Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Spaniard….

I have an online profile which is reviewed almost daily by the same guy for a week.  He claims to be “slim, white, bi, 31”, accompanied by a ‘beard and body’ pic consistent with that, and the words “NSA - one night stands only” headlining his profile.  He messages me - “wanna meet”.  Some chit-chat, and the deal is sealed.  I get to the cafe dead on time and there is a rather handsome young guy lurking about but I’m not sure.  I had informed him I’d be smoking, and, upon lighting a cigarette this guy makes a beeline for me.  He’s everything his profile promised, plus a bit more.  Far better looking than I expected (despite the hipster beard), with sleepy looking eyes (gorgeous!), and nicely built.  Not slim, not muscular, just a normal guy with average pecs, average shoulders, a nice butt and a flat stomach.  Perfect in other words.  I ask if he wants to grab a coffee, and with a cheeky smile he tells me no need - he has it at his place.  So we’re off, literally around the corner.  He tells me he is from Spain, been in town for a year, doesn’t get much action and that’s about it before we arrive at his apartment.

After some preliminaries in his living room, we go to the bedroom.  He’s clearly not certain how to start, so I take the back of his neck into my open palm and draw him in for a kiss.  It takes him about a nanosecond, and he’s right into it, quickly taking control.  And he knows what he’s doing - kissing, sucking, biting and working his tongue into my mouth like a pro.  We remain clothed and standing, running our hands over one another’s bodies, working our way through layers of clothing, and kissing constantly.  He’s good.  As I try and work his shirt off him, he ‘accidentally’ loses his balance, falling onto the bed.  I happily follow, straddling him as I kiss and lick his chest, throat and mouth.  He responds eagerly, rolling me onto my back, running his mouth over my chest, pausing to bite my nipples gently at first, but then with increasing ferocity, then moving his mouth up to my throat and sucking it.  Weird, but intensely pleasurable.  We continue, working our jeans off, retaining our briefs and dry humping as we grind, kiss and suck at each other, then the briefs come off as well..  He’s got a normal sized dick (but fat), and set of small but hairy balls, which I take slowly into my mouth, gently turning and sucking them as I work my fingers on his taint.  This causes his cock to get even harder, so I continue, slowly dragging my nails along his hairy crack, pausing to gently spread and massage his hole, whereby he opens his legs even further for me.  He’s not into penetration, but is gasping as I work my fingers onto and around him.  I go in for the blowjob, easily swallowing his member as I work his balls with my hand, and he in return teases my own butt with his hands, until he pulls me away and rolls me onto my back.  Straddling me, he takes my cock and pushes it back so I am sliding it up and down his crack, pausing as my throbbing cockhead meets his hole, feeling it begin to open as I push gently, his own member standing tall in front of my eyes.  He shifts and continues the slide, teasing me mercilessly, then shuffles forward so I can suck him again as he holds onto the bedhead, building tempo until he’s throat fucking me as I work my hands on his ass cheeks and hole.

Pulling away again, he slides down beside me and begins to dry jerk me off.  He then spits on my cock, working his hands in a twisting motion and alternating hot and cold breaths on my shaft until I shoot my load.  He rolls to his side, and asks me to suck him again, and I am eagerly working his cock with my mouth, and his balls and taint with my hands, until he draws my head away just in time to dump a surprisingly large load all over his own stomach.

We lie together for a few brief moments, then into his large shower, where we continue to kiss and stroke as we wash one another.  Incredibly, 2 hours have passed, and it’s time to dress.  More cigarettes and conversation, then he walks me back to my car.  As I open the door, I tell him if he ever wants to break his ‘one night stand’ rule, he knows where to find me.  Ruefully, he shakes his head and says “I cannot…”

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