Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Style Guy…

Get chatting with a guy online, and despite the fact he’s a fair bit younger than my usual preference (and it seems I’m a bit older than his), we click.  Pics are exchanged, and we decide to meet.  I enter the coffee shop, and he’s much better looking than his photo, and beautifully dressed (I haven’t dubbed him The Style Guy for nothing).  We take our drinks and move to his place, where we begin to kiss and explore one anothers bodies.  He’s nicely built, and endowed with an impressive member and rather large balls to match.  We’re quickly undressed and kissing on the bed, and he indulges my particular like to retain our jocks, our cocks straining against them as we push and grind against one another.  He slides mine off, and commences to blow me in a pretty spectacular fashion, swallowing my cock whole and lapping at my balls as our hands roam across each other and I run my fingers through his beautiful thick head of hair.

He swings around, and gently drops my head over the edge of the bed, and squatting above me he begins to drive his massive cock down into my mouth, forcing it right into my throat as I work to pleasure him.  He shifts slightly and I begin to gag, so I slap his arse from below and he lifts up, but only long enough for me to grab a breath before he drives it in time and again.  I can’t do this for very long, so the guy moves forward and begins to suck me as I eagerly rim him, dragging his body down onto my face to better inhale his musk as I alternate between licking his hole and his balls.  As I do this, he stops blowing me and begins to work one finger then another into me, loosening me up for what I suspect will be a pretty solid fucking.

He leaps off the bed and drags me to the side, then dons a condom.  Raising my legs to his shoulders, he slowly works himself into me, and once fully in he stops.  Looking me in the eye, he says “This is going to be rough”, and begins to saw into me, pounding me to the point of pain, but not quite.

Turns out the guy is a pretty masterful fucker, and occasionally changes both his angle and his tempo in order to provide both of us with maximum pleasure.  He flips me to my stomach, then holding my hips and twisting my shoulders, we are in a position where we can kiss as he fucks me, which is awesome.  Given his size, and the pace he's going at me, after a time I need to clean up so I move to the bathroom.  After a few minutes, he asks if all is ok, and, getting a reply in the affirmative he pushes through the door wearing a fresh condom and shoves me against the wall to fuck me some more.

Drawing my hips back into him, he gives it to me good, thrusting himself into me and slowly withdrawing, but I can only take it for so long before I need to blow.  He holds my hips tight as he starts to pounds into me, freeing my hands to jerk myself off.  As my orgasm grows to an intensity I’ve rarely experienced, and my legs literally start to give way, I find I am being further impaled onto his cock as I shoot my load.  Wow.  He turns me and begins a double fisted wank of himself (I told you it was an impressive member), and we kiss and bite one another as he shoots his load over my stomach.

Incredibly, over an hour has passed and I need to make tracks.  We shower and dress, and share a cigarette before I leave.  He sends a message afterwards, and hopefully we’ll hook up again soon.

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