Monday, 30 December 2013

The Skater

Christmas takes me for a short trip to NYC.  It’s freezing cold, and I’m not that interested in cruising any of the bars or bathhouses, so decide to have a quiet drink in the bar of my hotel after the family have gone upstairs.  A recent run of good luck in the market means I have been able to upgrade our usual standard of accommodation to something quite lavish, although as I’m with the family I’m not anticipating much action. 

Lingering over my drink, I notice a guy on the other side of the room checking me out.    Asian, tattooed, tall and rangy, with a few piercings and a sideways baseball cap, he’s quite incongruous given the surroundings.  He looks like a Japanese skater boy, maybe in his mid-20’s.  Not my usual type, yet there is something electrifying about him that I cannot put my finger on.  We exchange a few looks, but as I have no opportunity to progress matters, I finish my drink and make to leave.  As I exit the bathroom and head for the elevators, there he is, waiting.  We nod and enter the elevator, when he turns and asks me if I have any problems working the lights in my bathroom.  As pick up lines go, this is a novelty, and I answer that I do not.  “Good” the reply, “Perhaps you can show me how to work mine…”  I shrug and say “Sure”, and he hits a button just a few floors from mine.

Entering his room, he places a hand on my shoulder and pushes me against the wall, his tongue quickly working its way into my mouth, and I eagerly reciprocate, my hands working over his slim yet muscular body as his hands do the same to me.  This guy is rock solid, with not an ounce of fat on him, and is packing an encouraging bulge in his jeans.  My own shirt comes off, and he moves quickly down to lick, bite and suck my nipples, his hands undoing my pants and releasing my now hard cock, which he consumes in one smooth slurp, working it with his mouth for all he is worth.  He’s managed to wriggle out of his clothes, and is now naked on his knees, giving me an amazing blowjob.  As he does this, I get to check out his body - other than a wiry patch of black pubic hair around a short fat cock, he’s quite smooth, but covered in tatts.  I lift him to his feet, in order that I can remove my own gear, but he drags me across to the bed (I had to shuffle), and slides a condom onto me.  He turns and positions himself on the edge of the bed, hole ready, and I’m happy to oblige.  Taking slow and deliberate aim, I tease his hole with the head of my cock, pushing just the head in, then withdrawing and sliding up and down his crack, pushing again, withdrawing, then holding his hips as I slide the full length into his tight hole in one smooth and steady stroke.  He shudders and slumps forward, but as I’ve still got my pants around my ankles, I pull him back towards me and begin to fuck him, all the while going through the comedic routine of kicking off my shoes, finally getting naked as well.  We’re going at it fairly hard, his tight hole clenched around my cock, and I know it won’t be long before I shoot, so I pull out.  The guy rolls onto his back, and drags me down to kiss, wriggling his legs between mine, his meat nudging against my hole.  I’m ok with this, but want him to suit up as well, which he duly does.  Sliding myself down his shaft, I begin to ride him, but the fucking I had just given him, plus the fatness of his cock inside me, sets me off and I shoot all over his stomach after just a few minutes.  He slides himself out of me, scrambling to remove the condom, and jerks himself off.  He’s quite a shooter, and he ends up with cum all over him, mine on his stomach and his own on his chest.  Leaving him on the bed, I dress and exit.  Checking my watch in the elevator, I see I have only delayed the return to my own room by about 15 minutes.  Fast would have been proud….

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

The Spaniard….

I have an online profile which is reviewed almost daily by the same guy for a week.  He claims to be “slim, white, bi, 31”, accompanied by a ‘beard and body’ pic consistent with that, and the words “NSA - one night stands only” headlining his profile.  He messages me - “wanna meet”.  Some chit-chat, and the deal is sealed.  I get to the cafe dead on time and there is a rather handsome young guy lurking about but I’m not sure.  I had informed him I’d be smoking, and, upon lighting a cigarette this guy makes a beeline for me.  He’s everything his profile promised, plus a bit more.  Far better looking than I expected (despite the hipster beard), with sleepy looking eyes (gorgeous!), and nicely built.  Not slim, not muscular, just a normal guy with average pecs, average shoulders, a nice butt and a flat stomach.  Perfect in other words.  I ask if he wants to grab a coffee, and with a cheeky smile he tells me no need - he has it at his place.  So we’re off, literally around the corner.  He tells me he is from Spain, been in town for a year, doesn’t get much action and that’s about it before we arrive at his apartment.

After some preliminaries in his living room, we go to the bedroom.  He’s clearly not certain how to start, so I take the back of his neck into my open palm and draw him in for a kiss.  It takes him about a nanosecond, and he’s right into it, quickly taking control.  And he knows what he’s doing - kissing, sucking, biting and working his tongue into my mouth like a pro.  We remain clothed and standing, running our hands over one another’s bodies, working our way through layers of clothing, and kissing constantly.  He’s good.  As I try and work his shirt off him, he ‘accidentally’ loses his balance, falling onto the bed.  I happily follow, straddling him as I kiss and lick his chest, throat and mouth.  He responds eagerly, rolling me onto my back, running his mouth over my chest, pausing to bite my nipples gently at first, but then with increasing ferocity, then moving his mouth up to my throat and sucking it.  Weird, but intensely pleasurable.  We continue, working our jeans off, retaining our briefs and dry humping as we grind, kiss and suck at each other, then the briefs come off as well..  He’s got a normal sized dick (but fat), and set of small but hairy balls, which I take slowly into my mouth, gently turning and sucking them as I work my fingers on his taint.  This causes his cock to get even harder, so I continue, slowly dragging my nails along his hairy crack, pausing to gently spread and massage his hole, whereby he opens his legs even further for me.  He’s not into penetration, but is gasping as I work my fingers onto and around him.  I go in for the blowjob, easily swallowing his member as I work his balls with my hand, and he in return teases my own butt with his hands, until he pulls me away and rolls me onto my back.  Straddling me, he takes my cock and pushes it back so I am sliding it up and down his crack, pausing as my throbbing cockhead meets his hole, feeling it begin to open as I push gently, his own member standing tall in front of my eyes.  He shifts and continues the slide, teasing me mercilessly, then shuffles forward so I can suck him again as he holds onto the bedhead, building tempo until he’s throat fucking me as I work my hands on his ass cheeks and hole.

Pulling away again, he slides down beside me and begins to dry jerk me off.  He then spits on my cock, working his hands in a twisting motion and alternating hot and cold breaths on my shaft until I shoot my load.  He rolls to his side, and asks me to suck him again, and I am eagerly working his cock with my mouth, and his balls and taint with my hands, until he draws my head away just in time to dump a surprisingly large load all over his own stomach.

We lie together for a few brief moments, then into his large shower, where we continue to kiss and stroke as we wash one another.  Incredibly, 2 hours have passed, and it’s time to dress.  More cigarettes and conversation, then he walks me back to my car.  As I open the door, I tell him if he ever wants to break his ‘one night stand’ rule, he knows where to find me.  Ruefully, he shakes his head and says “I cannot…”

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Threesome fun (part the second)

After sprawling back, the friend sits up and draws me in for a lengthy kiss.  From here, he slowly guides my head to his throbbing cock, pushing it into my mouth as he lays back to enjoy.  Problem is the damn thing is so big I can barely manage it, so I work my mouth and lips around the head and top section of his shaft.  The skin folds created by his weight loss are particularly concentrated around his upper thighs and groin, and I’m struggling to actually locate his balls (I know.  Gross.  But he was clean at least…), so I return to the member itself, repositioning my body for better access.  Unintentionally, I am also now better positioned for the Falcon, who comes in from behind and begins to feed his cock into my hole.  After the bigger guy, this feels good, and Falcon knows what he’s doing, so I’m happy to snort and snuffle over the friends cock while I take it in the rear, gently at first, then with increasing tempo.  Falcon has one hand on my shoulder, and the other on my hip, thrusting and bucking at me like there’s no tomorrow.  He lifts my head from the friends cock and slides me horizontally on top of the guy, then himself lies atop me, giving me a full-on old fashioned fucking, sliding his chest up and down my back in time with his thrusts as I bury my face in the friends shoulders.  Falcon has the smoothest and softest skin imaginable (it actually feels awesome), and I’m enjoying it all tremendously, but I’m not certain about the friend, who now has two squirming men on top of him, fucking away as if he's not there.

Falcon pulls out, and the friend draws further me up his body so I am now straddling him, and, lifting my hips, slides me down onto his pole as we kiss.  My head is drawn away, and Falcon is on his knees, cock bobbing in my face, waiting.  It’s seems I am happy to be their bitch after all – I eagerly lean over and consume him, all the time riding up and down on the friends massive cock.  After a time the friend pushes me aside and onto my back, and comes around on his knees.  Positioning himself between my legs, he draws them around his waist and begins to enter me again, as Falcon flops back on a pillow beside me.  Given the size and the angle, I’m not enjoying, so I clench my hole and squeeze the guy out, rolling onto my stomach so he can continue.  However, he’d rather lean back on his haunches and start jerking off, so Falcon takes the chance to pounce on me again, lancing my hole in one smooth thrust, then holding himself balls-deep inside me, our hips glued together.  He then starts fucking me hard from behind, holding my head and kissing the back of my neck, and he’s going strong, but then suddenly withdraws.  Removing his condom, he’s now using the excess lube for a dry fuck, when he shudders and stops, and I feel his load flood all over my ball sack from behind.  He lies for a moment, kisses my neck and ears, then leaps off for a shower.  The friend is still jerking off, but tells me he needs bareback to cum.  I refuse, so he shrugs and goes in to wash himself over the bidet, talking animatedly to the Falcon who is now toweling off.  My purpose having been served, it seems I am now redundant to the scenario.  Neither the friend or I have shot a load, but the occasion is clearly over.

Soon enough, the friend throws me a towel and offers me the bathroom.  After a brief shower, I exit to find them both dressed, smoking and talking in Arabic.  I join, and the friend tells me my body is ‘perfect’ and how much he enjoyed.  Let me assure you, dear reader, that my body is far from perfect, and I know he’s full of shit, but hey.  He continues, telling me of prior exploits and how he’s managed to double-dick sometimes, and that I should try this.  I decline – my hole is aching from just one cock, and I can’t imagine what two must feel like.  He then tells me the bottom was ‘screaming’ at the time, but called the next day asking for more.  Hmmm.  The guy actually turns out to be a bit of a cunt, slyly telling Falcon he’s “put on weight”, and “your cock is good, but nothing compared to mine”, then turning his nose up at my car, saying “nice, but it is not the V12”.  Ho hum - it’s late, I’m tired, I’m sore, and rather than listen to this dickwad, I want to leave.

Finally, it is time to go.  The Falcon walks purposefully across the room and sweeps me into his arms, actually lifting me off the floor to hug and kiss me before we exit together.  The friend is a touch more formal, and we depart.  In the car, the Falcon is all concerned about his body (am I too fat…?), his dick size (should I have surgery…?), and is, perhaps unsurprisingly, eager for us to meet again “without others”.  He is also keen to know "who was better", and I assure Falcon the other guy was good, but that he was great.  It’s a remarkable amount of insecurity for a well-built, well-hung, smart and handsome guy, but I’m no shrink.

I drop Falcon off and return to my home, where I jerk off in the shower recalling my time with these two men.  It took 2 days before my ass stopped reminding me of my pounding, and I spend most of that time half-hard and smiling...

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Threesome fun (part 1)

I’m secretly disappointed things didn’t pan out with The Falcon.  A threesome would have been fun, so I am pleasantly surprised when he comes through a day or so later offering apologies for his earlier outburst.  We agree to meet late that evening for coffee, and surprise, surprise, his “friend” messages him while we are there.  After some discussion between us, I decide I’m game, so he messages the guy back and we’re on the road.

We arrive at a large house in a distant suburb.  The usual sprinkling of fancy SUV’s outside, and standing next to one is a tall thin local guy, replete in dishdash.  Behold the friend.  So we enter, and sit for the usual local hospitality ritual – tea, water and cigarettes in a living room that would have done Saddam proud.  After this, The Falcon turns and smiles at me, and his friend stands and says “Shall we?”, leading the way upstairs to an equally garish bedroom with the largest bed I have ever seen.  For the next few minutes, we are surprisingly business like - it’s rather like being in a gym changeroom as we strip and talk, the Falcon revealing a nicely formed body which is surprisingly hairless.  He’s muscular without being muscled - it’s very nice.  The friend not so much - he tells he has lost close to 200lb in past 2 years, and the sagging skin on his torso certainly confirms this.  But he has a massive cock, easily 8” in its resting state.  The Falcon is wearing quite cute and old-fashioned bloomer style drawers under his jeans and, leaving these on, he leaps onto the bed, staring at me with his crooked smile.  I decide to join, retaining my own trunks for the moment, in order to grab some initial one-on-one action with this gorgeous man before it all begins.  Falcon hasn't bathed, and has that fantastic man sweat smell, just shy of BO.  The friend is now naked and he climbs onto the bed with his appendage swinging between his legs and growing.  The Falcon & I are kissing wildly, and grinding against one another, each frantically pulling at the others underwear, biting nipples and sucking flesh, while the friend tries to get in on the action, pulling my face away for a lengthy kiss.  The Falcon is not quite rocking the 22cm he had boasted, but it’s long, hard, thick and smooth, so nothing to complain about!  Having read similar blogs about these situations, it’s clear we’re at a slight mis-match.  The friend and the Falcon are both tops and clearly not interested in each other, and I’m not so keen on the friend, but unspoken rules dictate more-or-less equal time.  So, I am simultaneously the focus of attention and a hard working drone, which (to be honest) was kinda fun.  To be lavished with kisses and whatnot, and at the same time have my various orifices poked and prodded by a pair of good-sized cocks, whilst offering pleasure back to each is working for me, and my own cock is rock hard and aching.

Moving down to suck The Falcon, alternating between deep-throating him and licking and sucking on his balls, I feel the cold sting of lube on my hole, and a finger working its way in.  After some preliminary loosening, my legs are drawn further apart and the friend positions himself behind me, pressing his now huge cock against my hole and beginning to push it in.  Fuck it hurts.  I let him continue until he’s fully in, then he begins to fuck me, asking "if I've ever had one this big before".  His thrusts are forcing my head up and down on the Falcons cock until I gag slightly.  Then I am lifted by the armpits, cock still wedged in my ass, and layed facedown atop the Falcon.  As I am being further pounded, I take the opportunity to kiss and embrace the Falcon again and again, our cocks and bodies grinding, until I can take no more and beg the guy to withdraw.  We each lie together in a tangle, taking a brief pause.  As must this tale....

Monday, 9 December 2013

The Falcon

I’m idly cruising the ‘location based buddy finder’, when I get a hit from a character calling himself “The Falcon”.  Nice profile and of a nationality I find intriguing.  Like the Harus before him, from the northern bit of the sandlands.  We talk for a bit, then exchange pics.  Dim light and sunglasses on, but promising.  We switch to another app and chat for a bit, then family duty calls and I leave him.

The next morning, I get the cheery hello text, and we continue talking off and on over the course of the day.  Suddenly he asks what I’m doing “right now”, and I confess that things are rather quiet.  He informs me of his location (but a block from my office) and would I like to meet?  So I wander down and wow.  The guy is mid-thirties, taller and fitter (much fitter!), than his pic suggests, and gobsmackingly handsome.  He is also smart and articulate, and with a slightly crooked eyebrow that makes for a killer smile - I feel like a schoolkid in his presence.  He ends up smoking a shisha, and we spend the next two hours just talking as he languorously pulls on the pipe, discussing the difficulties of hooking up in this part of the world and of integrating sexual appetites with societal expectations.  He also tells me he has two wives (legal here), which he does to distract people from his real inclinations.  As we part company he informs me he has a 22cm cock that he wants to share with me, along with promises to “keep in touch”, but I don’t really think anything of it.  That this extraordinary man would be interested in me doesn’t make sense.

The following morning, to my secretary’s bemusement, a large bunch of flowers is delivered to my office, signed only with his initial.  Then the charm offensive really begins, with endless messages and requests to meet again, none of which I can manage.  Finally we are talking late at night, when he tells me he’s found a place we can go, so we arrange to meet the following evening.

The text onslaught continues, with endless compliments about my looks and intellect over the course of the next day.  Then the killer – “what do I think of 3somes”.  I’ve only done this once before (in a HK bathhouse), so am hesitant - I’m more frequently a bottom these days (don’t know why), but not interested in being anyone's bitch, let alone for a third party I don’t know.

Perhaps naively, I begin to question Falcon as to what the other guy is expecting, and whether pounding my ass is the price of using his bed.  Complete outrage follows – “is that what you think I am like”, followed by “how dare you make that assumption about my character” and then, “I don’t want to share you with anybody, so I will just tell him to leave us alone in the room”.  Having told me the guy would join in, he now believes he can pass by the home of a casual acquaintance with a complete stranger, blithely inform the guy we’re there for a quick fuck and (presumably) leave a set of dirty sheets in our wake.  I am utterly confused, and question the reality of this, and am told in return “go away and forget we ever met”.  Boy, can I pick them!!!!

At least my wife liked the flowers…..