, removing his condom and wiping himself clean.  Drawing around, he begins to suck my dick, and pushes his feet into my face.  They’re clean, so I bite and suck his toes as he moans and groans around my cock, and after the fucking, I'm soon ready to blow.  I tell the guy, but he just moans back “go for it”, and I shove his mouth away as I shoot all over my stomach.  He pauses, scoops up my cum and smears it over my mouth and face, then comes in to kiss me and lick it off.  As it’s my own, I have no problem with this (and actually find it quite hot), so I let him slake his appetite and clean me up with his mouth and tongue.  We sprawl entangled for a while, and then shower together, him washing me all over before dropping to his knees to rim me as the water cascades over us both.  With my hands braced on the shower wall, I’m enjoying this very much, but it is soon time to finish.  Once dry, but still naked, we return to the couch and smoke some more before it is time for me to dress and depart…

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