Sunday, 25 May 2014

Closure on Le Pinoy (and the start of a busy weekend…)

So I finally manage to get the time/place/transport metric sorted, and I’m on for a meet with Le Pinoy.  He’s had his residency granted in another country, and is about to leave these shores, so this will be our final meet.  He’s previously expressed some desire to dominate me, so I decide as a parting gift to indulge him.  Not entirely altruistic, as I've had a rough time at work of late and really just want someone else to take charge for a change.

Arriving at his, we exchange kisses then move to the bedroom.  I tell him “I’m yours”, and strip to my underwear, standing before him with my wrists crossed in a submissive pose.  He smiles and draws me to him, pulling my trunks down and hoovering my cock, working his hands on my butt and beginning to finger my hole as he sucks me.  Pulling me onto the bed, he swings around into a 69 and shoves his cock into my mouth as he continues sucking my own, then working his mouth past my balls and onto my hole.  He begins to aggressively rim me, forcing his tongue inside and flicking it around as he withdraws, while I continue to work on his cock and balls.  I work my mouth past his sack and into his taint, eventually finding his tight little hole, which I begin to massage with my tongue.  After some of this, I start to work a finger inside him, but my hand is swatted away and he moves to a sitting position.  Now placed squarely on my face, he continues to suck me as I eagerly snort and snuffle at his hole, working my tongue around and sucking on his balls as he rides me.

He then announces he wants to swallow my load, and goes in for the money shot, sucking, licking and kissing my member as he works his own cock with a spare hand.  I’m content to simply lie back and enjoy this, idly stroking his butt and sack as he blows me.  All too soon I’m ready, and begin to moan and squirm as I fill his mouth with my load.  He’s a bit surprised at my volume, and he starts to make slurping noises as he tries to manage both the volume and the ongoing bobbing action of his head, sucking more and more out of me until I’m done.  He then moves into self satisfaction mode, actively thrashing his meat as I lick his balls from below, culminating in a large pool of cum covering my chest as he falls forward onto me, squishing us together.  Showers follow, and the tender realization that we won’t meet again sees us exchange a final lingering kiss before I depart…

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