Sunday, 1 December 2013

Of driven and driving

So the Engineer calls, to inform his wife has traveled and that he can host.  Can I pass by his place later tonight?  Yes, I can!  But I have a new and very distinctive car, which caution forces me to park some distance away from his home.

As previously mentioned, he lives in a shared house, and I arrive to find the place buzzing.  Slightly awkward, and, given the clandestine nature of our relationship, I’m not certain how to proceed.  However, he appears in full national dress, and escorts me into the house blithely informing a maid I am ‘there for coffee’.  What she thinks as we go to his floor, which is unfurnished other than the marital bedroom, is uncertain.  We close the door, and he reaches forward to grab me and hold me tight, all the while, muttering nothings in my ear as his hands sweep over my body, and his mouth eagerly begins to devour mine.

To business, and we’re soon naked, cocks and mouths in equal contact, working our hands, mouths and tongues in unison.  He pushes me onto the bed, slowly tickling my balls as we kiss.  He begins to work his mouth down my body, taking my cock into his mouth and fluttering his lips and tongue over my rock-hard meat as he forcibly inhales and exhales over my shaft.  It’s amazing, but he soon moves around to my balls, then to my hole, working his tongue forcefully in and out as he vigorously works my wet shaft with his hand.  It seems he cannot get enough of my ass, working his mouth over my cheeks and my taint as well as the ongoing tongue fuck.  I reposition him into a 69, and I can now work my own mouth into him, and we continue with this for some time, until he draws away and begins to slowly but steadily push his cock into my mouth, which I eagerly consume, enabling him, once fully lodged, to gently throat fuck me.  We are both moaning with pleasure at this, then he withdraws, and rolls me to my side.  Snuggling down behind me, his chest pressed against my back, and his hands working my own chest and groin from behind, he begins to work his cock into my ass, driving his full length into me and pausing.

Now he is inside me, he begins, quite slowly, to fuck me.  This slow and gentle pace quickly increases, and with one arm wrapped around me, and the other poised on my hip, he is going hard.  After just a few minutes of being well pounded, he withdraws, removes his condom and yet again sprays me, the linen and the bedhead with his cum.  I am soaked, but he then reaches down and, working my cock with his cum as a lubricant, brings me to my own climax, our seed pooling together on my chest and stomach.  Laughing quietly, he gently cleans me up, and leads me to the bathroom, where we shower together.

After we’ve dressed, I mention my new car.  He’s keen to see it & go for a drive, so we creep out of the house and leap in.  It starts with a roar and we head off into the night, holding hands over the console as we drive.  All too soon I drop him home and return to my own place, smiling once more….

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