Monday, 30 December 2013

The Skater

Christmas takes me for a short trip to NYC.  It’s freezing cold, and I’m not that interested in cruising any of the bars or bathhouses, so decide to have a quiet drink in the bar of my hotel after the family have gone upstairs.  A recent run of good luck in the market means I have been able to upgrade our usual standard of accommodation to something quite lavish, although as I’m with the family I’m not anticipating much action. 

Lingering over my drink, I notice a guy on the other side of the room checking me out.    Asian, tattooed, tall and rangy, with a few piercings and a sideways baseball cap, he’s quite incongruous given the surroundings.  He looks like a Japanese skater boy, maybe in his mid-20’s.  Not my usual type, yet there is something electrifying about him that I cannot put my finger on.  We exchange a few looks, but as I have no opportunity to progress matters, I finish my drink and make to leave.  As I exit the bathroom and head for the elevators, there he is, waiting.  We nod and enter the elevator, when he turns and asks me if I have any problems working the lights in my bathroom.  As pick up lines go, this is a novelty, and I answer that I do not.  “Good” the reply, “Perhaps you can show me how to work mine…”  I shrug and say “Sure”, and he hits a button just a few floors from mine.

Entering his room, he places a hand on my shoulder and pushes me against the wall, his tongue quickly working its way into my mouth, and I eagerly reciprocate, my hands working over his slim yet muscular body as his hands do the same to me.  This guy is rock solid, with not an ounce of fat on him, and is packing an encouraging bulge in his jeans.  My own shirt comes off, and he moves quickly down to lick, bite and suck my nipples, his hands undoing my pants and releasing my now hard cock, which he consumes in one smooth slurp, working it with his mouth for all he is worth.  He’s managed to wriggle out of his clothes, and is now naked on his knees, giving me an amazing blowjob.  As he does this, I get to check out his body - other than a wiry patch of black pubic hair around a short fat cock, he’s quite smooth, but covered in tatts.  I lift him to his feet, in order that I can remove my own gear, but he drags me across to the bed (I had to shuffle), and slides a condom onto me.  He turns and positions himself on the edge of the bed, hole ready, and I’m happy to oblige.  Taking slow and deliberate aim, I tease his hole with the head of my cock, pushing just the head in, then withdrawing and sliding up and down his crack, pushing again, withdrawing, then holding his hips as I slide the full length into his tight hole in one smooth and steady stroke.  He shudders and slumps forward, but as I’ve still got my pants around my ankles, I pull him back towards me and begin to fuck him, all the while going through the comedic routine of kicking off my shoes, finally getting naked as well.  We’re going at it fairly hard, his tight hole clenched around my cock, and I know it won’t be long before I shoot, so I pull out.  The guy rolls onto his back, and drags me down to kiss, wriggling his legs between mine, his meat nudging against my hole.  I’m ok with this, but want him to suit up as well, which he duly does.  Sliding myself down his shaft, I begin to ride him, but the fucking I had just given him, plus the fatness of his cock inside me, sets me off and I shoot all over his stomach after just a few minutes.  He slides himself out of me, scrambling to remove the condom, and jerks himself off.  He’s quite a shooter, and he ends up with cum all over him, mine on his stomach and his own on his chest.  Leaving him on the bed, I dress and exit.  Checking my watch in the elevator, I see I have only delayed the return to my own room by about 15 minutes.  Fast would have been proud….


  1. Wow. 15 minutes to flip fuck. Now that's some sizzling chemistry! Did you cum without touching yourself?

  2. Yeah, it was pretty frenetic, kind of like movie sex. Which can be fun...

    I rarely cum without touch. I'm too greedy for that - I always have to reach down and somehow try to 'improve things', but I do wish I could just totally let go sometimes and let it happen. More practice required maybe... :)

  3. Situations like this are always hot. You must be better looking than you say for all the handsome men in your life.