Sunday, 22 June 2014

Delayed departure

Turns out Le Pinoy isn’t heading off quite as soon as I thought, and we get a chance for another meet.  Given just how far away he lives, I’m always short on time, but get there and enter the apartment.  He’s already undressed, and as we embrace, our tongues and hands roam over one anothers bodies.  Turns out he’s got a porno he wants to emulate, but the streaming fails and we’re left to our own imagination.  Not really a problem.  He quickly sinks his mouth onto my cock, eagerly sucking me as he fingers my ass, and I run my hands through his hair, pushing him further down onto me.  We break and turn so that he can eat my ass while I blow him.  Grinding myself into his face, he’s actively working his tongue into me, and I am eagerly taking his meat into my mouth, occasionally working my own tongue over his ball sack and down into his taint.  He has the cutest and firmest little butt, so I flip him over and dive in to rim him, dragging my cheeks and beard inside his thighs, licking and sucking his hole.  He seems to be in a compliant mood today, so I run my tongue up his back, and begin to kiss, lick and bite the back of his neck as my cock strains against his spit slicked hole.  I slowly begin to nestle myself into his crack, gently but firmly nudging at his tight little rosebud, and manage to get it just in before he freezes and forces me back out.  Rolling him to his back, I pull his legs up over my shoulders and give it another go, getting maybe a third of my length in before he cries out and again squeezes me out.  I give up on this, and resume kissing the guy, working myself into his lap, feeling his cock grind against mine, my taint, and my balls as I slowly raise my body.

Grabbing his cock, I work his length into me, sliding right down to revel in the sensation of his whole cock inside me as I grind against his hips.  Working my knees, I then manage to move myself up and down him, until I can stand the sensations no more and need release.  Stroking my own cock, I begin to buck against him as I jerk off, our mouths and tongues frantically working one another as I do so.  Eventually, with a final slam down onto his rigid meat, I shoot my load onto his chest, sadly missing his open mouth by a whisker.  Pulling me off him, he grabs himself and quickly comes to conclusion as I lick and slurp at his balls and hole.  We shower, and I leave.


  1. I know it's evil, but when I know a guy wants it, I sometimes push in as he squeezes me out... Sometimes the muscles that push out also kinda yield, ironically, to a guy pushing in.

    1. Agreed - but I'm just too damn nice. I'm trying to be 'gentle' in order to work the guy up to it. I'll report back... ;)