Sunday, 6 April 2014

There’s something about Weston…

After weeks (weeks I tell you!!!), of time wasters, failed hook-ups and generally being messed around, the drought breaks when The Engineer calls to inform his family are traveling.  Having said it's been 'weeks', the number of past hook-ups that have ''just called to say hi'' (including one from over a year back!), tells me that I'm not alone in my frustration.  I can’t meet at the Engineers preferred time, so he changes the family flights (...!?!) and brings our rendezvous forward 24 hours.

After the usual rinse and brush routine (he loathes smoking), I get there but we have a problem.  The brother and HIS family are floating about, so discretion is required.  Finally the coast is clear and he sneaks me past the maid and up into his room.  We stand, just looking at one another, until he sweeps me into his arms and we begin to kiss.  This continues for a time, until he begins to undress me as he himself slips off his dish-dash, standing only in his drawers.  We continue to kiss, grinding ourselves against one another, and he gently lowers me onto the bed.  He is now biting and sucking my nipples, and gently stroking my member as he does so.  Given his height, I can’t reach his cock, so content myself with nibbling on his neck and ears, then begin to work my tongue down the length of his body, teasing each inch, and finishing by lapping at his balls before I take his member into my mouth.  I work my way back up, paying attention to his nipples, armpits and neck, and he slowly rolls me onto all fours, and then stands behind me, drawing my hips into the air.

He begins to enter me, slowly at first, but quickly increases the tempo, repeatedly slamming himself into me as he grips my shoulders firmly.  This hurts, and I’m yelping like a twink in a porno, then he stops and we fall forward together onto the bed, continuing our kissing and stroking.  The opportunity arises to flip him onto his stomach, and drawing his ass into the air, I begin to fuck him in return.  Like I said, it’s been a while, and I don’t want to shoot too soon, so I take my time, luxuriating in the feeling of my length sliding in and out of his tight hole as I give it to him, and he reaches below and massages our ball sacks together and individually.  This is too much, and after a few minutes I flip him to his back, and as I grind my balls against his cock, I shoot my load onto his stomach.

Reaching for lotion, he begins to jerk off as I bite his nipples and draw lazy figure eights on his chest and stomach with my fingernails – it doesn’t take too long and he raises himself to his knees and begins to shoot the usual rope after rope of cum all over me and the pillow.  We collapse together, kissing and cuddling until it is time to shower.  Suddenly, all hell erupts outside, signaling the return of the brother and his kids, so I have to make a discreet escape via the servants staircase.

Later that evening I scratch my ear and I discover, Mary style, it is covered in dried cum.

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