Thursday, 23 January 2014

Not quite what I was looking for….

So I get invited to an opening, and the Gallerist is there.  It’s good to see him again, and we chat and catch-up.  While we’re talking, another guy approaches.  Well-dressed, well built and mid-thirties, he’s a handsome, surly looking Lebanese Tunisian guy who actively cruises me.  The Gallerist finds this hilarious and quickly moves away to give us some space.  The guy and I speak briefly, then I move on.  Later, I’m outside smoking with the artist when he approaches again, flicks his eyebrows at me but then departs.  I’m so intrigued by this (and keen…), that I actually post a “Missed Connection” on Craigslist.  He later tracked me down via my professional network (remember we didn't exchange names, so 'enquiries were made' apparently), but nothing ever came of it.
I do get an answer however - we to and fro for a bit, and he seems ok, so we agree to meet.  He’s a stocky but good-looking Eurasian, and we have zero chemistry, but I’m horny.  Incredibly, his apartment is literally above the café I chose, so we take our drinks and retire upstairs.  Gorgeous apartment, and we quickly get naked as his flatmate is due back “shortly”.  At this point I realize the guy has possibly the worst BO I have encountered, and is wearing grubby, saggy briefs that were perhaps once white.  He drops to his knees and begins to blow me, using far too many teeth, then pushes me down onto the couch so he can swing around and shove his own cock in my face.  He’s rocking a cock that (fully erect) is about 3”, and between his excess weight and substantial body hair, it's a little difficult to find.  Perfectly formed, lovely shape, but at 1:2 scale it seems.  Seems he got the 'euro' body and the 'asian' endowment.  I suck it for about a minute, then he tells me he’s ready, and jets a small amount of sperm over me and the couch.  Given his smell, I was grateful for the speed of this, and he quickly moves to work my own cock with a combination of his mouth and hands (and teeth.  Ouch...).  I shoot over my own stomach, and the guy cleans me up and tells me I have to make tracks, so I do.

Riding down in the elevator, I take a sip of my coffee, and it’s still warm.  Fast would be proud...

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