Sunday, 14 December 2014

The frenchman

I hit a cafe with internet, and fire up Scruff.  Instantly get hit by a guy who's  "actif, 29, 180cm, 78kgs".  I'm still in home mode, so very cautious in my replies, then realise I am somewhere that it is NOT illegal to be gay, so become more open in my replies.  We're to-ing and fro-ing for a few hours, when I give it up as a waste of time and tell him I'm off to the bathhouse.  That was also a complete waste of time, so when I get back to my flat I tell him so.  He's still keen, so we arrange to meet as long as I brush my teeth (the smoking thing...).

He arrives right on time, and despite being slightly balder than his pic is all good and as described.  We are similar heights and weights, but he is damn sight more defined than I am - flat stomach and good pecs.  Yum.  We retire to my apartment, and exchange pleasantries until he reaches over and draws me in for a lengthy and passionate kiss.  Good.  Very good.  We begin to explore one anothers bodies, gradually removing our clothes, until we are just in our briefs and he leads me to the bed.  More kissing and grinding, then he removes my underwear and flips me over, diving in for a lengthy rim job.  I flip him back, and sitting on his face I take what feels like 8" down my throat as he rims me.  He's the first guy in a while that has made me really gag, but I keep going - actually I didn't have much choice as he was holding the back of my head and bucking into me, but that's fine as his tongue was working my hole quite nicely...  We break and turn so that I can swallow him some more, occasionally turning my attention to his extremely hairy balls when my mouth needs a break from his meat.

He gets me on my back, and starts to slide his cock up and down my crack, then climbs off and dons a condom.  Holding my feet over his shoulders, he begins to enter me, relaxing his tip through my muscles, holding for a second or so, then slamming his length into me.  I grunt, I moan, and he begins to pump.  It is good, but in a painful kind of way, so he turns me to my stomach, and enters me from above, but this isn't working for him, so he draws me to the edge of the bed and onto my fours.  Standing behind me, he goes at it in standard porn mode, but it hurts too much, so I fall forward onto the bed and he follows.

Turning him onto his back, I climb on top - this works well for me, and from the smile on his face it seems for him also.  We kiss as we buck together, getting a rhythm that's basically awesome, when he pushes me off and onto my back again.   On his knees, and holding mine apart, he spreads my legs and penetrates me again, hitting me hard two or three times when he smiles and says "this is it", giving me a few final thrusts before withdrawing and removing his condom just in time to spray his considerable load all over my torso.

We lie together for a bit, and he gradually deconstructs my story - asking about life in my part of the world, how he knew I wasn't quite as I portray myself online and so on.  As I am in a city where I am both anonymous and not breaking the law, I am happy to let my guard down for once.   In all, a damn good encounter.

Saturday, 13 December 2014

The city of light....

So I get to spend a week or two in Paris, alone.  Amongst other things,  I have a list of bathhouses to check out, and away I go.

The first is not very touristic, but very old (in a good Victorian-era sort of way), and as soon as I walk in, a good looking chinese guy (go figure) accosts me and asks if he "assist me at all".  He's quite tall, very nicely built and so I figure why not.  I tell him it's my first visit and I'd like to explore.

Now, I'm not usually into Asian guys (Arabs and Turks more my thing), but after my hook-up with the skater, and a trip to HK earlier this year, they're kind of turning me on.  Broad shoulders, tight little butts and all of that.  Anyway, I tell him I want to shower, so he takes my hand and leads me to the place.  I drop my towel and soap up, checking out the much (much!) older crowd around me, as the Chinese guy watches me, then comes in with the towel to dry me off.  I tell him I'd rather go to the sauna, as its basically much easier to get dry.  It's half-full, beefy older men with decent cocks, and totally naked.  That's fine, but I head for the steam instead.

It's a suckfest in there, so I sit to watch, my attentive new friend right beside me.  He leans in to kiss, fondling my dick through the towel as he does so, so I stand and tell him to come with me.

We go up a floor or two, and there are some rooms to which I am lead.  He gets me horizontal, then we start to make out in earnest, towels thrown aside, our dicks and bodies sliding together.  He turns me over, and begins to try and enter me, but I tell him to stop.  If  I'm going to take it up the backside, I want him in a condom, and I want the door open.  He's happy to oblige on both counts, and we soon have a small crowd gathered around us as I lie face down with him pounding away at me.  I can feel various hands running over my body, but no one comes close enough to shove their cock in my mouth, so he flips me over and signals a good looking rugby type to come nearer.  This is like a shotgun going off, and suddenly the room clears, leaving just my friend and I alone.  I find this odd, but I have no idea of local etiquette, so now on my back, with my legs thrown over his shoulders, he continues to pound me.  Happily the guy isn't that big, so I can accommodate him no problem, but we break for a 69 anyway.  He has amazingly smooth skin, and other than a tight little bush around his cock, he's hairless, so I bite, lick & suck at various parts of his body for all it's worth.

Putting me on all fours, he's seriously pounding at me, our balls slapping together until he shudders, groans and withdraws, but not quick enough to get the condom off and spray his load (dammit).  I've yet to shoot, when the guy slaps my rump and exits.

I search for the rugby guy, and find him back in the steamroom, but sitting in the lap of a monstrous muscle bear, at which point I realise I'm not his type, so I shower, dress and depart.  More to explore, so hopefully some more updates soon!

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Stockroom fun...

what is it with me and storerooms?  After my hook-up with the waiter, I am back home and shopping, for once without the family.  I go into a store to browse, and a rather handsome Egyptian salesguy comes over, offering assistance.  He's pretty cute, early 30's, around 5'10", nice build and rather a lot of hair poking through his slightly open shirt, so I flirt and ask if they sell briefs.  He smiles and says no, but he's giving off quite a vibe, and I'm confused (yet quite happy), that he's responded so positively to my own overtures.

Then it hits me - he has recognized me, and belatedly I him, from I don't know how many chats online where we're clearly both keen and compatible, but for various reasons never hooked up before. So I relax, and we chat for a bit.

He's standing there talking, but shifting from leg to leg, when he says "wait, I DO have something to show you", and leads me past the counter and into the stockroom, telling his colleague "it's ok".

He shuts the door behind him, and whips out a pretty impressive piece of meat, already erect (hence I suppose the shifting about), and guides me to my knees.  I've seen his cock many times in our online chats, and it's all it promised.  7-8" and thick, with a monster vein running straight along it's length.

I'm happy to oblige, and take the whole thing into my mouth, grasping his ass cheeks from behind and running my hands up and down his thighs.  He begins to buck into my mouth, holding my head with one hand, and running his other up and down my back.  It's good, although in the back of my mind I'm bemused by the absurdity/sleaziness/hotness of the situation.

I don't swallow often, but this is a situation where there isn't too much else to do, so when he withdraws and asks if  "I want his milk" (an absurd local phrase), I smile up at him and resume licking and sucking.

After a minute or so, he draws my head further down his shaft and unleashes his load.  The mentioned vein turns out to be his piss pipe, and I feel it pulsing against my tongue as he fills my mouth (and then some) with rather nice tasting cum.  With his length jammed down my throat it's tricky to swallow, so I am gulping as I try and cope with his volume, but I manage ;)

I suck him dry, then stand as he zips up. ' Some water?' he asks as he exits the room.  I accept then depart, shaking my head at it all.  Fast would be proud....

In a possibly disgusting sideline, 10 minutes later I burp and get to taste and smell him all over again.....

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

All Syrian, all the time....

I've kind of slowed down of late on the hook-ups.  Car problems, doubled down with an unusually high dose of halfwits means things have been pretty quiet,  Also, The Syrian has proved to be a bit of a winner for all sorts of reasons, not least because he's bloody good in bed + he can host + plus he doesn't live a million miles away, has made me a regular visitor to his door.

His simple joy as he opens the door to me, followed by an hour or more or pretty damn good sex makes it all worth while.

He is actually a skilled and thoughtful lover - his MO is to lower me onto my back and squirm all over me as he kisses and kisses some more, nuzzling my neck, throat and ears with his mouth before working his way ever so slowly down my body before moving onto my sack and then swallowing my cock whole.  All I have to do is lie back and enjoy, until he eventually flips me onto my back and eats out my hole comprehensively, his floppy hair and epic moustache tickling my inner thighs in addition to the sensations as he tongue fucks me and licks my balls from behind.  Awesome.  On occasion, he doesn't bother flipping me, but dives headfirst into my ass (how he doesn't get dizzy is beyond me), enabling me to take his substantial cock into my mouth for a form of 69.  This is good, but when he gets going I do start to gag a little as he penetrates further and further into my throat, so I push him off and, craning my neck, I am able to eat out his tight and cute ass as well.  This drives him nuts, and he soon spins around so that we can fuck.

But I just can't take his size, so, kissing as he dry humps me 'till the point of no return, he then unleashes his load onto my stomach. Cradling me in his arms, he scoops his cum up and uses it as a lubricant to jerk me off with his free hand, and I lie like a baby in his arms, twitching and spasming as my own orgasm builds to the inevitable conclusion.

After recovering our breath, and some laughter, he leads me to the shower where we wash together before returning naked to his bed for tea and cigarettes.

It is always with some regret that I dress and leave, but his regular messages mean I am never too far away...

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The Syrian

So, it's been a while between drinks.  My two favourite hook-ups (Le Pinoy & The Engineer), aren't available for a variety of reasons, and I've been reduced to taking happy endings from a very cute and muscular (but short), massage guy, which frankly isn't the same.

However, a mate alerts me to Scruff, which I haven't tried, so I load it up and see what happens.  Now I live in a town that's in many regards quite small, and my 'fresh' profile sparks a lot of interest and I'm in conversation with 3-4 guys almost immediately.  One is of particular interest.  My height, slim yet nicely formed body and, incredibly, an ability to hold an online conversation.  Inventing a coffee meet, I tell my wife I'll be out for a few hours and head off.

I get to the place, and he's waiting.   Clearly his stated age (40), yet boyish and with floppy Hugh Grant hair (devastating on an Arab) combined with a moustache of truly heroic proportions.  This is good.  Very good.  We stand briefly chatting before he says to me 'follow' and gets into his car.  I do.  We drive for 5-10 minutes then pull up in a residential area and enter his apartment.

 kinda like this...

He's all host, making sure I'm comfortable, offering me tea and so on.  I sit and he goes to make tea, returning with the tray but sans trousers.  We sip our tea, then I stand and stretch, whereupon he leaps to his feet and embraces me and we commence to kiss.  He's good - slow, gentle yet deep, and we gradually remove our clothes and stand naked facing one another.  Now I have a statistically average cock, but when I look down and I see that his is probably 30% bigger on all counts, I gasp.  He smiles and shrugs, drawing me down onto the arabic style bed/sofa, and we begin to make out.  The guy has a really nicely formed body - defined pecs, flat stomach, good legs and a tight butt, and we roll about exploring one another with our hands and tongues.

Again, he's good.  Passionate, thoughtful and a licker.  My face is wet with his saliva (not as gross as it sounds), and he works his way down my body with his tongue, taking in my balls, working my cock in his mouth and lifting my butt to rim me out like a pro.  After a bit of this, I flip him onto his back and sit on his face so he can work my hole as I suck his cock and generally return the pleasure.  With the tip just nestling in his belly button, his cock is pretty big and thick, but fun to play with and I'm happy to keep going until he begins to push me down his body as he draws himself into a sitting position.

By now we are in the 'reverse cowboy' position, and as I hold his ankles he begins to nudge his cock into my spit slicked hole, but it's not going anywhere.  He climbs out from under me and returns with some lube, then re-assumes our position, and his cock magically slides right in.  My god it hurts, but in that good way that only makes your own dick harder, until he starts to pump.  I swear I can feel it deep inside me, stirring my guts, and then I get that dismay as my dick deflates in response to the pain.

I climb off him, and turn around.  Facing him and with our mouths and tongues intertwined, I lower myself back onto his shaft, and keep going until I hit bottom, then begin to move up and down him, but always the gut-stirring pain inside me.  In matters conjugal, swift & silent tends to be the Liggett way, but this guy has me moaning and grunting like a cheap trick.  He's ok, bucking and thrusting, but I can't take it so ease up and off him. 

I push him flat onto his back, flip his cock between my legs, and clenching it between my thighs, I begin to hump and slide up and down him.  He's a bit surprised, but soon gets the idea and joins the action until he starts to bite my lip and claw at my butt, and I know he's close.  With an almighty moan and a few diminishing thrusts I know he has shot his load, and the stickiness on my ass cheeks as he fondles me confirms this.

He's now desperate I should come, but I'd jerked off that morning and wasn't really in the mood, so told him not to worry.  He gets off the bed and makes more tea, which we contendedly sip, as, still naked, we entwine our bodies around one another with some crappy action film going in the background.

Tea finished, it's shower time, and as he soaps and washes me, I get hard and he jerks me off, my load coating his torso, and we then take our time drying and dressing before he walks me back to my car.

He messages me the next day, telling me how much he enjoyed, and that I look like a combination of his two favourite movie stars - Tom Hanks & Mel Gibson.

but hopefully not in these incarnations...

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Drought broken...

Barely had I hit the “publish” key on my last post when my phone beeped.  A bit of to & fro-ing, and a meet is set up with a visiting business guy at his hotel.

Wow – everything his profile said.  Mid-thirties, 6’ tall, barrel chested, slim waisted, clean shaven head and face.  And Italian.

He greets me like an excited puppy, reaching forward and dragging me through the doorway into his room.  In true continental style, he takes my head in both hands and kisses me deeply, grinding his body against mine.  We break after a few minutes so I can at least get my jacket off, then we resume, falling on to the bed and rolling about kissing and fondling each other.  Gradually our clothes come off, and we are both left in our trunks, and as he kisses me he is dry humping through the cloth – he’s told me he has an 8” uncut piece of meat, and it certainly feels like it.  Despite the shaven head, there is barely an inch of him below his collarbone that isn’t covered in hair.  The guy looks like a wookie, but somehow it all works.

I work my way down his chest, sucking and biting his nipples as he rubs my back, then he pushes me down and guides his cock into my mouth, but from within his underwear, which is a little dry in the mouth.  He pops his balls out of the leghole, and I am directed to these, which I eagerly lick, slurp and suck.  Finally he frees his cock, and there it is.  As promised and described, 8” of dripping man meat, with the foreskin partially drawn back.  I grab it like a thirsty man in the desert, working my tongue around the head and shaft, using some suction to restore the foreskin to its rightful place, then driving my tongue into it, sucking and slurping for all I am worth.

This he loves, and holding my ears, he begins to buck into me, forcing it into my mouth all the way.  Some deep breathing and I've got the whole thing, feeling it touch the back of my throat time and again as I bob up and down on this delicious piece of flesh.  He drags me off and up to his face, where we resume kissing, forcing tongues into one another’s mouths and more, our bodies and cocks pushing and straining against each other.  Some work on his armpits, and I renew my southward journey, once again taking his cock into my mouth.  He pushes me aside, and shoves my face into the area between his balls and thighs (does it have a name?), and I lick, nip and suck as he jacks off.  He moves a spit slicked finger into his own butthole, and pumps this in and out as he strokes, but I push it aside and shove my tongue inside him, flicking and working it as much as I can given his bubble butt.

He flips me onto my back, and once again starts to grind against me, his rock hard cock bumping and sliding against my own.  As we kiss, he works his body up my torso, until he is sitting astride me, his cock inches from my mouth.  He asks where I want his load and I don’t care, so he starts to furiously pull at himself, the foreskin sliding back and forth, until with a grunt he unleashes a steady stream of the creamiest, whitest cum I have ever seen.  No spurting, it just keeps flowing out, coating my cheeks and chin, then running down onto my neck.  Once done, he pauses for breath then smiles at me before leaning down to kiss me, licking the cum off my face as he does so.  He breaks the kiss and sits upright, then forces his still dripping cock into my mouth – pinned as I am underneath him, I can do nothing but accept this and take the throat fucking like a man.  It’s actually pretty hot, and I reach down and grab my own cock, trying to time my own motion with the thrusting in and out of my mouth.  This works well, and as he plunges his still hard dick down my throat once more, I let go with a butt clenching orgasm of my own, spraying my load over his ass cheeks.  We shower together, then chat for a while as he lolls about still naked while I dress.  Lengthy kiss and I depart.  This morning I wake to a series of messages from him, asking to meet again before he leaves in 2 days.  

Monday, 15 September 2014

Changing demographics…

In response to a recent birthday (nothing too dramatic numerically speaking), I updated my age on Grindr.  I only added two years, but am now approached on a daily basis by guys seeking some sort of father figure.  It seems to be split between those wishing to be dominated or (more rarely) dominate, and range in age from 19 – 37 (?!?!?).  Requests (in order of creepiness), have been as follows;  1) to befriend my children so that he can then be molested by “a friends father”.  2) for me to bring along some of my teenage child's underwear for him to wear as I discipline him.  3) to be spanked then raped.  4) to be tied up then raped.  5) to bring a friend “as old as possible” and gang-bang him.  6) to call him “son” as I face fuck him.  7) to offer up my ass to him “and some friends”.  8) mutual spanking and reciprocal fucking.  9) to be taken to McDonalds after sex and 10) “just to cuddle”.

Fuckin’ weird right?  Personally, I find roleplay exhausting, and struggle to keep a straight face when obliged to do so.  The idea of actualizing my kids in this, or fetishizing their belongings repulses me, and I have been quick to tell these guys so, before blocking them. Not even to mention that I would yet to hit puberty to have sired the 37y.o. guy!  What's kinda sad is how troubled they are, and how many of them there seem to be.

The Dad seekers who aren't at the extreme spectrum are an interesting bunch.
Rest assured my caffeine and nicotine heavy diet keeps me out of the gym, so it’s all about the gene pool  - Mère Liggett is quick to remind anyone listening that she modeled for Horst.
(Once.  60 years back.  Let it go fer chrissakes!).
Anyway - this new set of “admirers” is repeatedly disappointed I do not look like their idea of a Dad, and I am rejected as I am neither grey nor fat.  Those that take me on my looks tend to get weirded out when they ‘discover’ my age.  It’s too sad to be one of those guys that are 48 & dress 28, so I see no point in pretending or acting like anything other than what I am (or even changing my online age back).

I mean, really, what is one supposed to do?  Regular readers will know it’s been some
weeks since an update, and I’m tired of solo pleasures! 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

The traveler returns...

Having cut short his family vacation to be with me, the Engineer lands an hour early (?!?!?), and lets me know he's waiting at the airport.  I haven't 'prepared' myself, but jump in the car and head off.

Chaos.  Airports in my part of the world have a slightly more relaxed view on security, and between the drop-offs, the pick-ups and those who are merely 'waiting', the terminal entrance is a disaster.  My car is at the shop (again), but I have told him what I am presently driving, so expect no real drama.  I finally pull up and he's there - tall and brooding, in a form fitting T-shirt and skin tight jeans, but he can't see me.  I hit the horn, and he reacts by pulling out his phone and calling me.  Looking straight through me, he's demanding to know where I am as I wave at him from 6 feet away.  His eyes focus, and a heartbreaking smile comes over his face as he recognizes me.  His vast array of luggage won't fit in the trunk, and I have my turn enduring the honks and shouts of other drivers as we laugh and juggle the bags.

We hold hands as I drive, and then are finally indoors.  Sweeping me into his arms, it all comes out - how much he has missed me, his agony since our last hook-up, how glad he is to be with me again and let's go upstairs.  Now.

As always, we simply kiss and kiss some more - we're like teenagers who can't go past first base.  Having previously said I don't know how long we make out for, I keep a sly eye on the clock - after 45 minutes he falls back and just looks at me, smiling.  "Habibi" he says, then silence.  We resume, me working my mouth from his throat to his nipples, down his stomach and onto his balls, briefly taking his shaft into my mouth.  Then I flip him onto his stomach, and begin to caress his butt and massage his shoulders as I sit astride him.

I kiss his neck, then work my way down his back and into his cleft.  I begin to flick my tongue over and around his hole as he lies there murmuring and softly moaning.  As I work my way back up, I slide my cock into his slicked ass, and rest the head against his hole.  He stirs slightly, then reaches back to take my hands and suck on my fingers.  He starts to loosen against the pressure of my dick, and I feel myself enter.  He moans and squirms, but positions himself in order that I continue, finally coming to the point where my balls are resting atop his.  Bliss.  I lie inside him, quite still, and continue kissing his neck and shoulders, and then I start to thrust and withdraw.  He's crying out in a good way, so I continue until I feel myself edging closer to the point of no return, then I withdraw completely.

Rolling him back, we resume kissing, until he drops his head to my lap and starts to suck my cock.  His usual fluttering technique is working a treat, but I tell him to stop as I am close to losing my load.  "Lie back and enjoy" he says as he continues, now dragging his beard over my balls and licking my dick.  After much squirming and moaning on my part, I soon cover myself with a 5 day load.  As this happens he starts to cry out as well, gasping and heaving as he pumps his own load onto the sheets.

We fall back, side by side and our more mundane conversation continues.  How/where we had spent summer (he had no idea who Kate Moss was??), then he smiles and says "give me your back".  I look down and he's hard again, and now wants to fuck me.  I laugh - "Again? So soon?", and he shrugs and smiles, working his rock hard cock into my ass, holding it in place as we each wriggle a little to get comfortable.  With his dick buried deep inside me, he wraps his arms around me and holds me tight, and I know at this point I am happy.  Then he begins to thrust, quite aggressively, muttering it's been "too long" since we did this, then suddenly he falls back, his cock sliding out of me.

He's tired and wants to go home, so we dress and get back into the car - again we hold hands as I drive and I drop him at his door, each of us wondering when we'll meet next.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Worrying or comforting...?

We're planning a long weekend in a nearby city, and I convince the family to go ahead a few days early.  Mainly as I haven't seen the Engineer in a while and I want to.

I drop him a line, informing him I will be free on "X" dates, and he replies immediately - "Out of town, but will come back early for you".

He has cut short his own family vacation, left them behind, and taken a 7 hour flight, simply to be with me.

Now I am concerned - this is becoming a relationship (although after 3 years, I'm kidding myself if I think otherwise), which is not what I signed on for.  We're both married with kids and there is no future for either of us, other than as occasional fuckbuddies.

I'm flattered, but why would he do this?  Does he have 'feelings' for me?  Aaaarghh!!!!!

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Impossible glamour...

I mentioned in a recent post I had decamped to southern Turkey.  Whilst there my wife and I paid a call on a friend who runs a small boutique hotel, of the kind that attracts people who are either so rich you've never heard of them, or so famous they know they won't be bothered.

So, I'm standing at the bar with him, when he looks over my shoulder and his eyebrows go up.  "Darling" he cries, "Welcome back!  I want you to meet Weston and his wife, old friends from X".

At this point Kate Moss shakes my hand and says "Hello old friends from X".  As my jaw picks up, she turns and calls out "Naomi - we're over here".  And Naomi Campbell walks over.

For those who care, Kate is taller than you would think, and has more wrinkles, but a pretty damn cool vibe going on.  Naomi is quite simply a goddess.  Tall, flawless and wrinkle free.  She looks down her nose at us, glances at Kate (who nods), and says to me "we're on so-and-so's boat for drinks shortly, you might as well come along".

So we shortly find ourselves on the 200+ foot yacht of some billionaire, where, incredibly, we knew other people.  Much laughter and champagne ensued, and we were returned to shore some hours later, sans our old and new friends.  To quote Edina Monsoon, Naomi is "difficult", but Kate Moss (and her hubby), were really very genuine and friendly.  However I doubt she will remember me if we meet again though.

For once, no sex in my tale (but plenty of eye candy - those Russian boys...), but no one else to tell, so I am writing it down here.  My friend was very clear they came to his place for privacy and freedom, so we were forbidden to discuss anything that might identify our location.  Oh well....

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Turkish cubs and fast fucks...

We've moved on from Istanbul, and headed south, to one of Turkey's most glamourous locales, where I have taken a villa for a few weeks with my family.  We head out for lunch one day, settling on a small cafe in a very nice marina.

After my annoying experience in the hammam recently, I'm wondering what's going on, but that soon changes.  As befits the location, the cafe is staffed by a selection of very handsome young men, one of whom catches my eye.  He's young (20...?), tall, brooding and well built, with the most fabulous rear thighs filling his skin tight jeans up to a tight little bubble butt.  He's filling the frontside as well, with what appears to be a kransky flopping about as he moves from table to table.

As he moves around, he ensures to keep behind my wife, but is constantly making eye contact with me, and ostentatiously bends over repeatedly to pick up whatever off the floor.  My dick starts to stir, and I decide I need to use the bathroom.

I catch the guy alone near the counter, and ask him for directions as we exchange looks.  Upstairs and along he indicates (language barrier), so away I go.

I exit the bathroom, and he's standing in a storeroom doorway nearby - I don't need an interpreter for this, and by the time I've taken the few steps along, he's kicked off his shoes and is peeling off his shirt.  I close the door behind me, and move to caress his broad, smooth and muscular chest.  But this is not what I want - I turn him around, and run my thumbs down his spine and crack, then his legs.  I begin the upstroke, but he reaches in front to undo his jeans and force them down, exposing a tight hairy butt and those fabulous legs.

Pushing the guy onto a table, I sink my thumbs into the fold of skin under his glutes, lifting his cheeks to expose his hole.  One of the things in this part of the world is a cultural propensity to wash rather than wipe, so even for a casual encounter like this, you're almost guaranteed a clean sweet hole, with maybe just a hint of man-musk.  And in I go, slurping, licking and tongue fucking the guy as he squirms and moans softly.  I run my tongue up his spine, then turn him around so he is facing me.  The guy is a show-er rather than a grower, and the promised cock is the same size but now pointing skywards.

I drag him to the edge of the table, and opening my pants, I work my cock under his balls.  Spitting down on my dick, I ease myself into him as he shudders and then suddenly relaxes, taking me inside him to the base.  I  grab his shoulders and give it to him for a bit, his head thrown back, but I don't want to come inside him so withdraw.

He slides off the table, onto his knees and takes my cock into his mouth, and very quickly I fill his mouth as he slurps down my load.  Once he's cleaned me up, I rezip my pants and exit the room.

My wife asks what took me so long.  I shrug and change the subject.

Now I am of two minds - we're here for a while.  Can I go back for seconds?

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Just. Not. Into. It.

A quick trip to Istanbul, and a return to my favourite bathhouse.

It's quiet - a gentle older bear wandering about stroking himself, a tall fit bearded guy, a very loud Aussie ginger and a few others.  Now the thing to remember about Turkish guys is that either they are fairly loud screaming queens or brooding guys who like sex with other men.  Today we have the latter.  I take a seat in one of the rooms, and wait to see what happens. 

The bearded guy wanders in, and arranges himself in such a fashion that he's fully exposed, with his pestemal flicked over his hips.  Handsome, great physique and a nice cock.  He starts to work his cock, but I'm just not into it.

I move to another room, and lie flat on the hot stone.  The older guy comes in, and stares at me as he idly rubs his cock, but I'm just not into it.  I stir slightly, exposing my flaccid dick, hoping he'll get the message.  He does.

A new guy comes through - tall, very fit, very bald, and a bulging cloth.  Hmmm.  Maybe.  But he turns and leaves to continue his tour of the rooms.

I decide to return to the first room, and see if bearded guy is still about - he is, and he's giving tall, bald and fit a blowjob, eagerly working his hands up and down the guys back and buttocks as he sucks him off.  I am simultaneously acknowledged and ignored, so decide to stay and watch for a bit.  It's good, but I'm just not into it.

I move to yet another room, but remain standing, stretching in the heat.  The older guy comes in and sits at my feet, touching my thigh, with his mouth just inches from my cock.  But I'm just not into it and move away.

Now I'm kinda pissed that I'm not into anything, and decide to see how the blowjob is going.  Another guy has joined, and now tall and fit as well as the beard are getting a blowjob from the new guy, who's young and kind of cute.  I take a seat and decide to watch the show.  The new guy has a hand on each of the others asses, and is taking turns on their cocks.  This is good, but.  I'm just not into it.

Tall & fit moves the blower to his feet, and lifts one of his legs onto the bench.  He's got a good sized dick, maybe 7", and he starts to try and fuck the guy.  Both are keen, and as the younger guy blows the beard he's trying to get tall and fits cock into his ass.  But it's not happening - I toss over a bar of soap to help ease matters, but they revert to the suckfest as if I'm not there.  This does it for me, so I up and depart, annoyed and frustrated at both the lack of action, and my lack of interest.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Cock. Blocked. Again...

Perhaps to ensure my sensibilities are sheltered over the month of fasting, perhaps because 'if they can't, no-one can', perhaps there's someone new at 'The Ministry'.  I don't know.

What I do know is that  Every. Single. Blog. that I have linked to on this site is blocked.


Monday, 14 July 2014

Watch guy? Watch out…!

After my first highly enjoyable encounter with Watch Guy, I’m please when he hits me up maybe a week later for another session - it’s a difficult time of year for hook-ups, and I’m ready to bust a nut.  Straight there, straight in and we’re lying about on the couch watching some crap on TV as we stroke one another.  He’s shirtless, I’m fully dressed.

Things then turn weird.  Pulling his cock out of his shorts, he grabs me by the hair and shoves me down onto it, bucking his hips to get it right into my mouth.  Ok, he wants a blowjob, no problem.  I oblige, deepthroating the guy at first, then slowly dragging my mouth up to his tip and swirling my tongue around the head of his cock.  He seems pleased by this, and as he pulls on his shisha pipe he starts to face fuck me, never letting go of my hair other than to flatten his palm and force my head down even further.  I break free and look him in the eye, whereupon he drags me up and kisses me hard, forcing his tongue into my mouth and biting my bottom lip.  I’m game for this and reciprocate, going at him as good as I get, holding our cocks together in one hand, rubbing them against each other.  He pushes me back down, slapping my face with his cock before shoving back into my mouth, then drags me off so he can slap my face with his open hand.  I’m a bit taken aback by this, and, holding him by the throat, I inform him not to do that again.  Weirdly, he looks kind of triumphant as I do this, then shoves me back down again.

I call it a lapse and let him continue face fucking me.  A number of times I think from his twisting, groaning and thrusting that I’m about to get a mouthful, but I don’t, so, tired of the couch I stand up.  “Bed” I tell him, removing my clothes as I walk to the bedroom.  He follows.

We get on the bed and it’s a different dynamic.  We’re back to being equals, albeit each a little more aggressive than before.  He’s happy to swallow my cock as I ride his face, then I lean forward and begin to suck him as well.  He pushes me forward, and as I hold his butt cheeks from below he recommences face fucking me, viciously slapping my own butt as he bucks and thrusts into my mouth.  It’s not a whole lot of fun being spanked, so I tell him to stop and to roll over so I can rim him.  He’s delighted by this, and I go in with my tongue, teasing and working his hole.  I try to follow up with a cheeky finger, but my hand is pushed away so I resume my tonguing.  As he lies doggie style, I work my mouth from his balls, to his taint and into his hole, then run my tongue up the length of his spine until my mouth is on his ear and my cock is wedged in his crack, pushing against him from behind.  This reduces him to jelly (yay!!), and I repeat the maneuver as he moans “heaven, heaven”, each time my cock nudges his hole a little more insistently.  “You like that?” I ask as I wriggle my dick against his hole.  “Ooohh yeah” the reply as he parts his legs a little more.  “You want me to slide that cock inside you?” I ask, as he squirms slightly beneath my weight.  At this point my mind is wondering if the slapping I received from this self-professed ‘top only’ is an attempt to antagonize me into raping him, when he slams his legs shut around my cock and murmurs “hump me until you cum”.  I lean back a little and spit on my dick, then begin to work it back between his legs, slamming the head into his ball sack as his crack hair provides the friction and the feel.  Fuck it’s good.  Biting, licking and kissing his shoulders and the back of his neck, I work myself in and out of that slippery space, going for much longer than I expected, when I begin to spasm and twitch as I feel a weeks worth of cum explode out of me, continuing the hump until I am spent and lying atop him, gasping.

He rolls us over, then feels down to himself and, as previously, retrieves my load to wipe over my face, then licks and kisses it off, all the while pulling furiously at his own rock hard dick, my spare cum as lube.  Once I’m cleaned up, he guides my head down and as I clean him, he starts to dribble pre-cum in ever increasing volume until a fucking geyser erupts.  Like the Engineer, his third spurt is biggest and strongest, getting me fair in the face, the rest going all over his torso.  The whole time his phone has been ringing repeatedly, and as soon as he’s done he leaps off the bed and checks it.  As he wanders naked about the flat shouting into it, he tosses me a towel and points to the bathroom.  When I emerge from the shower he’s still arguing, so I dress, then slap his rump and make my exit.

Sunday, 13 July 2014

Watch guy...

I've had a fairly ardent admirer on a couple of platforms of late, clearly all the same person, sending me messages and so forth.  Nothing too creepy, but regularly informing me how keen he is to meet.  He’s actually not that bad a profile, so we begin to chat and clear the usual hurdles (non-colleague, no professional crossover etc. etc.).  He has told me where he works, and I am in fact a semi-regular customer, but I don’t recall his face.  This particular shop sells high-end timepieces, and is staffed by Lebanese guys who could double as male models, so I’m curious and decide to do a little stalking of my own.  I pass by the place, and there he is.  He has sent me pics with no-glasses (which was why I couldn't place him), but he recognizes me immediately and whispers “I had hoped it was you…”.  He is a fraction shorter than me, nicely built without being ‘muscly’, and as mentioned, model handsome, but not the guy I was secretly crushing on.

A day or so later he messages to tell me his family have traveled, and invites me to pass by for coffee and cigarettes.  I agree, and make my way there.  It’s an odd set-up, a tiny flat yet with lavish Saddam-style decor, but he’s friendly and gracious as we chat on the couch.  Suddenly he asks if I “would like to shower”, and I agree.  As I exit the stall he’s waiting with a towel, and he starts to kiss me as he dries me off, now clad himself in only a pair of tiny gym shorts, showcasing his physique and his bulge.

I am led to the bedroom, and we get horizontal.  The guy is an outstanding kisser, and generally speaking, a very thoughtful lover.  He just wants to kiss me, rim me and blow me, and I’m happy to reciprocate.  As mentioned, he has a nice fit body, and an average yet perfect cock.  Standard 6” cut, but a set of good sized low hanging balls beneath.  These get the bulk of my attention, licking, sucking and whatnot, when he pushes me away and flips me to my stomach.  “I’m want to fuck you now” he says, diving in to rim me again and again, forcing his tongue into my hole as a pre-cursor to his meat.  Holding my hips, he begins to work the cock in, adjusting his angle until we are both happy, then he begins to smoothly fuck me, softly moaning as he slides himself in and out of me, doggy style.

He breaks and withdraws, removing his condom and wiping himself clean.  Drawing around, he begins to suck my dick, and pushes his feet into my face.  They’re clean, so I bite and suck his toes as he moans and groans around my cock, and after the fucking, I'm soon ready to blow.  I tell the guy, but he just moans back “go for it”, and I shove his mouth away as I shoot all over my stomach.  He pauses, scoops up my cum and smears it over my mouth and face, then comes in to kiss me and lick it off.  As it’s my own, I have no problem with this (and actually find it quite hot), so I let him slake his appetite and clean me up with his mouth and tongue.  We sprawl entangled for a while, and then shower together, him washing me all over before dropping to his knees to rim me as the water cascades over us both.  With my hands braced on the shower wall, I’m enjoying this very much, but it is soon time to finish.  Once dry, but still naked, we return to the couch and smoke some more before it is time for me to dress and depart…

Fun with the Engineer.

Finally, the family have travelled, and I ping The Engineer.  As previously, he’s at my house when I return from the airport, and we quickly move upstairs.  It’s been a while, and we’re both eager to reacquaint ourselves with each other’s bodies, but I ask him to keep his wife beater and drawers on in order that I can marvel at his physique.  He’s happy to have me run my hands all over him, with an occasional pinch, lick, squeeze and nibble as I do so.

We’re onto the bed, now naked, and as always, we start to kiss.  Our tongues and hands are all over each other, The Engineer stroking my cock with his hand as he works his tongue into my mouth and I reciprocate.  I break away and push him down towards my cock, but he swings around into a 69 and we continue, holding each others buttocks as we force our respective cocks down each other’s throat.  Finally he pulls free and rolls me onto my back, throwing my feet over his shoulders and positioning himself between my legs.  Leaning forward, he resumes kissing me, his cock nudging against my hole, slowly but steadily working his way into me, until he is balls deep inside me.  Pausing our kiss, but still inside, he smiles at me and begins to buck, working his length in and out as he recommences our kiss.

Tonight he’s a lot more aggressive than usual, and I find myself lifted, flipped and moved constantly as he fucks me from a variety of angles, culminating in the proverbial reverse cowboy.  I’m holding onto his feet as I work myself up and down his shaft while he scratches my back, but then he rolls us both to the side and continues to pound me until we reach his usual glorious, noisy and productive climax.  As so often before, he sprays me, the bedhead and the linen with his load.  Once recovered, he drops his head to my still hard meat and blows me to a most satisfying conclusion, my load joining his on my stomach.

Unusually, he wants to linger, and once I’m cleaned up, we are sprawled together in bed.  He tells me it is his dream that we travel together so that this can be our ‘usual state’, by which he means no pressure and no hurry, and I smile at this thought.  Shortly I realize he’s nodded off, and the marvel of this big strong man asleep in my arms hits me as something utterly desirable, and equally unachievable.  Upon waking, he showers and departs, leaving me both happy and satisfied…

Thursday, 10 July 2014

The Old Guy...

Get a hit on Manjam from a profile that seems similar to mine – age, build, interest etc.  We start chatting, and I’m sent some fairly fit pics, which I respond to with my own.  Turns out we’re both bored and horny, and the guy isn’t too far away, so he issues an invite.  Into the car and away, with the promise of some world class porn “and more”.

I get there, and an old man opens the door.  If he is my age, he’s had an incredibly tough life – craggy face, slumped body and snow white hair & beard.  To say I’m disappointed is an understatement.  He ushers me into an apartment that reeks of stale smoke, with some "lads channel" playing on the TV.  He goes to his bar and pours me a drink, which I stand and nurse as we make polite chit chat.  As we do so, he flips on the porn, but leaves the soundtrack to the TV show running, so I get to watch a pretty hot black 3some with Jeremy Clarkson gabbing on in the background.  Hmmm.  The guy starts to tell me how this really gets him hot (I assumed the 3some, not Clarkson), and he goes over to draw the curtains, removing his shirt as he returns.  We watch for a while, then he stands in the semi-darkness and removes his pants, so I go with the flow and do the same.  Now I’m standing naked in a strangers apartment, watching porn and drinking beer with a semi hard-on.  Odd, but not unenjoyable.

I am totally not into the guy, but he makes a move and drops to his knees, nuzzling, licking and sucking my cock and balls.  This, the porn and the beer serve to get me hard, so tell him to find lube etc. and direct him to the couch.  With my back to the TV (dammit), I raise his ass into the air and begin to press my cock against his hole, but he won’t take it.  More lube, more beer (for him) but no luck.  He’s tight, and squeezing back on me to the point where I start to deflate - even a sly finger is met with a yelp, so I give up and push him to the side so I can sprawl while I watch TV and finish the beer, idly playing with my cock as I do so.  To be honest, this is kind of liberating, being naked, not giving a shit about anything and being free to do as I please, and lo I get hard again.  The guy rolls over and pushes my legs up in order to start rimming me and licking my balls, his beard doing more for me than his tongue, but then he takes my cock in his mouth again and goes for it.  Awesome.  The beard dragging on my balls as he sucks me and pinches my nipples gets me squirming, and he soon gets a mouthful of cum, continuing to suck until I’m dry.  He then dribbles (drizzles?) this all over my stomach, before finding some tissues and cleaning me up.  He has no interest in being sucked or trying again to fuck, so we watch a bit more porn, then I dress and leave.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Can a threesome be disappointing….?

Get hit by a guy online, who’s overly keen to meet.    Ultimately, he sends a pretty damn good set of cock, body & face pics, but I’m not sure, so I revert to my usual “public meet” despite his protests.  10 minutes before, he messages and tells me there’s “a problem”, and the location we were to meet for sex (assuming the coffee went well), is unavailable.  I’m already practically at the coffee place, so tell him I’m going there anyway if he wants to join.  And he does.  Exactly as his pics – good looking, mid-thirties, fit tight body and an encouraging bulge in his pants.  We sit and chat for a bit, but his phone keeps going off.  This is annoying, but he slides me his ID with an apologetic shrug of the shoulders as he talks.  The guy’s a plainclothes cop, but he’s not there to bust me, just meet me for all the reasons he claimed.  Let’s call him “Undercover”.

Eventually we part company, with vague promises to ‘be in touch’, but I’m not convinced anything will come of it.  The very next day he’s back down the line, with a place and another guy who’s interested.  I have plans, so must decline.  He reverts, bringing the time forward an hour, so I'm in!  I get there, and a good looking Filipino opens the door – tall, muscular and manly, he’s pretty good stuff, and the cop is in the background smiling.  They want to sit and talk, but I have the other obligation and am short on time.

We move to the bedroom – Undercover and I strip off to our underwear, but the Filipino remains clothed for some reason.  Who cares.  Undercover looks even better near naked, great chest and biceps, his trunks bulging, and he comes over and lies beside me, taking me into his arms as we kiss and stroke one anothers bodies.  He’s an excellent kisser, working his lips, tongue and teeth as he fondles and strokes my cock and balls through my shorts.  The Filipino is paying attention to our feet, kissing and massaging my toes (and presumably Undercovers as well), occasionally running his mouth up and down my legs and kissing my cock through the shorts before we finally remove our underwear.  Undercover is rocking a fat and cut 8” that’s like a steel pipe.  I’ve never felt a cock so hard, and I push the other guy out of the way so I can suck it.  It’s awesome, and as I bob up and down on this rigid piece of meat, Undercover begins to work his fingers around my hole, tentatively pushing them in and out as I suck on his cock.  He pulls me back towards his face, and as we resume kissing the Filipino starts to give us alternate blowjobs, but his technique is poor – rather than take the cock in his mouth, he prefers to run his lips up and down the length, which isn’t working for me.  I grab my cock and try to push it into his mouth, but he quickly turns his attention to the rock hard member of Undercover, who’s content to lie back and enjoy.

Attempts to kiss Undercover as we lie together are met with some reciprocity but also some indifference - he’s now fully fired up and just wants to fuck.  Reaching for the condoms, he drags the now-naked Filipino onto his lap.  The guy can’t take much, and starts squirming and yelping, until Undercover finally pulls away and repositions to doggy style, leaving me lying there.  Holding the guy by the back of the neck with one hand, and resting the other on his hips, he then drives himself into the guy, ignoring his whimpering and protests, until he’s balls deep and the guy goes quiet.  Rising to my knees, I take the chance to push my own cock into his mouth, and we now have ourselves a spit roast, the guy gagging on my meat as Undercover begins to steadily fuck him from behind.  With my dick finally in the guys mouth, I lean forward so Undercover and I can kiss as this guy rocks back and forth, providing us with alternating pleasure.  All too soon Undercover pauses, shudders and announces he’s done, pulling out of the guys ass with a fully loaded condom.  I flop back onto the bed as he heads for the shower, and the guy comes over to suck me some more, but I want to fuck him as well.  I tell him to suit me up and he does so, climbing into my lap and lowering himself slowly onto my pole, grinding away as he grimaces and winces.  Undercover is a fair bit bigger than me, so the guys pretty loose, and I’m not getting a lot of ‘feel’.  I tell him to give up and jerk me off, and he’s happy to oblige.  By the time I’ve shot my load and cleaned up, Undercover is dressed and wants to leave.  Without getting a chance to exchange numbers with the Filipino, I too dress and we leave together, with vague promises of meeting again “soon”.  But the whole thing was just…, I don’t know - dull?

Delayed departure

Turns out Le Pinoy isn’t heading off quite as soon as I thought, and we get a chance for another meet.  Given just how far away he lives, I’m always short on time, but get there and enter the apartment.  He’s already undressed, and as we embrace, our tongues and hands roam over one anothers bodies.  Turns out he’s got a porno he wants to emulate, but the streaming fails and we’re left to our own imagination.  Not really a problem.  He quickly sinks his mouth onto my cock, eagerly sucking me as he fingers my ass, and I run my hands through his hair, pushing him further down onto me.  We break and turn so that he can eat my ass while I blow him.  Grinding myself into his face, he’s actively working his tongue into me, and I am eagerly taking his meat into my mouth, occasionally working my own tongue over his ball sack and down into his taint.  He has the cutest and firmest little butt, so I flip him over and dive in to rim him, dragging my cheeks and beard inside his thighs, licking and sucking his hole.  He seems to be in a compliant mood today, so I run my tongue up his back, and begin to kiss, lick and bite the back of his neck as my cock strains against his spit slicked hole.  I slowly begin to nestle myself into his crack, gently but firmly nudging at his tight little rosebud, and manage to get it just in before he freezes and forces me back out.  Rolling him to his back, I pull his legs up over my shoulders and give it another go, getting maybe a third of my length in before he cries out and again squeezes me out.  I give up on this, and resume kissing the guy, working myself into his lap, feeling his cock grind against mine, my taint, and my balls as I slowly raise my body.

Grabbing his cock, I work his length into me, sliding right down to revel in the sensation of his whole cock inside me as I grind against his hips.  Working my knees, I then manage to move myself up and down him, until I can stand the sensations no more and need release.  Stroking my own cock, I begin to buck against him as I jerk off, our mouths and tongues frantically working one another as I do so.  Eventually, with a final slam down onto his rigid meat, I shoot my load onto his chest, sadly missing his open mouth by a whisker.  Pulling me off him, he grabs himself and quickly comes to conclusion as I lick and slurp at his balls and hole.  We shower, and I leave.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A new record - Fast would be proud…!

I’m online, and get a hit from a guy.  He’s the right age/demographic and all of the above, so we proceed to exchange pics.  He’s damn hot, damn funny, and damn well hung.  That he’s also uncut is a major bonus.  During our chat we had uncovered that we knew (and had previously admired) one another through mutual friends, none of whom know we’re each partial to a bit of cock.  We agree to meet, but enroute he messages that his phone is about to die, gives me some conflicting directions, then goes offline.  Hmmm.  After 45 minutes of fucking around in THE worst part of town, I send a message calling it off, but decide to finish my coffee before leaving.  Then he replies – “so sorry, phone probs” and all of that, then informs me of another engagement just 30 minutes hence, so I tell him to forget it.  But he persists - I’m “so close” to his place yada yada yada, so I swallow my pride and go to the address.

He’s all that I remembered, and more.  However, by now we have less than 15 minutes before his skype call is due, so I ask what he wants to do.  “This” he says, with one hand peeling off his shirt & with the other unbuttoning my shorts.  We’re soon naked, cocks upright, and he leads me to the bedroom, dragging me onto the bed as I fall onto his juicy uncut cock, swirling my tongue around the foreskin and gently stretching it with my lips and driving my tongue into the gap as he works my own cock with his mouth.  We break to kiss and grind, then he positions himself between my legs and takes both our cocks into one hand.  Spitting on his handful, he starts to jerk us both at once, and I tell him to slow down or I’ll shoot quickly.  “Yep”, he informs, “That’s the point remember…”  Sure enough, after only a minute or so of twisting and turning beneath him as he works his magic, my hands scratching and pulling at his chest and nipples, I shoot my load, and he quickly follows, splattering it across my stomach in a series of creamy ropes.  He then grabs a towel for me and heads to the bathroom to clean himself up - while I dress, I see him pulling on his t-shirt as the phone starts to ring.  He answers it naked from the waist down, and as I let myself out the door I hear the words “Hi Mom…”

12 minutes – awesome!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Happy endings…

After an action packed weekend, I decide to take some quiet time and enjoy a massage and “hammam maghrebi”, which is the local version of a Turkish bath.  The massage is quietly efficient, then the guy says “I will hand you to the Lebanese now”, passing me a bathrobe and opening the door.  Standing outside is the proverbial Arabic wet dream.  Tall, fit, late 20's, and a killer smile greets me, right down to the ‘soccer player’ haircut, and all of this with just a towel wrapped around his waist.  Slightly dazed by both the massage and my sudden good fortune, I am escorted to the wet area, where the guy indicates the slab and says “I will return in 10 minutes.  No need for shorts”.  Naked, I lie down and soak up the heat and steam, until he returns and begins to lather me.  As he works his hands over my body, I get to check him out.  All that I mentioned - nicely muscled without being ‘too much’, and now clad in a pair of tiny shorts that emphasize both his flat stomach and what appears to be a fairly impressive package.  His hands continue to work my body, tantalizingly close to my now-stirring cock, when he murmurs “don’t be upset”, and begins to work the lather onto my cock and balls before slapping me and instructing me to turn over.  He continues his attentions, sliding his fingers down my back and legs, then up into my crack, gently massaging my balls from behind.  With a slap on my rump he again informs me “I will return in 10 minutes” and departs the room…

I must have drifted off, because next I know, he is back in the room and beginning to scrub me down.  This is quite aggressive, and my hard-on quickly deflates, until I am again instructed to lie on my back and the second soaping begins.  This is often the most enjoyable part of the hammam experience, being tenderly washed like a child and gently manipulated on the slab, all with the attendant frisson of  “will he or won’t he”.  Turns out he will.  Assiduous in his attentions, he is gently working foam all over my body, but noticeably not touching my cock or balls.  Working his way down to my feet, he then pushes them back towards my hips, so that my knees are raised and parted as I lie on my back.  He now begins to work my thighs, stroking downwards towards my ass, and slowly working his soapy hands on my cheeks and taint, stirring my cock back into life.  I open my eyes and look down, where I see the guy is crouched naked between my legs, his impressive piece of meat jutting upwards, its size emphasized by the fact that, despite his hairy chest, he is shaven below.  Seeing my eyes open, he smiles, and begins to work alternate thumbs into my hole, pushing and pulling at my cheeks as he moves his thumbs in and out, and stroking my sack with the free hand.  He then works his way up my torso, capturing my rock hard cock between his forearms as his hands begin to stroke my chest.  As he reaches my shoulders, he drops his weight down to straighten my legs, sliding his cock between them and starts to hump me.  I clench my thighs in order to encourage him, and as he clutches me he begins to grind against me, slipping and sliding due to the suds, but all too quickly spasming and shuddering as he shoots his load between my legs.  Holding position, he brings a hand around and begins to stroke me, holding both my cock and his own still hard member in the same hand, using the soap to bring me to a quick and violent orgasm as I lie pinned beneath him.  From my time in Beirut, maybe this is an MO?

From here he is all business, gently cleaning us both up and finishing the routine.  As I depart, he hands me his number and asks me “to return soon”…

Afternoon delights

Out of nowhere, the Engineer calls and tells me his family have traveled.  Given the short notice, it’s a bit of a juggle, but we establish that straight after lunch works for us both.  Arriving at the appointed time (and happily no brother floating about), we go directly to his room and stand staring into one another’s eyes like lovers.  He cracks a smile and drags me towards him, covering me in kisses as I run my hands over his broad and hairy chest, moving down to caress his muscular butt as he does the same to me.  The only thing going through my mind as we are doing this is how I can get "more", so I alternate between forcing my tongue into his mouth and biting his lips as he does the same to me.  Removing my clothes, he drags me onto the bed and we continue kissing, savoring the full contact of our naked bodies as we writhe and squirm on one another, all the time our mouths, lips and hips locked together.  I break free of his embrace and start to kiss, suck and bite his throat, moving my mouth up to gently nibble at his earlobe.  This causes him to shudder violently - I take this as a good sign and move my mouth to his armpits and nipples, licking and biting my way across the expanse of his chest and eventually arriving at his other ear.  As I do this, he is gently stroking and massaging my cock, when he suddenly reaches for my hips and draws me up his body till I am sitting on his chest, from where he begins to suck my cock.  I am happy to rest back on his raised knees as he consumes me, working his mouth up and down my shaft, and occasionally licking my balls.  Feeling slightly guilty at my lack of reciprocity, I turn myself over until we are at 69, and begin to work my mouth on his cock as if it were a particularly delicious ice-cream, working my lips and tongue over the head and shaft until he begs me to stop.

He sits up, his hand pressing into the small of my back as he repositions himself behind me and between my legs.  Diving in to suck at my hole, his tongue and beard sending thrills through my spine, he works his way up my back until his cock is pressing against my wet and eager crack.  Drawing my hips off the bed, he begins to enter me.  His thick cock pulses its way through my first and second rings, then quickly withdraws.  “Habibi”, he tells me, “you are tight today”, before thrusting himself back inside me, flattening me on the mattress as he does so.  Raising himself onto his hands, he hammers at me until I am gasping and groaning with pleasure, when suddenly pulls out and flips me over.  Before I am even on my back, he begins to pump his load out, yet again covering my face and chest with his cum as he makes the usual wonderful noises that accompany his every orgasm.  Laughing and gasping, he smiles at me and drops his head into my crotch, eagerly sucking at my dick as he mumbles “your turn”.  It doesn’t take long and my own load joins his on my body.  We shower together, then return to the bed, cuddling and talking for an hour or so until it is time to leave.

Closure on Le Pinoy (and the start of a busy weekend…)

So I finally manage to get the time/place/transport metric sorted, and I’m on for a meet with Le Pinoy.  He’s had his residency granted in another country, and is about to leave these shores, so this will be our final meet.  He’s previously expressed some desire to dominate me, so I decide as a parting gift to indulge him.  Not entirely altruistic, as I've had a rough time at work of late and really just want someone else to take charge for a change.

Arriving at his, we exchange kisses then move to the bedroom.  I tell him “I’m yours”, and strip to my underwear, standing before him with my wrists crossed in a submissive pose.  He smiles and draws me to him, pulling my trunks down and hoovering my cock, working his hands on my butt and beginning to finger my hole as he sucks me.  Pulling me onto the bed, he swings around into a 69 and shoves his cock into my mouth as he continues sucking my own, then working his mouth past my balls and onto my hole.  He begins to aggressively rim me, forcing his tongue inside and flicking it around as he withdraws, while I continue to work on his cock and balls.  I work my mouth past his sack and into his taint, eventually finding his tight little hole, which I begin to massage with my tongue.  After some of this, I start to work a finger inside him, but my hand is swatted away and he moves to a sitting position.  Now placed squarely on my face, he continues to suck me as I eagerly snort and snuffle at his hole, working my tongue around and sucking on his balls as he rides me.

He then announces he wants to swallow my load, and goes in for the money shot, sucking, licking and kissing my member as he works his own cock with a spare hand.  I’m content to simply lie back and enjoy this, idly stroking his butt and sack as he blows me.  All too soon I’m ready, and begin to moan and squirm as I fill his mouth with my load.  He’s a bit surprised at my volume, and he starts to make slurping noises as he tries to manage both the volume and the ongoing bobbing action of his head, sucking more and more out of me until I’m done.  He then moves into self satisfaction mode, actively thrashing his meat as I lick his balls from below, culminating in a large pool of cum covering my chest as he falls forward onto me, squishing us together.  Showers follow, and the tender realization that we won’t meet again sees us exchange a final lingering kiss before I depart…

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Day flat delight

Long-term readers (and regional residents), will be aware of the ‘day flat’ phenomenon.  It is nigh on impossible in this part of the world for residents to rent a hotel room without a good reason and ‘papers’, so these are other places you can take for short periods of time where a blind-eye is turned.  Much favoured for sex (obviously), but also to join friends to drink, watch football or play cards, just to get away from prying eyes, Mama and the family home.

So I’ve been talking to this guy for a while.  He’s handsome in a very local way, good height but stocky, and from the pics I’ve seen, the possessor of a normal sized but rather thick cock.  The coffee date is done a while back, and we clicked, but we’ve never quite hooked up.  From time to time he sends me sex selfies, where his image is clear but the partner is not – these are actually quite hot, incorporating a number of rather gymnastic positions and activities.  Suddenly he messages and tells me he has a place – can I meet tomorrow night?  For sure I can.

Day flats can be pretty scuzzy, but this one is ok, and I am greeted with a lengthy and passionate kiss, our hands roaming over one another.  We chat, but we’re a little awkward.  To break this, I decide to get on with it and strip, whereupon the guy does the same.  He grabs me and shuffles me to the bedroom, holding me from behind as his cock nudges between my legs, pushing against my balls.  He’s clearly in charge, dragging me onto the bed and thrusting his meat into my mouth as he swings me around into a 69, swallowing my dick in one hit and actively working his tongue on my shaft.  As mentioned, his cock is normal sized but thick.  Very thick.  The length means I can take the whole thing, but the width is making my jaw ache.  Trouper I am, I persevere - sucking and slurping on the head and lapping at his shaft before moving onto his balls and back to deepthroat him and start the cycle again as he eagerly reciprocates.  Suddenly, the ‘in charge’ takes a different form, when the guy breaks free and positions himself on the edge of the bed, ass in the air.  “Fuck me” he says, “Fuck me now and fuck me hard”.  Donning a condom, I’m happy to oblige, parting his ass cheeks and running my tongue from his balls to his taint, and on to his hole.  I work my tongue into him, teasing as I push and withdraw, which has him shuddering and gasping 'till I stand and line my cock up, slowly but steadily sinking it into his hot tight wetness.  He’s grunting a bit, so changes position to kneel on a nearby armchair, facing away from me with his arms across the back and his legs astride.  I grab his hips and pull him towards me, effectively impaling him on my dick.  He shudders and groans, so, grabbing his shoulders I push him forward and backwards, keeping my own position steady, as his ass cheeks ripple both from the movement and the occasional slapping I give him.  The motion also makes his balls start to swing, and they’re knocking into my own as he rocks, which only serves to intensify the feelings shooting through my groin.  I give it to him for a few minutes then decide I’ve had enough and fall backwards onto the bed.  I tell the guy to lick my balls while I jerk off, and he’s happy to drop his head between my legs and oblige.  Shortly and I blow a good sized load, messing up the fur on my stomach nicely.

We clean up and break for a cigarette, then he leans over and begins stroking my ass.  “Smooth, tight and white.  I wanna fuck that” he announces, sitting back in the armchair and forcing his swelling cock into my mouth.  I suck him until he’s rock hard, then he pushes me back onto the bed and turns me over, ass skyward.  Donning a condom, he begins to enter me, repeating my own earlier manoeuvre as he draws me back onto him, then pushes my face onto the mattress as he climbs up and stands on the bed to fuck me from above, drawing gasps from me as his thickness repeatedly stretches my hole to breaking point.  I can only take so much of this, so he flips me onto my back and holds my legs to his shoulders as comes at me from that angle. This is good, and he’s happy, murmuring porno lines (!?!?) and pounding me until I am gasping and grunting with pleasure.  He then leans back against the bedhead, and draws me onto his lap, our legs intertwined as I face his feet.  From behind he positions his cock under me and thrusts upward, entering me in one go.  Far from painful, this actually feels great, and I remember The Professional taking me this way years back.  I am lifting myself and falling down onto his shaft, reveling in the feeling of him being inside me, when he suddenly holds me still and eases himself out of me.  Pushing me to the side he straddles me, and as I pinch and squeeze his nipples, he unleashes a torrent of cum over my chest.  Showers, cigarettes and chat follow.  But the man who sucked my dick and wanted to be fucked hard just moments ago decides to tell me my underwear is “gay” and he doesn't like it.  Standard grey micro trunks.  WTF?  Why on earth can’t people just shut up sometimes?

Sunday, 20 April 2014

The Style Guy…

Get chatting with a guy online, and despite the fact he’s a fair bit younger than my usual preference (and it seems I’m a bit older than his), we click.  Pics are exchanged, and we decide to meet.  I enter the coffee shop, and he’s much better looking than his photo, and beautifully dressed (I haven’t dubbed him The Style Guy for nothing).  We take our drinks and move to his place, where we begin to kiss and explore one anothers bodies.  He’s nicely built, and endowed with an impressive member and rather large balls to match.  We’re quickly undressed and kissing on the bed, and he indulges my particular like to retain our jocks, our cocks straining against them as we push and grind against one another.  He slides mine off, and commences to blow me in a pretty spectacular fashion, swallowing my cock whole and lapping at my balls as our hands roam across each other and I run my fingers through his beautiful thick head of hair.

He swings around, and gently drops my head over the edge of the bed, and squatting above me he begins to drive his massive cock down into my mouth, forcing it right into my throat as I work to pleasure him.  He shifts slightly and I begin to gag, so I slap his arse from below and he lifts up, but only long enough for me to grab a breath before he drives it in time and again.  I can’t do this for very long, so the guy moves forward and begins to suck me as I eagerly rim him, dragging his body down onto my face to better inhale his musk as I alternate between licking his hole and his balls.  As I do this, he stops blowing me and begins to work one finger then another into me, loosening me up for what I suspect will be a pretty solid fucking.

He leaps off the bed and drags me to the side, then dons a condom.  Raising my legs to his shoulders, he slowly works himself into me, and once fully in he stops.  Looking me in the eye, he says “This is going to be rough”, and begins to saw into me, pounding me to the point of pain, but not quite.

Turns out the guy is a pretty masterful fucker, and occasionally changes both his angle and his tempo in order to provide both of us with maximum pleasure.  He flips me to my stomach, then holding my hips and twisting my shoulders, we are in a position where we can kiss as he fucks me, which is awesome.  Given his size, and the pace he's going at me, after a time I need to clean up so I move to the bathroom.  After a few minutes, he asks if all is ok, and, getting a reply in the affirmative he pushes through the door wearing a fresh condom and shoves me against the wall to fuck me some more.

Drawing my hips back into him, he gives it to me good, thrusting himself into me and slowly withdrawing, but I can only take it for so long before I need to blow.  He holds my hips tight as he starts to pounds into me, freeing my hands to jerk myself off.  As my orgasm grows to an intensity I’ve rarely experienced, and my legs literally start to give way, I find I am being further impaled onto his cock as I shoot my load.  Wow.  He turns me and begins a double fisted wank of himself (I told you it was an impressive member), and we kiss and bite one another as he shoots his load over my stomach.

Incredibly, over an hour has passed and I need to make tracks.  We shower and dress, and share a cigarette before I leave.  He sends a message afterwards, and hopefully we’ll hook up again soon.