Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Day flat delight

Long-term readers (and regional residents), will be aware of the ‘day flat’ phenomenon.  It is nigh on impossible in this part of the world for residents to rent a hotel room without a good reason and ‘papers’, so these are other places you can take for short periods of time where a blind-eye is turned.  Much favoured for sex (obviously), but also to join friends to drink, watch football or play cards, just to get away from prying eyes, Mama and the family home.

So I’ve been talking to this guy for a while.  He’s handsome in a very local way, good height but stocky, and from the pics I’ve seen, the possessor of a normal sized but rather thick cock.  The coffee date is done a while back, and we clicked, but we’ve never quite hooked up.  From time to time he sends me sex selfies, where his image is clear but the partner is not – these are actually quite hot, incorporating a number of rather gymnastic positions and activities.  Suddenly he messages and tells me he has a place – can I meet tomorrow night?  For sure I can.

Day flats can be pretty scuzzy, but this one is ok, and I am greeted with a lengthy and passionate kiss, our hands roaming over one another.  We chat, but we’re a little awkward.  To break this, I decide to get on with it and strip, whereupon the guy does the same.  He grabs me and shuffles me to the bedroom, holding me from behind as his cock nudges between my legs, pushing against my balls.  He’s clearly in charge, dragging me onto the bed and thrusting his meat into my mouth as he swings me around into a 69, swallowing my dick in one hit and actively working his tongue on my shaft.  As mentioned, his cock is normal sized but thick.  Very thick.  The length means I can take the whole thing, but the width is making my jaw ache.  Trouper I am, I persevere - sucking and slurping on the head and lapping at his shaft before moving onto his balls and back to deepthroat him and start the cycle again as he eagerly reciprocates.  Suddenly, the ‘in charge’ takes a different form, when the guy breaks free and positions himself on the edge of the bed, ass in the air.  “Fuck me” he says, “Fuck me now and fuck me hard”.  Donning a condom, I’m happy to oblige, parting his ass cheeks and running my tongue from his balls to his taint, and on to his hole.  I work my tongue into him, teasing as I push and withdraw, which has him shuddering and gasping 'till I stand and line my cock up, slowly but steadily sinking it into his hot tight wetness.  He’s grunting a bit, so changes position to kneel on a nearby armchair, facing away from me with his arms across the back and his legs astride.  I grab his hips and pull him towards me, effectively impaling him on my dick.  He shudders and groans, so, grabbing his shoulders I push him forward and backwards, keeping my own position steady, as his ass cheeks ripple both from the movement and the occasional slapping I give him.  The motion also makes his balls start to swing, and they’re knocking into my own as he rocks, which only serves to intensify the feelings shooting through my groin.  I give it to him for a few minutes then decide I’ve had enough and fall backwards onto the bed.  I tell the guy to lick my balls while I jerk off, and he’s happy to drop his head between my legs and oblige.  Shortly and I blow a good sized load, messing up the fur on my stomach nicely.

We clean up and break for a cigarette, then he leans over and begins stroking my ass.  “Smooth, tight and white.  I wanna fuck that” he announces, sitting back in the armchair and forcing his swelling cock into my mouth.  I suck him until he’s rock hard, then he pushes me back onto the bed and turns me over, ass skyward.  Donning a condom, he begins to enter me, repeating my own earlier manoeuvre as he draws me back onto him, then pushes my face onto the mattress as he climbs up and stands on the bed to fuck me from above, drawing gasps from me as his thickness repeatedly stretches my hole to breaking point.  I can only take so much of this, so he flips me onto my back and holds my legs to his shoulders as comes at me from that angle. This is good, and he’s happy, murmuring porno lines (!?!?) and pounding me until I am gasping and grunting with pleasure.  He then leans back against the bedhead, and draws me onto his lap, our legs intertwined as I face his feet.  From behind he positions his cock under me and thrusts upward, entering me in one go.  Far from painful, this actually feels great, and I remember The Professional taking me this way years back.  I am lifting myself and falling down onto his shaft, reveling in the feeling of him being inside me, when he suddenly holds me still and eases himself out of me.  Pushing me to the side he straddles me, and as I pinch and squeeze his nipples, he unleashes a torrent of cum over my chest.  Showers, cigarettes and chat follow.  But the man who sucked my dick and wanted to be fucked hard just moments ago decides to tell me my underwear is “gay” and he doesn't like it.  Standard grey micro trunks.  WTF?  Why on earth can’t people just shut up sometimes?

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