Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Egyptian

So this guy and I have been chatting for a bit, and after a couple of failed attempts to connect, the stars align and we’re good to go.  Sitting in a coffee shop, he’s a few minutes late.  Not late enough to think it’s a bust, but long enough for me to start wondering, when my phone goes.  “2 minutes” it says.  He arrives, and is clearly nervous, quickly bringing the conversation around to the ‘shame’ of his secret life, and how did I deal with this issue.  WTF?  Anyway, he’s quite handsome, nicely built, but quite short – maybe 5’6”.  He shares his apartment, so that’s off limits, but then informs me he his office is empty over the weekend and he has the key.  We to and fro for a bit, then I finally ask – ‘Do you want to show me your office?’  “Yes” he says, standing.  Down to my car and we’re away.

After a brief drive, we get there, passing by a pharmacy to purchase condoms etc.  Arriving at his office and locking the door behind us, we begin to kiss.  He’s got a nice body, and we’re having fun, kissing and fondling each other as we undress.  He’s got a very encouraging bulge through his jeans, and once they come off he’s standing there naked, looking down slightly sheepishly.  I follow his gaze, and I see what could be described as a monster cock.  Maybe 8” long, but thick.  Beer can thick.  He smiles awkwardly and tells me ‘it’s a problem to get it in most times’.  We resume kissing, and our height differential makes it very easy for him to lick, bite and suck my nipples as he actively massages my own meat and sack.   Down onto the couch, and we’re kissing and grinding, his thick tool sliding between my thighs and nudging my hole, when I swing him around so I can have a go at sucking it.  The width is phenomenal, and I’m struggling to breathe, but I get it into my mouth.  Once in, there isn’t much I can do with it, until he begins to face fuck me, and I find I can breathe through my nose as this massive piece of flesh works its way into and out of my throat.  We pause, and he withdraws, his cock glistening with a combination of saliva and pre-cum, and we resume cuddling, kissing and grinding.

I’m of two minds as to being fucked by something this size, but decide to give it a shot.  The guy, however, has other plans.  Once I’ve lubed my ass, and begun to stretch my hole, his eyebrows go up and he tells me its ‘dirty’ to be working myself like that, and he takes a tissue and cleans my fingers.  He then resumes the dry humping, his gliding cock now aided by the lube, the head tantalizingly nudging my wet hole but passing by all too quickly.

He breaks our kiss, raises himself onto his elbows and, with a smile he announces “it’s time”, then jets 3, maybe 4, ropes of cum over my chest and gut.  I am cradling his buttocks in my hands, and feel them tense slightly, but otherwise I have never witnessed such a dispassionate orgasm.  But he seems happy, and I scoop up some of his cum, and as he massages my balls I quickly use this as lube to jerk myself to an orgasm, our seed pooling on my stomach.  Once done, he lowers himself back onto me, effectively gluing us together, while we kiss and cuddle for a while until it is time to clean up and dress once more.  I drop him at a nearby taxi rank, and get on with my day.  As he exits the car, he tells me I am to call him anytime…


  1. I love a thick cock... Even though I get thoroughly frustrated trying to suck on one... Still...

  2. I'm a top, but 5'6 and 8" are my favorite numbers. They're almost a fetish. Combined in one dude, they make me dizzy!

  3. I, too, love a nice thick cock. I will take thick over long any day. Now, thick and long make for a perfect combination.