Thursday, 31 July 2014

Turkish cubs and fast fucks...

We've moved on from Istanbul, and headed south, to one of Turkey's most glamourous locales, where I have taken a villa for a few weeks with my family.  We head out for lunch one day, settling on a small cafe in a very nice marina.

After my annoying experience in the hammam recently, I'm wondering what's going on, but that soon changes.  As befits the location, the cafe is staffed by a selection of very handsome young men, one of whom catches my eye.  He's young (20...?), tall, brooding and well built, with the most fabulous rear thighs filling his skin tight jeans up to a tight little bubble butt.  He's filling the frontside as well, with what appears to be a kransky flopping about as he moves from table to table.

As he moves around, he ensures to keep behind my wife, but is constantly making eye contact with me, and ostentatiously bends over repeatedly to pick up whatever off the floor.  My dick starts to stir, and I decide I need to use the bathroom.

I catch the guy alone near the counter, and ask him for directions as we exchange looks.  Upstairs and along he indicates (language barrier), so away I go.

I exit the bathroom, and he's standing in a storeroom doorway nearby - I don't need an interpreter for this, and by the time I've taken the few steps along, he's kicked off his shoes and is peeling off his shirt.  I close the door behind me, and move to caress his broad, smooth and muscular chest.  But this is not what I want - I turn him around, and run my thumbs down his spine and crack, then his legs.  I begin the upstroke, but he reaches in front to undo his jeans and force them down, exposing a tight hairy butt and those fabulous legs.

Pushing the guy onto a table, I sink my thumbs into the fold of skin under his glutes, lifting his cheeks to expose his hole.  One of the things in this part of the world is a cultural propensity to wash rather than wipe, so even for a casual encounter like this, you're almost guaranteed a clean sweet hole, with maybe just a hint of man-musk.  And in I go, slurping, licking and tongue fucking the guy as he squirms and moans softly.  I run my tongue up his spine, then turn him around so he is facing me.  The guy is a show-er rather than a grower, and the promised cock is the same size but now pointing skywards.

I drag him to the edge of the table, and opening my pants, I work my cock under his balls.  Spitting down on my dick, I ease myself into him as he shudders and then suddenly relaxes, taking me inside him to the base.  I  grab his shoulders and give it to him for a bit, his head thrown back, but I don't want to come inside him so withdraw.

He slides off the table, onto his knees and takes my cock into his mouth, and very quickly I fill his mouth as he slurps down my load.  Once he's cleaned me up, I rezip my pants and exit the room.

My wife asks what took me so long.  I shrug and change the subject.

Now I am of two minds - we're here for a while.  Can I go back for seconds?

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Just. Not. Into. It.

A quick trip to Istanbul, and a return to my favourite bathhouse.

It's quiet - a gentle older bear wandering about stroking himself, a tall fit bearded guy, a very loud Aussie ginger and a few others.  Now the thing to remember about Turkish guys is that either they are fairly loud screaming queens or brooding guys who like sex with other men.  Today we have the latter.  I take a seat in one of the rooms, and wait to see what happens. 

The bearded guy wanders in, and arranges himself in such a fashion that he's fully exposed, with his pestemal flicked over his hips.  Handsome, great physique and a nice cock.  He starts to work his cock, but I'm just not into it.

I move to another room, and lie flat on the hot stone.  The older guy comes in, and stares at me as he idly rubs his cock, but I'm just not into it.  I stir slightly, exposing my flaccid dick, hoping he'll get the message.  He does.

A new guy comes through - tall, very fit, very bald, and a bulging cloth.  Hmmm.  Maybe.  But he turns and leaves to continue his tour of the rooms.

I decide to return to the first room, and see if bearded guy is still about - he is, and he's giving tall, bald and fit a blowjob, eagerly working his hands up and down the guys back and buttocks as he sucks him off.  I am simultaneously acknowledged and ignored, so decide to stay and watch for a bit.  It's good, but I'm just not into it.

I move to yet another room, but remain standing, stretching in the heat.  The older guy comes in and sits at my feet, touching my thigh, with his mouth just inches from my cock.  But I'm just not into it and move away.

Now I'm kinda pissed that I'm not into anything, and decide to see how the blowjob is going.  Another guy has joined, and now tall and fit as well as the beard are getting a blowjob from the new guy, who's young and kind of cute.  I take a seat and decide to watch the show.  The new guy has a hand on each of the others asses, and is taking turns on their cocks.  This is good, but.  I'm just not into it.

Tall & fit moves the blower to his feet, and lifts one of his legs onto the bench.  He's got a good sized dick, maybe 7", and he starts to try and fuck the guy.  Both are keen, and as the younger guy blows the beard he's trying to get tall and fits cock into his ass.  But it's not happening - I toss over a bar of soap to help ease matters, but they revert to the suckfest as if I'm not there.  This does it for me, so I up and depart, annoyed and frustrated at both the lack of action, and my lack of interest.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Cock. Blocked. Again...

Perhaps to ensure my sensibilities are sheltered over the month of fasting, perhaps because 'if they can't, no-one can', perhaps there's someone new at 'The Ministry'.  I don't know.

What I do know is that  Every. Single. Blog. that I have linked to on this site is blocked.


Monday, 14 July 2014

Watch guy? Watch out…!

After my first highly enjoyable encounter with Watch Guy, I’m please when he hits me up maybe a week later for another session - it’s a difficult time of year for hook-ups, and I’m ready to bust a nut.  Straight there, straight in and we’re lying about on the couch watching some crap on TV as we stroke one another.  He’s shirtless, I’m fully dressed.

Things then turn weird.  Pulling his cock out of his shorts, he grabs me by the hair and shoves me down onto it, bucking his hips to get it right into my mouth.  Ok, he wants a blowjob, no problem.  I oblige, deepthroating the guy at first, then slowly dragging my mouth up to his tip and swirling my tongue around the head of his cock.  He seems pleased by this, and as he pulls on his shisha pipe he starts to face fuck me, never letting go of my hair other than to flatten his palm and force my head down even further.  I break free and look him in the eye, whereupon he drags me up and kisses me hard, forcing his tongue into my mouth and biting my bottom lip.  I’m game for this and reciprocate, going at him as good as I get, holding our cocks together in one hand, rubbing them against each other.  He pushes me back down, slapping my face with his cock before shoving back into my mouth, then drags me off so he can slap my face with his open hand.  I’m a bit taken aback by this, and, holding him by the throat, I inform him not to do that again.  Weirdly, he looks kind of triumphant as I do this, then shoves me back down again.

I call it a lapse and let him continue face fucking me.  A number of times I think from his twisting, groaning and thrusting that I’m about to get a mouthful, but I don’t, so, tired of the couch I stand up.  “Bed” I tell him, removing my clothes as I walk to the bedroom.  He follows.

We get on the bed and it’s a different dynamic.  We’re back to being equals, albeit each a little more aggressive than before.  He’s happy to swallow my cock as I ride his face, then I lean forward and begin to suck him as well.  He pushes me forward, and as I hold his butt cheeks from below he recommences face fucking me, viciously slapping my own butt as he bucks and thrusts into my mouth.  It’s not a whole lot of fun being spanked, so I tell him to stop and to roll over so I can rim him.  He’s delighted by this, and I go in with my tongue, teasing and working his hole.  I try to follow up with a cheeky finger, but my hand is pushed away so I resume my tonguing.  As he lies doggie style, I work my mouth from his balls, to his taint and into his hole, then run my tongue up the length of his spine until my mouth is on his ear and my cock is wedged in his crack, pushing against him from behind.  This reduces him to jelly (yay!!), and I repeat the maneuver as he moans “heaven, heaven”, each time my cock nudges his hole a little more insistently.  “You like that?” I ask as I wriggle my dick against his hole.  “Ooohh yeah” the reply as he parts his legs a little more.  “You want me to slide that cock inside you?” I ask, as he squirms slightly beneath my weight.  At this point my mind is wondering if the slapping I received from this self-professed ‘top only’ is an attempt to antagonize me into raping him, when he slams his legs shut around my cock and murmurs “hump me until you cum”.  I lean back a little and spit on my dick, then begin to work it back between his legs, slamming the head into his ball sack as his crack hair provides the friction and the feel.  Fuck it’s good.  Biting, licking and kissing his shoulders and the back of his neck, I work myself in and out of that slippery space, going for much longer than I expected, when I begin to spasm and twitch as I feel a weeks worth of cum explode out of me, continuing the hump until I am spent and lying atop him, gasping.

He rolls us over, then feels down to himself and, as previously, retrieves my load to wipe over my face, then licks and kisses it off, all the while pulling furiously at his own rock hard dick, my spare cum as lube.  Once I’m cleaned up, he guides my head down and as I clean him, he starts to dribble pre-cum in ever increasing volume until a fucking geyser erupts.  Like the Engineer, his third spurt is biggest and strongest, getting me fair in the face, the rest going all over his torso.  The whole time his phone has been ringing repeatedly, and as soon as he’s done he leaps off the bed and checks it.  As he wanders naked about the flat shouting into it, he tosses me a towel and points to the bathroom.  When I emerge from the shower he’s still arguing, so I dress, then slap his rump and make my exit.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Watch guy...

I've had a fairly ardent admirer on a couple of platforms of late, clearly all the same person, sending me messages and so forth.  Nothing too creepy, but regularly informing me how keen he is to meet.  He’s actually not that bad a profile, so we begin to chat and clear the usual hurdles (non-colleague, no professional crossover etc. etc.).  He has told me where he works, and I am in fact a semi-regular customer, but I don’t recall his face.  This particular shop sells high-end timepieces, and is staffed by Lebanese guys who could double as male models, so I’m curious and decide to do a little stalking of my own.  I pass by the place, and there he is.  He has sent me pics with no-glasses (which was why I couldn't place him), but he recognizes me immediately and whispers “I had hoped it was you…”.  He is a fraction shorter than me, nicely built without being ‘muscly’, and as mentioned, model handsome, but not the guy I was secretly crushing on.

A day or so later he messages to tell me his family have traveled, and invites me to pass by for coffee and cigarettes.  I agree, and make my way there.  It’s an odd set-up, a tiny flat yet with lavish Saddam-style decor, but he’s friendly and gracious as we chat on the couch.  Suddenly he asks if I “would like to shower”, and I agree.  As I exit the stall he’s waiting with a towel, and he starts to kiss me as he dries me off, now clad himself in only a pair of tiny gym shorts, showcasing his physique and his bulge.

I am led to the bedroom, and we get horizontal.  The guy is an outstanding kisser, and generally speaking, a very thoughtful lover.  He just wants to kiss me, rim me and blow me, and I’m happy to reciprocate.  As mentioned, he has a nice fit body, and an average yet perfect cock.  Standard 6” cut, but a set of good sized low hanging balls beneath.  These get the bulk of my attention, licking, sucking and whatnot, when he pushes me away and flips me to my stomach.  “I’m want to fuck you now” he says, diving in to rim me again and again, forcing his tongue into my hole as a pre-cursor to his meat.  Holding my hips, he begins to work the cock in, adjusting his angle until we are both happy, then he begins to smoothly fuck me, softly moaning as he slides himself in and out of me, doggy style.

He breaks and withdraws, removing his condom and wiping himself clean.  Drawing around, he begins to suck my dick, and pushes his feet into my face.  They’re clean, so I bite and suck his toes as he moans and groans around my cock, and after the fucking, I'm soon ready to blow.  I tell the guy, but he just moans back “go for it”, and I shove his mouth away as I shoot all over my stomach.  He pauses, scoops up my cum and smears it over my mouth and face, then comes in to kiss me and lick it off.  As it’s my own, I have no problem with this (and actually find it quite hot), so I let him slake his appetite and clean me up with his mouth and tongue.  We sprawl entangled for a while, and then shower together, him washing me all over before dropping to his knees to rim me as the water cascades over us both.  With my hands braced on the shower wall, I’m enjoying this very much, but it is soon time to finish.  Once dry, but still naked, we return to the couch and smoke some more before it is time for me to dress and depart…

Fun with the Engineer.

Finally, the family have travelled, and I ping The Engineer.  As previously, he’s at my house when I return from the airport, and we quickly move upstairs.  It’s been a while, and we’re both eager to reacquaint ourselves with each other’s bodies, but I ask him to keep his wife beater and drawers on in order that I can marvel at his physique.  He’s happy to have me run my hands all over him, with an occasional pinch, lick, squeeze and nibble as I do so.

We’re onto the bed, now naked, and as always, we start to kiss.  Our tongues and hands are all over each other, The Engineer stroking my cock with his hand as he works his tongue into my mouth and I reciprocate.  I break away and push him down towards my cock, but he swings around into a 69 and we continue, holding each others buttocks as we force our respective cocks down each other’s throat.  Finally he pulls free and rolls me onto my back, throwing my feet over his shoulders and positioning himself between my legs.  Leaning forward, he resumes kissing me, his cock nudging against my hole, slowly but steadily working his way into me, until he is balls deep inside me.  Pausing our kiss, but still inside, he smiles at me and begins to buck, working his length in and out as he recommences our kiss.

Tonight he’s a lot more aggressive than usual, and I find myself lifted, flipped and moved constantly as he fucks me from a variety of angles, culminating in the proverbial reverse cowboy.  I’m holding onto his feet as I work myself up and down his shaft while he scratches my back, but then he rolls us both to the side and continues to pound me until we reach his usual glorious, noisy and productive climax.  As so often before, he sprays me, the bedhead and the linen with his load.  Once recovered, he drops his head to my still hard meat and blows me to a most satisfying conclusion, my load joining his on my stomach.

Unusually, he wants to linger, and once I’m cleaned up, we are sprawled together in bed.  He tells me it is his dream that we travel together so that this can be our ‘usual state’, by which he means no pressure and no hurry, and I smile at this thought.  Shortly I realize he’s nodded off, and the marvel of this big strong man asleep in my arms hits me as something utterly desirable, and equally unachievable.  Upon waking, he showers and departs, leaving me both happy and satisfied…

Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Old Guy...

Get a hit on Manjam from a profile that seems similar to mine – age, build, interest etc.  We start chatting, and I’m sent some fairly fit pics, which I respond to with my own.  Turns out we’re both bored and horny, and the guy isn’t too far away, so he issues an invite.  Into the car and away, with the promise of some world class porn “and more”.

I get there, and an old man opens the door.  If he is my age, he’s had an incredibly tough life – craggy face, slumped body and snow white hair & beard.  To say I’m disappointed is an understatement.  He ushers me into an apartment that reeks of stale smoke, with some "lads channel" playing on the TV.  He goes to his bar and pours me a drink, which I stand and nurse as we make polite chit chat.  As we do so, he flips on the porn, but leaves the soundtrack to the TV show running, so I get to watch a pretty hot black 3some with Jeremy Clarkson gabbing on in the background.  Hmmm.  The guy starts to tell me how this really gets him hot (I assumed the 3some, not Clarkson), and he goes over to draw the curtains, removing his shirt as he returns.  We watch for a while, then he stands in the semi-darkness and removes his pants, so I go with the flow and do the same.  Now I’m standing naked in a strangers apartment, watching porn and drinking beer with a semi hard-on.  Odd, but not unenjoyable.

I am totally not into the guy, but he makes a move and drops to his knees, nuzzling, licking and sucking my cock and balls.  This, the porn and the beer serve to get me hard, so tell him to find lube etc. and direct him to the couch.  With my back to the TV (dammit), I raise his ass into the air and begin to press my cock against his hole, but he won’t take it.  More lube, more beer (for him) but no luck.  He’s tight, and squeezing back on me to the point where I start to deflate - even a sly finger is met with a yelp, so I give up and push him to the side so I can sprawl while I watch TV and finish the beer, idly playing with my cock as I do so.  To be honest, this is kind of liberating, being naked, not giving a shit about anything and being free to do as I please, and lo I get hard again.  The guy rolls over and pushes my legs up in order to start rimming me and licking my balls, his beard doing more for me than his tongue, but then he takes my cock in his mouth again and goes for it.  Awesome.  The beard dragging on my balls as he sucks me and pinches my nipples gets me squirming, and he soon gets a mouthful of cum, continuing to suck until I’m dry.  He then dribbles (drizzles?) this all over my stomach, before finding some tissues and cleaning me up.  He has no interest in being sucked or trying again to fuck, so we watch a bit more porn, then I dress and leave.