Sunday, 25 May 2014

Afternoon delights

Out of nowhere, the Engineer calls and tells me his family have traveled.  Given the short notice, it’s a bit of a juggle, but we establish that straight after lunch works for us both.  Arriving at the appointed time (and happily no brother floating about), we go directly to his room and stand staring into one another’s eyes like lovers.  He cracks a smile and drags me towards him, covering me in kisses as I run my hands over his broad and hairy chest, moving down to caress his muscular butt as he does the same to me.  The only thing going through my mind as we are doing this is how I can get "more", so I alternate between forcing my tongue into his mouth and biting his lips as he does the same to me.  Removing my clothes, he drags me onto the bed and we continue kissing, savoring the full contact of our naked bodies as we writhe and squirm on one another, all the time our mouths, lips and hips locked together.  I break free of his embrace and start to kiss, suck and bite his throat, moving my mouth up to gently nibble at his earlobe.  This causes him to shudder violently - I take this as a good sign and move my mouth to his armpits and nipples, licking and biting my way across the expanse of his chest and eventually arriving at his other ear.  As I do this, he is gently stroking and massaging my cock, when he suddenly reaches for my hips and draws me up his body till I am sitting on his chest, from where he begins to suck my cock.  I am happy to rest back on his raised knees as he consumes me, working his mouth up and down my shaft, and occasionally licking my balls.  Feeling slightly guilty at my lack of reciprocity, I turn myself over until we are at 69, and begin to work my mouth on his cock as if it were a particularly delicious ice-cream, working my lips and tongue over the head and shaft until he begs me to stop.

He sits up, his hand pressing into the small of my back as he repositions himself behind me and between my legs.  Diving in to suck at my hole, his tongue and beard sending thrills through my spine, he works his way up my back until his cock is pressing against my wet and eager crack.  Drawing my hips off the bed, he begins to enter me.  His thick cock pulses its way through my first and second rings, then quickly withdraws.  “Habibi”, he tells me, “you are tight today”, before thrusting himself back inside me, flattening me on the mattress as he does so.  Raising himself onto his hands, he hammers at me until I am gasping and groaning with pleasure, when suddenly pulls out and flips me over.  Before I am even on my back, he begins to pump his load out, yet again covering my face and chest with his cum as he makes the usual wonderful noises that accompany his every orgasm.  Laughing and gasping, he smiles at me and drops his head into my crotch, eagerly sucking at my dick as he mumbles “your turn”.  It doesn’t take long and my own load joins his on my body.  We shower together, then return to the bed, cuddling and talking for an hour or so until it is time to leave.

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