Sunday, 2 February 2014

Le Pinoy

After many false starts, and an all too brief group session, Le Pinoy & I finally get ourselves organized to meet one-on-one.  He lives quite some distance from me, and after a seemingly endless drive I find I am almost, but not quite, at his place.  Some texting follows, but I cannot pin it down.  More texting, and I’m getting tense, trying to look for unfamiliar landmarks in heavy traffic.  Finally, he calls me, and confesses his directions were utterly wrong.  “Sorry…”.  We finally sort it, and I get there.  But I’ve lost close to an hour, and I am on a mission.

We go upstairs, grab water and cigarettes, but I need (want), to get down to business.  We’ve already established he’s the top, but that doesn’t mean I can’t tell him what to do.  “Lose the cigarette”, I tell him, “I want to suck your cock”.  He responds by taking a lengthy drag on his smoke while undoing his pants and letting them fall to the floor.  No problem.  I drop to my knees and eagerly consume him, forcing his cock right down my throat so that I can lick his balls while it’s lodged in my mouth.  Sucking keenly, and working my throat muscles around his meat, I can start to feel the precum oozing from him and decide it’s time to get safe.  I stand, and drag him to the bedroom, throwing him down on his back as I quickly get naked and straddle his smooth but quite muscular chest, my balls rubbing against his rock hard meat and our mouths and tongues connected.

Some heavy duty kissing and grinding follows, but I am gagging for a fuck, so tell him to suit up.  He quickly does so, and flips me onto my stomach.  Drawing my ass into the air, and with my head and shoulders forced into the pillows, he squirts some lube on my hole and begins to work a finger in.  He doesn’t muck about, and his cock quickly follows.  He positions the head against my eager hole, then firmly and quickly thrusts it in, drawing a gasp of pleasure, pain and excitement from me.  Once in, he gently rocks back and forth until I am accustomed to the sensation, then begins to fuck me.  Quite hard.  He's aggressively pounding at me, murmuring “how long he has waited for this”, and “how much he likes my ass”, then he suddenly withdraws, panting.  Taking advantage of the situation, I push him around onto his back, then climb aboard, sliding his cock back inside me and slamming my ass onto his frame as we kiss.  I cheerfully ride the guy for a few minutes, but have to get going, so I reach down and jerk myself off as he thrusts and bucks from underneath.  A most satisfying explosion of cum hits his stomach and chest, then he withdraws and jerks himself off, our seed mingling over his torso.  A quick wash over the basin then I dress and leave, deliberately keeping some of his smell on me.  Not quite Fast territory, but a nice quick bit of afternoon delight.

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