Sunday, 2 March 2014

One swallow does a summer make…?

Just a day after I hook up with Le Pinoy, The Falcon wants to meet.  He’s keen for ‘casual time’, and I have no idea what this means, but as he’s hot, gorgeous and extremely sexy I say yes.  In our part of the northern hemisphere winter is pretty much over, and the weather for now is pleasant to say the least, so we agree on an outdoor café.  He’s late (of course), but arrives and with his crooked smile my heart skips a beat and all is forgiven.

We sit and talk quietly for a bit, and it’s obvious he wants sex, but neither of us can host.  The night draws on and I realize my family will now be asleep so we go back to my place, and the previously mentioned outdoor kitchen.  We begin to kiss, and he’s quite aggressive, biting me and roughly fondling my butt, then he breathes in my ear “you want to suck?”  I fall to my knees and draw out his impressive member, licking it and blowing on it before consuming it to the root.  I am enjoying this, and with my face buried in his crotch, Falcon bends over the top of me and slides his hands inside my pants and begins massaging my backside, drawing my face even further into him as he begins to face fuck me.  I take him until I begin to gag, then power through and go some more, until I release his cock and begin to work on his balls, moving my fingers into his taint and gently stroking his hole, which he takes as a signal to return the favour, roughly poking at my own.  He’s quite eager, but without any lube it kind of hurts, so I swat his hand away.  He raises me to my feet and turns me around, and with one arm wrapped around my waist, he draws me back into his embrace and attempts to fuck me from behind.  Now, to be held in this fashion and taken hard is a particular fantasy of mine (the hand on the belly thing really turns me on), but still with no lube, and he’s getting rough, so I tell him to stop.  He now stands there, cock up and face down, and tells me he’s ‘unhappy’ that he cannot fuck me.  I tell him no lube, no condom, no way, and he pushes me back to my knees, slapping my face with his cock and shoving it back into my mouth.  Intriguingly, from the second I took his cock into my mouth he has refused to kiss me, choosing instead to bite my neck and shoulders or lick my throat. 

We continue in this vein for a while, then he tries once more to penetrate me, before giving up and sitting down.  From this position, I resume sucking him and he continues the rough finger fuck, leaning right over me and kissing my back as he does so.  We've been at it for close to 40 minutes, and in truth my knees (and jaw) are starting to ache, so I ask him if he is ready to cum.  Incredibly (perhaps), I’ve never swallowed a load before, but tonight I want to, and he quickly begins to jerk himself as I continue sucking, only occasionally connecting his pumping fist with my chin.

He begins to pant, and as I suck I work his nipples and chest with my hands.  I can feel his legs tense, then suddenly my mouth is flooded.  The initial taste-free load is quickly followed by a series of salty pulsing gushes, and I realize it was pre-cum followed by jizz.  To feel his shaft throbbing against my tongue as he unloaded, and to repeatedly slurp and swallow what seemed like mouthful after mouthful of his cum as I sucked on his cock is too much, and I release my own load over the floor.

After clean-up, we share a drink and a cigarette, and he’s on his way, slapping my rear and saying ‘next time we fuck’…


  1. I remember taking my first load down my throat and it's exactly as you described. That surprise of feeling a pulsing cock in your throat and immediately tasting the cum... Really addicting...

  2. I remember my 1st time, which btw, was the 1st time cocksucking. I was completely unprepared for the taste, but also made me crave it more.