Sunday, 2 March 2014

Le Pinoy (redux edition)

I’m home and bored when Le Pinoy pings me “free?”  I am, so I jump in the car and head off to his place.

Once there, we both quickly strip and jump onto the bed, kissing and massaging one another eagerly, soon moving into a 69 where we each thrust and grind to force our cocks down each others throats as far as possible.  Breaking off, I tell Le Pinoy I want to suck his cock while he rims me, and he quickly moves his mouth to my hole and goes for it, shoving his tongue into me and flicking it around as he stretches me wide.  I spend some time literally sitting on his face, grinding downwards and moaning as he gets himself further and further inside me, then I lean forward and take his throbbing cock into my mouth, flicking my tongue over his shaft and licking his balls before I begin to suck him.  He starts to leak a fair amount of pre-cum, and pushes me off him, and leaps to his feet beside the bed.

He dons a condom, and, still standing, he swings me around so I am half off the bed.  Holding my butt at  waist level, he begins to enter me.  He seems to have no problem with the weight (I’m not heavy, but I’m larger than him), and easily holds me as he fucks me, his muscular arms pulling and pushing me on and off his cock.  I have my legs wrapped around him, and begin to drum my feet on his back as he pounds away, which only serves to increase his tempo, until he reaches down and starts to stroke me as he fucks me.  That’s it – I shoot my load all over my stomach and chest, and he gives me a few more thrusts then withdraws, rips off the condom and sprays his own load over me.  As we are cleaning up, he tells me “next time” he wants to fist me and engage in some piss play.  Hmmm.  As I am almost 8”taller & 25 pounds heavier than the guy, I take this more with bemusement than concern, but I’m not so sure there’ll be a next time…

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