Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A new record - Fast would be proud…!

I’m online, and get a hit from a guy.  He’s the right age/demographic and all of the above, so we proceed to exchange pics.  He’s damn hot, damn funny, and damn well hung.  That he’s also uncut is a major bonus.  During our chat we had uncovered that we knew (and had previously admired) one another through mutual friends, none of whom know we’re each partial to a bit of cock.  We agree to meet, but enroute he messages that his phone is about to die, gives me some conflicting directions, then goes offline.  Hmmm.  After 45 minutes of fucking around in THE worst part of town, I send a message calling it off, but decide to finish my coffee before leaving.  Then he replies – “so sorry, phone probs” and all of that, then informs me of another engagement just 30 minutes hence, so I tell him to forget it.  But he persists - I’m “so close” to his place yada yada yada, so I swallow my pride and go to the address.

He’s all that I remembered, and more.  However, by now we have less than 15 minutes before his skype call is due, so I ask what he wants to do.  “This” he says, with one hand peeling off his shirt & with the other unbuttoning my shorts.  We’re soon naked, cocks upright, and he leads me to the bedroom, dragging me onto the bed as I fall onto his juicy uncut cock, swirling my tongue around the foreskin and gently stretching it with my lips and driving my tongue into the gap as he works my own cock with his mouth.  We break to kiss and grind, then he positions himself between my legs and takes both our cocks into one hand.  Spitting on his handful, he starts to jerk us both at once, and I tell him to slow down or I’ll shoot quickly.  “Yep”, he informs, “That’s the point remember…”  Sure enough, after only a minute or so of twisting and turning beneath him as he works his magic, my hands scratching and pulling at his chest and nipples, I shoot my load, and he quickly follows, splattering it across my stomach in a series of creamy ropes.  He then grabs a towel for me and heads to the bathroom to clean himself up - while I dress, I see him pulling on his t-shirt as the phone starts to ring.  He answers it naked from the waist down, and as I let myself out the door I hear the words “Hi Mom…”

12 minutes – awesome!


  1. He schedules a phone call with his mom?! Oh, wait. I think I missed the point there. Ha! Glad you took the chance and it paid off!

  2. I am glad too! I didn't mention his physique - tall, solid and smooth. Delicious!

    We all schedule calls here - everyone's an expat...