Sunday, 22 June 2014

Can a threesome be disappointing….?

Get hit by a guy online, who’s overly keen to meet.    Ultimately, he sends a pretty damn good set of cock, body & face pics, but I’m not sure, so I revert to my usual “public meet” despite his protests.  10 minutes before, he messages and tells me there’s “a problem”, and the location we were to meet for sex (assuming the coffee went well), is unavailable.  I’m already practically at the coffee place, so tell him I’m going there anyway if he wants to join.  And he does.  Exactly as his pics – good looking, mid-thirties, fit tight body and an encouraging bulge in his pants.  We sit and chat for a bit, but his phone keeps going off.  This is annoying, but he slides me his ID with an apologetic shrug of the shoulders as he talks.  The guy’s a plainclothes cop, but he’s not there to bust me, just meet me for all the reasons he claimed.  Let’s call him “Undercover”.

Eventually we part company, with vague promises to ‘be in touch’, but I’m not convinced anything will come of it.  The very next day he’s back down the line, with a place and another guy who’s interested.  I have plans, so must decline.  He reverts, bringing the time forward an hour, so I'm in!  I get there, and a good looking Filipino opens the door – tall, muscular and manly, he’s pretty good stuff, and the cop is in the background smiling.  They want to sit and talk, but I have the other obligation and am short on time.

We move to the bedroom – Undercover and I strip off to our underwear, but the Filipino remains clothed for some reason.  Who cares.  Undercover looks even better near naked, great chest and biceps, his trunks bulging, and he comes over and lies beside me, taking me into his arms as we kiss and stroke one anothers bodies.  He’s an excellent kisser, working his lips, tongue and teeth as he fondles and strokes my cock and balls through my shorts.  The Filipino is paying attention to our feet, kissing and massaging my toes (and presumably Undercovers as well), occasionally running his mouth up and down my legs and kissing my cock through the shorts before we finally remove our underwear.  Undercover is rocking a fat and cut 8” that’s like a steel pipe.  I’ve never felt a cock so hard, and I push the other guy out of the way so I can suck it.  It’s awesome, and as I bob up and down on this rigid piece of meat, Undercover begins to work his fingers around my hole, tentatively pushing them in and out as I suck on his cock.  He pulls me back towards his face, and as we resume kissing the Filipino starts to give us alternate blowjobs, but his technique is poor – rather than take the cock in his mouth, he prefers to run his lips up and down the length, which isn’t working for me.  I grab my cock and try to push it into his mouth, but he quickly turns his attention to the rock hard member of Undercover, who’s content to lie back and enjoy.

Attempts to kiss Undercover as we lie together are met with some reciprocity but also some indifference - he’s now fully fired up and just wants to fuck.  Reaching for the condoms, he drags the now-naked Filipino onto his lap.  The guy can’t take much, and starts squirming and yelping, until Undercover finally pulls away and repositions to doggy style, leaving me lying there.  Holding the guy by the back of the neck with one hand, and resting the other on his hips, he then drives himself into the guy, ignoring his whimpering and protests, until he’s balls deep and the guy goes quiet.  Rising to my knees, I take the chance to push my own cock into his mouth, and we now have ourselves a spit roast, the guy gagging on my meat as Undercover begins to steadily fuck him from behind.  With my dick finally in the guys mouth, I lean forward so Undercover and I can kiss as this guy rocks back and forth, providing us with alternating pleasure.  All too soon Undercover pauses, shudders and announces he’s done, pulling out of the guys ass with a fully loaded condom.  I flop back onto the bed as he heads for the shower, and the guy comes over to suck me some more, but I want to fuck him as well.  I tell him to suit me up and he does so, climbing into my lap and lowering himself slowly onto my pole, grinding away as he grimaces and winces.  Undercover is a fair bit bigger than me, so the guys pretty loose, and I’m not getting a lot of ‘feel’.  I tell him to give up and jerk me off, and he’s happy to oblige.  By the time I’ve shot my load and cleaned up, Undercover is dressed and wants to leave.  Without getting a chance to exchange numbers with the Filipino, I too dress and we leave together, with vague promises of meeting again “soon”.  But the whole thing was just…, I don’t know - dull?

Delayed departure

Turns out Le Pinoy isn’t heading off quite as soon as I thought, and we get a chance for another meet.  Given just how far away he lives, I’m always short on time, but get there and enter the apartment.  He’s already undressed, and as we embrace, our tongues and hands roam over one anothers bodies.  Turns out he’s got a porno he wants to emulate, but the streaming fails and we’re left to our own imagination.  Not really a problem.  He quickly sinks his mouth onto my cock, eagerly sucking me as he fingers my ass, and I run my hands through his hair, pushing him further down onto me.  We break and turn so that he can eat my ass while I blow him.  Grinding myself into his face, he’s actively working his tongue into me, and I am eagerly taking his meat into my mouth, occasionally working my own tongue over his ball sack and down into his taint.  He has the cutest and firmest little butt, so I flip him over and dive in to rim him, dragging my cheeks and beard inside his thighs, licking and sucking his hole.  He seems to be in a compliant mood today, so I run my tongue up his back, and begin to kiss, lick and bite the back of his neck as my cock strains against his spit slicked hole.  I slowly begin to nestle myself into his crack, gently but firmly nudging at his tight little rosebud, and manage to get it just in before he freezes and forces me back out.  Rolling him to his back, I pull his legs up over my shoulders and give it another go, getting maybe a third of my length in before he cries out and again squeezes me out.  I give up on this, and resume kissing the guy, working myself into his lap, feeling his cock grind against mine, my taint, and my balls as I slowly raise my body.

Grabbing his cock, I work his length into me, sliding right down to revel in the sensation of his whole cock inside me as I grind against his hips.  Working my knees, I then manage to move myself up and down him, until I can stand the sensations no more and need release.  Stroking my own cock, I begin to buck against him as I jerk off, our mouths and tongues frantically working one another as I do so.  Eventually, with a final slam down onto his rigid meat, I shoot my load onto his chest, sadly missing his open mouth by a whisker.  Pulling me off him, he grabs himself and quickly comes to conclusion as I lick and slurp at his balls and hole.  We shower, and I leave.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A new record - Fast would be proud…!

I’m online, and get a hit from a guy.  He’s the right age/demographic and all of the above, so we proceed to exchange pics.  He’s damn hot, damn funny, and damn well hung.  That he’s also uncut is a major bonus.  During our chat we had uncovered that we knew (and had previously admired) one another through mutual friends, none of whom know we’re each partial to a bit of cock.  We agree to meet, but enroute he messages that his phone is about to die, gives me some conflicting directions, then goes offline.  Hmmm.  After 45 minutes of fucking around in THE worst part of town, I send a message calling it off, but decide to finish my coffee before leaving.  Then he replies – “so sorry, phone probs” and all of that, then informs me of another engagement just 30 minutes hence, so I tell him to forget it.  But he persists - I’m “so close” to his place yada yada yada, so I swallow my pride and go to the address.

He’s all that I remembered, and more.  However, by now we have less than 15 minutes before his skype call is due, so I ask what he wants to do.  “This” he says, with one hand peeling off his shirt & with the other unbuttoning my shorts.  We’re soon naked, cocks upright, and he leads me to the bedroom, dragging me onto the bed as I fall onto his juicy uncut cock, swirling my tongue around the foreskin and gently stretching it with my lips and driving my tongue into the gap as he works my own cock with his mouth.  We break to kiss and grind, then he positions himself between my legs and takes both our cocks into one hand.  Spitting on his handful, he starts to jerk us both at once, and I tell him to slow down or I’ll shoot quickly.  “Yep”, he informs, “That’s the point remember…”  Sure enough, after only a minute or so of twisting and turning beneath him as he works his magic, my hands scratching and pulling at his chest and nipples, I shoot my load, and he quickly follows, splattering it across my stomach in a series of creamy ropes.  He then grabs a towel for me and heads to the bathroom to clean himself up - while I dress, I see him pulling on his t-shirt as the phone starts to ring.  He answers it naked from the waist down, and as I let myself out the door I hear the words “Hi Mom…”

12 minutes – awesome!