Thursday, 23 January 2014

Not quite what I was looking for….

So I get invited to an opening, and the Gallerist is there.  It’s good to see him again, and we chat and catch-up.  While we’re talking, another guy approaches.  Well-dressed, well built and mid-thirties, he’s a handsome, surly looking Lebanese Tunisian guy who actively cruises me.  The Gallerist finds this hilarious and quickly moves away to give us some space.  The guy and I speak briefly, then I move on.  Later, I’m outside smoking with the artist when he approaches again, flicks his eyebrows at me but then departs.  I’m so intrigued by this (and keen…), that I actually post a “Missed Connection” on Craigslist.  He later tracked me down via my professional network (remember we didn't exchange names, so 'enquiries were made' apparently), but nothing ever came of it.
I do get an answer however - we to and fro for a bit, and he seems ok, so we agree to meet.  He’s a stocky but good-looking Eurasian, and we have zero chemistry, but I’m horny.  Incredibly, his apartment is literally above the café I chose, so we take our drinks and retire upstairs.  Gorgeous apartment, and we quickly get naked as his flatmate is due back “shortly”.  At this point I realize the guy has possibly the worst BO I have encountered, and is wearing grubby, saggy briefs that were perhaps once white.  He drops to his knees and begins to blow me, using far too many teeth, then pushes me down onto the couch so he can swing around and shove his own cock in my face.  He’s rocking a cock that (fully erect) is about 3”, and between his excess weight and substantial body hair, it's a little difficult to find.  Perfectly formed, lovely shape, but at 1:2 scale it seems.  Seems he got the 'euro' body and the 'asian' endowment.  I suck it for about a minute, then he tells me he’s ready, and jets a small amount of sperm over me and the couch.  Given his smell, I was grateful for the speed of this, and he quickly moves to work my own cock with a combination of his mouth and hands (and teeth.  Ouch...).  I shoot over my own stomach, and the guy cleans me up and tells me I have to make tracks, so I do.

Riding down in the elevator, I take a sip of my coffee, and it’s still warm.  Fast would be proud...

Sunday, 12 January 2014

A foursome. Fairly awesome...

After many false starts, suddenly things firm up with Le Pinoy.  We can’t meet, we can meet, then we can’t and frankly I’m over it, then click and we’re on.  Plus ‘a friend’ will be joining.  After my recent experience with the Falcon, I’m ok with this, so I agree.

Driving to the far reaches of the city, I eventually find the place.  Nice set-up.  Getting to the apartment I hit the bell and the door opens a crack.  Le Pinoy peers out, and quickly motions me inside.  Who the fuck opens the door of a stranger’s apartment naked I don’t know, but Le Pinoy did, his surprisingly large cock jutting out.  After months of chat this is our first meeting, and I’m not disappointed.  He’s slim, taut and hung.  We greet and exchange kisses, tentatively at first, then with more passion, until we’re interrupted by a local guy wandering in to the room.  Tall, beefy and handsome, he has a killer smile, and is wearing only a pair of briefs, stretched over what seems to be a pretty impressive cock.  I figure this is the friend, until another guy also appears.  He’s much older, also in briefs, and not especially fit but friendly enough.  It transpires he is the host, and we are four, not three.  I am a little concerned, as I have more-or-less consented to be the bottom tonight, and I really don’t know how this is going to play out.
As they are already largely naked, I quickly shed my own gear, and flop onto the couch, feigning interest in the football whilst waiting to see what happens next.  Le Pinoy climbs onto my lap, and we continue to kiss, whilst the local and the host do the same beside us.  After a few minutes, they retire to the bedroom, and my shorts are pulled off and Le Pinoy swallows my cock in one hit.  He’s going well, then drags my feet onto the coffee table and comes in from below to start rimming me, working my cock with his hand.  This is fun, amplified by the noises coming from the bedroom, and after a time, we go in to observe/explore/participate.

We find the local with his fist up the backside of our host, who is squirming and moaning with pleasure, although as we enter they break apart, the local moving to kiss me.  He’s actually pretty hot, and I’m keen to get involved, but Le Pinoy interrupts our embrace to push his cock into my face, so with one hand wrapped around the Locals fairly impressive piece of meat, I take Le Pinoy into my mouth and suck hard.  We fall sideways onto the bed, and the scenario becomes a suckfest.  I do not know who is sucking me, and I am even less certain whose cock I have in my mouth, and I don’t care.  At one point I know the Local is aggressively working my nipples while his fat cock is being shoved down my throat, and I am simultaneously being rimmed and blown by the other two.  Fucking awesome.  The Local announces it’s all too much and he has to shoot his load.  I decline his offer of a facial, and so wear it all over my chest.  “I’m always the first” he laughs ruefully as he wipes me down.

Once cleaned, I move over to Le Pinoy, and roll him to his back.  Taking his cock in my mouth, I swing my legs over into a 69 so he can continue rimming me, letting him become more and more aggressive with his tongue as he bucks his hips into my mouth, repeatedly throat fucking me.  The Host is lying quietly off to one side, stroking his cock as he “happily watches”, and the Local is cleaning himself up.  We reverse, and I am on my back rimming Le Pinoy as he sucks my cock, forcing him down onto it as I eat his hole, to the point where I then have to push him off before I blow.  Le Pinoy and I turn again, and I try to position his hole over my aching shaft, but he won’t let me.  Gesturing to the Host, now lying on his stomach and sucking the Local, it’s indicated I should fuck him.

Donning a condom, I move in behind the guy, and raise his hips slightly.  One smooth stroke and I’m in, the earlier fisting having opened the guy up.  Possibly too much, as I’m getting no resistance or friction, but as I thrust, his head is forced further and further down the Locals 8” cock, and they are both making some quite satisfactory gurgling and grunting noises.  I pound away at his hole, close, but not quite, when Le Pinoy leaps up and straddles the guys back, shoving his cock into my mouth as I continue the fuck.  So the Local is getting blown and I’m fucking the guy who’s blowing the Local, and I am blowing Le Pinoy.  This is all too much, so I pull my cock out and jerk my load onto the Hosts back as Le Pinoy draws back and does the same.  As I am coming to climax, the Local reaches around and slides one or possibly two fingers into my hole, further heightening my pleasure.  Solo showers follow, and we are quite muted as we dress.  The Local announces he is traveling for 4 months from that night (dammit), and he will see us again when he returns.  The Host clearly just wants to sleep and Le Pinoy is similarly quiet, telling me on the side that he was too shy to fuck me in front of the other guys.  If that’s the case, I can’t help but wonder why he’d even sign up for a group session to begin with.

So I leave, scratching my head that my anticipated night as a poundee became one where I was the only pounder, and marvel at the randomness of life…